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Byars Remorse: An Interview with Survivor Jay

Chelsea from survivor one world saying : But i love money....

Jay got blindsided on the latest episode and joins Rob Cesternino to talk about exactly what happened. Rob starts off by asking Jay how come he felt so secure this week with Kim Spradlin and Chelsea Meissner this week after being so suspicious about their plans last week. Jay said that he told Kim that Troyzan had the hidden immunity idol because he thought that he would have been working with Chelsea and Kim in the game longer than he was going to be working with Troyzan. Rob asked Jay about if there was a possible romance going on between Jay and Chelsea on the island. Jay says that they were just friends and that Chelsea has a boyfriend. At the tribal council, Jay raised his hand and said that he thought he may not be safe. Rob wanted to know why Jay ended up feeling that way.

At one point, Jonas tried to pull you to his side.

Was that ever a possibility? That very first vote-off was the most important of the season - that's how the girls ended up dominating, by just one vote. Jonas went there, and getting Troy convinced that Jonas needed to go was huge. As soon as it was more females than males, we knew we had a shot to go a lot further in the game.

Did you feel like you had a good shot at winning? I just think the way the final tribal went, people weren't as bitter towards Kim as she thought and I knew that people saw her as the strongest player socially and physically.

I just figured they were voting as to who was the toughest competitor, who deserved to be there the most and who played the game the strongest. There's no question in anyone's mind that it was her - the only saving grace I would have had is if anyone was bitter because she screwed them over and that didn't happen.

Did you have any regrets about the way you played? I think there's a lot of people out there that had no idea that I would sit there and go back and forth about people.

They had no idea until they watched the show.

'Survivor: One World' Chelsea Meissner talks alliance, camp, loyalties

People thought that I was just asking Kim who she wanted gone and after they saw the show and that I struggled with who left, they saw it was my part that I wanted to keep the guys around. I think after they watched, they realised they had no idea. I truly did try to keep people around and they had no idea. You and Jay seemed to be quite close while he was in the game.

Any chance of a romance there? We're just very good friends. In South Carolina, everyone knows everyone and we have a lot of mutual friends and don't live too far apart so it's easy to hang out, but no, we're just friends.

How big of a roll did Kim's immunity wins play in her victory? Not only did she do that, but she played her social game really well. She survived Lyme's disease and has been a fighter her entire life. Hobbies: Golf, hunting and wakeboarding. Pet Peeves: Slow drivers and people who stand too close to me at the checkout line.

Secret Scene - Chelsea and Kim

I have experience spear fishing and hunting. I am also good at making people laugh to lighten the mood.

Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: I'm athletic, competitive, know how to play a smart game, love the outdoors and am easy to get along with. Her outdoor experience and her athleticism made her vital to her tribe, although they lost the first couple of challenges.

Chelsea was also admired by some of the male players on the other tribe, easily making allies after the Tribe Switch with Jay Byars and Michael Jefferson. Once the merge hit, the Salani Alliance was able to survive the first vote by voting out Jonas Otsuji with the help of their post-swap allies. However, Chelsea was faced with a dilemma in the next vote as she could no longer stay true to both alliances.

They opted to blindside Michael and Jay in successive votes, with Chelsea making a few enemies along the way. An awkward interaction with Tarzan regarding use of clean water as well as Troyzan confronting her about betraying Jay put her in a bad position with the men, which Chelsea thought little of as she continued to vote them out. She was also very vocal about Kat's immaturity with the loved one's visit and pushed for Kat to be voted out over the bigger social threat in Sabrina.

Chelsea's end game centered around getting to the end with Kim and Sabrina, although she considered turning on Sabrina around the final 7. Ultimately, this proved fatal for Chelsea, as the jury viewed Kim and Sabrina as more worthy of their vote, finishing 3rd with 0 jury votes as Kim was crowned Sole Survivor. Sign In Don't have an account? Inspiration in Life: Bear Grylls that guy is crazy!

And, I just found out he is a Christian. I love his "I can go anywhere and do anything mentality.

Chelsea and jay survivor dating

Pet Peeves: Smacking gum, bad breath and clingy texters. They tried to play the game fair and honest, but they didn't have the physical ability to perform.

All the women confirmed it, but they were really planning to vote out Jay or Troyzan; since Chelsea Meissner won the Immunity Challenge (which Jay forfeited for. Chelsea Meissner is the second runner-up of Survivor: One World. other tribe, easily making allies after the Tribe Switch with Jay Byars and Michael Jefferson. Jay Adam Big Tom Lex Coach Tyson Jenna Heidi Kim Chelsea Alexa Natalie B James Amanda Malcolm Denise Crystal Kenny Colby Jerri.

I would choose their game play and my physicality. I want to discover who I am and see if I can really outsmart everyone. Plus, I'm very level headed.

I'm going to be calm and consistent when people are breaking down. I have overcome a lot in life, and who you are is how you play.

Chelsea Meissner made it to Survivor: One World's Final 3 but finished in there's anything romantic going on between herself and Jay Byars. Jay Gets Smoked on Survivor: One World (photo courtesy of CBS) felt so secure this week with Kim Spradlin and Chelsea Meissner this week.

I'm a winner. Jay Byars started the game on the all-male Manono tribe. He was initially in the Muscle Alliance, along with Matt QuinlanBill Posleyand Michael Jefferson who successfully led their tribe to 3 back to back victories, winning one Reward Challenge and two Immunity Challenges. However, this alliance's mistake was isolating themselves with an obvious 4-man alliance in a tribe of 9.

She gave it to Colton who used it to create a 5-man alliance in order to vote out the muscle alliance.

Chelsea Meissner: My biggest mistake was not developing better 'Survivor' relationships

When Jay noticed that the power was no longer in his hands, he was forced to change strategies and align with Colton and took part in voting out Matt and Bill from his former alliance despite being against the idea of voting out the latter. During the tribe switch, Jay was switched to the Salani tribe and since he was in the minority group with a disadvantage; he was forced to create a new alliance with Troyzan RobertsonKim Spradlinand Chelsea Meissnerthe latter two eventually taking control of their tribe and later on, the merge.

This new Salani tribe seemed unbeatable and won 3 straight challenges and were shocked to find out that they were merging with 12 people.

The odds of being chosen to compete on "Survivor" are awfully slim, but there We talked recently with Jay Byars of Greenville and Chelsea. Is Southern Charm's Chelsea Meissner Dating Sailor Nick Dana? . Meissner, who previously was a finalist on Survivor's season 24, split from. 'Survivor: One World' Chelsea Meissner talks alliance, camp, loyalties You and Jay seemed to be quite close while he was in the game.

This led Jay to question whether it was still Men vs.

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