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Why Diego broke up with Desiree??

Austin Seasons ; Matt Hunter Seasons , who helps animals in danger, mainly in the rainforest. His cousin is Dora from Dora the Explorer , as revealed in multiple shows. Diego was first introduced in an episode of Dora the Explorer titled " Meet Diego! Diego has a jaguar companion named Baby Jaguar who assists him on adventures. Thomas Sharkey, who is the voice of Chris Hansen, is also the singing voice of the kangaroo "Austin" in the Backyardigans. Diego is Dora's older cousin; Dora makes several cameos in the series, usually without Boots.

Dora, Boots and Diego each grabbed a zip line handle and zipped through the rain forest.

As they were zipping through the rain forest, a big monkey was sitting on the cord. Diego said that it was a howler monkey and called out to it to warn him.

He said "hoo hoo". The howler monkey grabs a vine and swings out of the way. Then Boots noticed that the cord was breaking. Diego thought that if they asked for a snake, it would hold the cord in place.

Dora, Boots and Diego called out to a snake by going "hiss hiss". The snake pokes its head out and they called out to it again.

Is dora dating diego

The snake saw that the cord was breaking and held it in place. They zipped passed the snake's body. Boots thanked him. After that, stars were heard. Dora, Boots and Diego make it to the other side. Dora, Boots and Diego started catching stars. There was an explorer star who was grey, had red stripes and had rocket jets on the bottom.

It was named Rocket Star. Dora, Boots and Diego caught all the stars and put them in the star pocket. Then, Dora and Diego slid down the pole while Boots spins round and round while sliding down the pole. After going through the rain forest, Dora, Boots and Diego moved like animals in the same way.

Is Dora dating Diego?

They swung on the vines like monkeys, flapped their arms like birds and stamped their feet like tapirs. Boots hops onto Diego's back. Dora, Boots and Diego make it to a big cave. Boots wanted to know if there were any bears in the cave. Suddenly there was a white bear.

Dora, Boots and Diego figured out by the Field Journal that it was not a real polar bear. An orange tail was seen.

Dora and Diego are cousins. I remember reading somewhere that Max and Ruby's parents are there. We just see what the kids are doing when their parents . Go, Diego, Go! is a children's television series created by Chris Gifford and Valerie Walsh, and is a spin-off of Dora the Explorer. The show premiered on. Shows included in the deal include popular kids programming such as Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, SpongeBob SquarePants and Blues.

It was Swiper the fox dressed as a polar bear. Diego has never stopped Swiper before so Dora and Boots taught him how. They said "Swiper no Swiping" 3 times. Swiper runs away. After passing the big cave, Dora, Boots and Diego had to find the waterfall. Boots could not see it because it was too far away. Diego thought they can find the waterfall using the spotting scope which acts like a little telescope. Yahoo 7 Answers. Is dora the explorer dating her cousin diego?

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why we broke up...

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No, Dora is 8 and Diego is His name is Diego. Yes, he is the cousin of Dora. In one of the episodes Dora says "We'll be going on an adventure with my cousin, Diego.

the awkward moment when Dora gets lost with a GPS. I think Dora met Diego when Diego first rescued an animal. And he would first talk to a animal. So while that he saw his uncle and told him and Diego's mom. Go Diego Go is way cooler than Dora The Explorer. hey guys what was ur fav show when u were a little kid? woop were going for 50 plz suggest to all ur friends!.

Dora the Explorer's cousin is Diego. And Dora the Explorer is a weird show.

Dora and diego dating

I think Dora met Diego when Diego first rescued an animal. And he would first talk to a animal. So while that he saw his uncle and told him and Diego's mom, dad, alicia, and Daisy to meet Dora. Diego likes fiestas and Dora. Squidward is secretly dating. Dora the explorer. It was replaced with Dora and Friends inalong with Dora the Explorer.

The show is aired on the Nickelodeon cable television network. Diego Marquez is voiced by Jake T. Diego is a man, so he'd probably just beat her up. Dora the explorer and Diego. Scot bentlys from there too yeah! A animated Mexican kid. Diego from the show "Go Diego Go" is 8 years old. His sister, Alicia is 11 years old.

His sister Daisy, who appeared in an episode of "Dora the Explorer" is 15 years old. His cousin, another Dora, is 7 years old.

Dora the explorer, Diego, and Boots. Boots the Monkey. Now Matt Hunter plays Diego. The series started in The Diego character first appeared in an episode of Dora the Explorer in Dora the Explorer is 7 years old.

She does not have a boyfriend. Diego is her male cousin.

For the first mission, Dora and Diego must rescue a baby jaguar from a waterfall. . This episode aired on the same date as Caillou's Holiday Movie. The scene.

Diego Serrano.

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