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INTP Relationships: The Secret Key You're Missing . Depression Alliance

Why INTPs Like INFJs

INTPs and INFJs both share the same energy needs introversion and the same way of perceiving the world through intuition , but there are enough differences to add a spark of interest and intrigue. INTPs are complex thinkers that love the world of possibilities and ideas. They are quietly studious yet open-minded, always looking to expand their knowledge of their favorite subjects. They want to improve and innovate, problem solve and come up with logical theories. They are fascinated by intense, often existential questions.

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The INTP and INFJ Combination: An Introduction Into What Makes Them Tick

Cheat Sheet: Myers Briggs Preferences. Wants to connect with lots of people, but could suffer to develop relationships and focus too much on groups and parties. Tends to take things literally, hard working people who typically focus on basic parts of life like getting a house, saving money, or other practical matters.

Tend to see things differently, can understand a number of abstract things around them, can understand the cogs that move things around them.

Intp and infj dating

Straightforward logic. Being able to solve a problem without having to take into consideration other people.

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Able to make decisions without worrying as much about how it will impact others. Can move to new places with ease.

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Likes to go with the flow, great for connecting with others, and able to linger more on what they enjoy. The Scope of the Relationship This is a unique pairing in that they are two of the smartest personality types.

Myers Briggs Functions Functions. Compares present facts and experiences to past experience. Trusts the past. Stores sensory data for future use. Sees possibilities in the external world. Trusts flashes from the unconscious, which can then be shared with others. Looks at consistency of ideas and thoughts with an internal framework.

Trusts flashes from the unconscious, which may be hard for others to understand. Seeks internal consistency and logic of ideas. Trusts his or her internal framework, which may be difficult to explain to others. Seeks harmony with and between people in the outside world.

INFJ & INTP: Dating the Inventor. Posted on May 16, May 30, Author Contributor Comment(0) Miss Scarlet stomps out of the study obviously miffed about an inconceivable injustice perpetrated against her by the good Professor Plum. Her loud, shrill voice and clicking heels cause our INFJ girl to shudder. INFJ-INTP Relationships & Compatibility: Part I. By Dr. A.J. Drenth. Sometimes dubbed "the golden pair," many have noted the potential for great compatibility and camaraderie in INTP-INFJ relationships. In this series of posts, we will explore some of the dynamics, I am an INFJ female dating an INTP . Even early in the dating phase, Logicians are unusually direct and honest, doing their best to express their mindset and create mutual understanding, believing that this shared knowledge will help to minimize misunderstandings and avoid conflict. As their relationships progress, Logicians daily needs prove remarkably simple.

Interpersonal and cultural values are important. Seeks harmony of action and thoughts with personal values.

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May not always articulate those values. Relationship Outlook Long term: this couple needs to make sure they communicate what is going in their heads. Go to a wedding together, enjoy the random people, the food, and the kind of night that only lasts once.

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Observatory decks Travel to a new city you have never seen. Places with books - libraries, book stores, cafes, anywhere books are read.

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Look around for interesting places in your city. You can type into Google "fun places near you" and see if anything pops up that is different. Go to an amusement park and be amused by all the different ideas that come forward as you go from one crazy ride to another. Pick movies that are whimsical, colorful, thoughtful, and bizarre. Lovely places: go to parks, botanical gardens, mountains, beaches, beautiful buildings.

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Play board games together and things that will test the mind. Build a sheet fort Go camping. Travel to another country. Puzzles, drinking tea, and watching TV Sit around a campfire. Go to a zoo, aquarium, or sea parks.

INFJ-INTP dating may initially face certain problems or challenges until INTP can lower their guard and give INFJ the intimacy they desire. Deep down INTP wants to express that part of themselves because beneath their reserved demeanor lay intense emotions that they try to keep under rational control. "My INTP just sort of understands me more than anyone ever has. He appreciates all my weird quirks and finds them adorable. I think hes the smartest person Ive ever met and I am constantly amazed by it." Stephanie, an INFJ speaking about her relationship with an INTP. INTPs and INFJs both share a preference for introversion.

Try taking a class together: dancing, pottery, or cooking. Personality Type. Sign In Join. Compatibility Astrology Personality Type.

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Connect with us. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. Someone charged by ideas rather than people. When these conflicts do arise and are inescapable, Logicians will do their best to find a logical solution.

Logicians should keep this in mind, and try to meet their partners halfway by communicating on an emotional level - if they make this effort, understanding partners will recognize and appreciate the gesture, clumsy though it may be.

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After all, they need to afford Logicians the same benefit, and meet them halfway with logic and simplicity as well. All this material asceticism and conflict avoidance support one primary goal - to free up mental resources for more important things. While Logicians may prioritize their inner world too much, imagining interesting and exciting intimate situations that are never expressed to their partners, they also use this rich inner world to achieve as much as possible in intimacy - they rarely want for ideas.

Physically, intellectually and with a little effort emotionally, Logician relationships are rich and rewarding connections. Partners who share the Intuitive N trait are usually best, along with one or two opposite traits to create variety and balance, but so long as Logicians remember that they are with people who have their own, independent wants and needs, and so long as their partners remember the same of their Logicians, these are long-lasting and satisfying relationships.

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Dating an INTP is like opening one of those surprise mystery bags - you never know what youre going to get. Were the wild cards; the utraveltimefrom.comedictable, spontaneous, ever-pondering philosophers of the Myers-Briggs world. Every date will be different, so throw your dating expectations and scripts: Lily Yuan. They are most comfortable with small, social groups of people they already know and love. One of their biggest fears is rejection or making themselves the center of attention. Rather, the INTP personality types will leave hints or clues for a potential partner, allowing them to make the first move. INTP Dating. INFJ and INTP tend to be writers. Strong writers do well to date and be with writers who can comprehend them and also help them to be stronger writers. INFJ and INTP have a lot on their minds, and one of the hardest parts of dating for these two as individuals is finding someone who really clicks with them.: Andrea Lawrence.

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INFJ vs INTP... The Golden Pair?

Personality Types Analysts. Intuitive N and Thinking T personality types, known for their rationality, impartiality, and intellectual excellence. Intuitive N and Feeling F personality types, known for their empathy, diplomatic skills, and passionate idealism.

Observant S and Judging J personality types, known for their practicality and focus on order, security, and stability. Deep down INTP wants to express that part of themselves because beneath their reserved demeanor lay intense emotions that they try to keep under rational control. It is worth noting that in a Thoughtcatalog love language survey, INFJs and INTPs reported the same love language preferences on average with physical affection ranking as the 3rd most popular love language of these two types.

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INTP absent-mindedness and social gaffes can be a source of comedy in itself, but INTPs also tend to have a smart and clever sense of humor that often involves punny quips and well placed one-liners.

They can be intentionally funny and their sense of humor promises to be unusual and irreverent.

INFJ-INTP Relationships & Compatibility: Part I

INTPs observe a great deal of behavior in others that they regard as absurd. They are good at mocking the things that vex them and poking holes in it, exposing the ridiculousness with satirical and sarcastic hyperbole a la Larry David. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Tags: dating infj intp mbti love relationships.

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