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Did Clay & Shelli Know Each Other Before 'Big Brother 17'? Let's Put The Rumors To Rest

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Big Brother is a perfectly addicting summer TV show. It's on multiple nights per week and there are even live camera feeds and updates that are continually posted on social media. The game is fascinating with its twists and turns, but sometimes I'm watching for more than the voting and competitions. I cannot help being interested in an alliance of a different kind and by that I mean those of the romantic nature. If you've been this season, there is one obvious contender for a Big Brother 17 showmance: Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt. One reason why I'm a fan of the duo is because if they start dating their combined couple name would be Slay, which is one of my favorite words these days.

The short answer: no.

Shelli and Clay's relationship — read: attached at the hip — went from zero to 60 in a few short days. Even though they waited for their fairytale Big Brother kiss, these two exchanged vows like "you are my heart," and "this is the real deal. That's probably why it isn't that out of the realm of reason to wonder if these two were dating before the summer started.

That, and, Shelli once said, "I didn't want to come into this game without him! To most, that quote of Shelli's would scream that they knew each other before the game started.

But that's actually not the case. Here's how we know that. Here's why Shelli said what she did.

Are Shelli & Clay Still Together After 'Big Brother 17'? The Pair Tried To Shelli's family, and she planned to travel to Texas for their first date. Showmances are common on Big Brother and some of them have top the Big Brother 17 - Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt in a showmance. "I wasn't even willing to consider dating before Big Brother. My mom and I always joked that I'd . Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole. Season:

I feel like this is possibly the story that Shelli and Clay might tell their ridiculously good looking children in the future. If Julie Chen loves anything, it's a suspensful secret.

There's no reason that CBS would keep a twist like this hidden, especially because the season was supposed to be chock-full of twists what happened to the BB Takeover?

Whether it was about Clay's mom or Shelli's brother, these two were constantly sharing things about their lives to the other.

But I am jumping ahead of myself here. We haven't even seen the twosome hook up, kiss, or anything at all during the first two weeks of episodes. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that a kiss hasn't happened.

Have there been any juicy scenes on the Big Brother live feeds?

What about some updates on Big Brother Leak? Of course, the real question question here is have Clay and Shelli kissed yet?

Sparks flew between Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother despite a conservative approach to dating each other, as there wasn't much physical. Did Clay & Shelli Hook Up On 'Big Brother 17'? Their Showmance Is One reason why I'm a fan of the duo is because if they start dating their. Clay Honeycutt dating history, , , list of Clay Honeycutt Shelli Poole. #1 Access Hollywood, , Himself - Big Brother 17 Contestant, TV Show.

Luckily for us and embarrassingly enough for Slay, the cameras have caught some private moments between the two. In short, as of this minute, the answer is a resounding "no. The sexual attraction between Clay and Shelli was both blatant and immediate when they entered the house, so what gives?

How has nothing happened? They've been hanging out and getting to know each other for a couple weeks now and with no TV or internet access, kissing could be a great way to pass the time.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who has thought this, because Clay has actually tried to move the relationship forward, but to no avail.

Clay comforts shelli

Instead of capitalizing on a cuddle session and living in the moment, Clay just straight up asked Shelli for a kiss and got denied. How awkward— especially with the cameras around. Also, have you seen Clay?

On 2 Oct @BB17_Shelli tweeted: "#Clelli fans: it's date time! Next week. Here are some of the most heartbreaking times #BigBrother tore love apart: http:// . When will Clay and Shelli become Official?!? #bb17 #clelli. Melissa Michelle "Shelli" Poole was a houseguest on Big Brother In Week 6 , she and her showmance, Clay, were nominated against each Last summer, she was watching Big Brother and told her boyfriend at the time she wanted to. Big Brother is one of the biggest shows in the reality television world. Despite all of this, Everette stuck with him, and the two dated for a time after . Clay Honeycutt and Shelli Poole ran the house for a good five weeks during Big Brother

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