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Futurama - Amy Kisses Fry

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In " Proposition Infinity ", Fry again poses as Amy's boyfriend to deceive her parentswho keep her locked on their ranch to keep her away from Bender.

In " Reincarnation ", Bender asks Fry if he has "tried gettin' [Leela] pregnant" and Fry says that "[he's] tried an' tried, but, so far, [he] only got Amy pregnant". Disputed canon.

Amy and fry dating futurama

After Fry gets sprayed with male butterfly pheromones, he becomes irresistible to Amy and Leela, due to the effects of the nectar has on them. This inspires them to quit using the substance, and Amy loses interest in Fry. From The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki.

so ive been re-watching futurama and its really annoying how there are so In fact, there are other intimate relationships are like that e.g. Fry and Amy. or status instead of dating a person. leela never believed dating fry. Hermes: "Very good, Amy!" (download 34kb) Fry: "How can you date a ship, anyway? It'd be like me dating a really fat lady and living inside her. And she'd be . FUTURAMA Episode "PUT YOUR HEAD ON MY SHOULDER" By Ken Keeler Transcribed by Dave, The Neutral Amy, Fry and Leela recoil in horror. . Bender hammers a sign on a door that has "Bender's Computing Dating Service.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Amy : So while they're towin' us, you wanna do it? Fry : Yeah. Category : Themes. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.

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Best moments - Fry said NO.

This page was last edited on 27 Julyat He asks Leela to come with them on a picnic to Europa they had planned.

When she refuses, Fry asks John A. Zoidberg to instead.

Zoidberg comes with them, but when Fry asks him to drive he crashes the car. Fry wakes up to find Zoidberg telling him that his body was badly damaged in the crash.

Fry, in shock, discovers his head is grafted onto Amy's shoulder in order to be kept alive. Fry, Amy and Amy's date wind up at Elzar Fine Cuisinewhere all the people who applied to Bender's dating service, including Leela, are with their dates.

Development. Their relationship first appeared in "A Flight to Remember" when Amy lies to her parents telling them that she is dating Fry, and. "Put Your Head on My Shoulders" is the seventh episode in the second season of the American animated television series Futurama. Fry, Amy, and Amy's date wind up at the restaurant Elzar's, where all the people who applied to Bender's. Tress MacNeille. After a horrendous accident requires his body to be rebuilt, Fry's head is attached to the shoulder of a co-worker while Bender opens a dating service just in time for Valentine's Day. Lauren Tom Amy Wong (voice) .

However, all these dates are flops as Bender merely rounded up a bunch of strangers from the bus station and they all leave for the bus ride home. Amy hits it off with her date and is about to go home with him over Fry's unwilling protestations.

The Infosphere lists 12 "beings" Fry has had a relationship of some I also know that Fry dated Amy, and, as you mentioned,his grandmother. Fry, Amy and Amy's date wind up at Elzar Fine Cuisine, where all the people who applied to Bender's dating service, including Leela, are with their dates.

Luckily for Fry, Leela spots him across the room and comes over. She saves Fry by tricking Amy's boyfriend into talking about banking industry regulation.

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He soon winds up talking about various technical minutiae, distracting him from leaving with Amy. Fry quietly thanks Leela for the assistance. The next day, Zoidberg reattaches Fry's head to his now-repaired body and everything returns to normal.

Some of the nerves in Fry's neck were apparently rewired so that Fry's left leg hits him every time he touches his neck. Fry is still not in love with Leela.

He asks her out for a Valentine's Day date, but it's a half-hearted request and she angrily refuses. He instead goes for a ride with Amy and they end up having a short-lived affair. Fry does say in a later episode that while he did always have feelings for Leela, he couldn't articulate them so this could be the case.

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