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Ryu Joon Yeol says he and girlfriend Hyeri are still doing well . allkpop

Go Kyung Pyo Responds To Girl’s Day’s Hyeri And Ryu Jun Yeol’s Dating News

Kindly take out these translations with full credits on our blog. Thank you! Share to Love! Doing what he can for the environment, and thinking that a sustainable future is a small but very powerful thing. It seems like you had a good memory of Africa.

In that case, I do think companies start changing their strategies to follow consumer trends. I think that fact is important. I try not to use disposable plastics. They are also unnecessary if you drink them at the store.

The lid is all made out of plastic.

There is water purifier everywhere now. So I would rather carry and drink from a tumbler rather than bottled water. There are so many. I change tumblers depending on my mood. You also went on-board the environmental monitoring ship in Taipei, Taiwan and received a training for a while. This activity is relevant to the micro-plastic issue.

There was a plastic-zero campaign in Taiwan. I took the time to experience what Greenpeace does and what it does with the philosophy.

Dispatch found Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol on a date in March, by Sukchon Lake. On August 11th, Hyeri was also spotted visiting an apartment in. In light of his new crime/action film 'Hit-and-Run Squad', premiering this January 30, actor Ryu Joon Yeol held a roundtable interview with the. Although Ryu Jun Yeol failed to capture Hyeri's heart in the drama, Hye Min) recently revealed that they have been dating since June

I could feel the wonderfulness of nature on its own. Humans are born on land and therefore live on land. I had a lot of good feelings as I watched Greenpeace working on ships for various campaigns. Their passion, actions and decisions are fantastic. There were many good things. We began by sharing what each term means and what actions fall into the category.

Article: Ryu Jun Yeol, "Still dating Hyeri, we're doing well" Source: Sports Chosun via Nate 1. [+, ] His facial features look a lot cleaner. Aug 27, [BREAKING] Dispatch claims Hyeri and 'Reply ' co-star Ryu Joon Yeol are dating | Ryu Jun-yeol answered the question about his girlfriend of 3 years, Hyeri.

As a result, you learn that it can be interpreted differently from your original intention by someone else. I thought some actions were non-violent, but I have come to think that that can also be regarded as violence. I think we can apply that to the relationship between men and nature.

There are more supporters than you can imagine. There are a lot of people who are interested in Greenpeace.

Anyone can participate just by writing a message on their SNS accounts. I was very impressed when I heard that my fans were involved in planting trees and creating forests. I also supervise plastic laws and do various things, and I really appreciate them because they produced results. You started out as an environmental activist as you supported Greenpeace. What do you have in mind now? The return will be a clean nature and environment.

What about living in the nature away from the city? You recently filmed in the nature, right? There must be other interesting things to do. Though I prefer seas rather than mountains, I like cities. Knowing and following certain values makes you uncomfortable. What do you do when you have that dilemma?

7 Reasons Why Fans Knew Girl’s Day Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Were Dating Before The News

I take it easy. I guess so. I recently went to Kenya, and they have legally banned plastic bags. The country also has one of the strongest sanctions on plastic bags in the world. The fine is over 40 Million Won approx.

USD 40K if you have a plastic bag with you. There are many more celebrities who are interested in environment than I had thought. She told me a lot of things related to animals and I talked about the micro-plastic issues in return.

For everything Ryu-lated and Hyeri-lated. [Interview] Allure Korea April Issue 'I am Ryu Jun Yeol'. [This is a rough English translation for. Following a number of rumours surrounding their relationship, it is confirmed that Girl's Day's Hyeri and actor Ryu Jun Yeol are dating!. Girl's Day maknae Lee Hyeri (???) and actor Ryu Jun Yeo (???) are dating! According to popular South Korean media outlet Dispacth, the.

Many fellow actors and staff were also interested in the story. I follow environmental photographers and get a lot of inspirations from environmental photos. Whenever I see a beautiful picture, I want to cherish them. The Emperor Penguin is the main character this year. I donated to the Antarctic Activities too. Even here in the studio, we have emperor penguin models too.

10+ Reasons Fans Knew Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Were Dating Before It Was Announced

An emoticon of Adelie penguin is also coming soon, and I would like to use that aggressively. They say the glaciers have melted due to climate change. It is also said that the number of species is decreasing as the penguins have to go as far as kilometers out of their homes to find food.

Translations: andianpranaya on behalf of ryukingdom. Source: allurekorea. I saw pics of the two of them after his recent movie premiere and people were joking about them being together but I didn't expect this at all.

Good for them, they're cute together. Its a great drama -- acting, directing and script wise.

I fell for the friendship and family aspect of the story and puzzled why many people are being so caught up with the hubby game when the focus in not that. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link.

Again with the striped dresses That's all I have to contribute, good for them. Reply Thread Expand Link. I know, having seolhyun flashback.

It's official: Ryu Jun Yeol and Girl's Day's Hyeri are dating. Not surprisingly, their new relationship has been met with a variety of reactions. On August 16, Ryu Jun Yeol's agency C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the reports that the actor is dating Girl's Day's Hyeri and stated, “Ryu Jun. Girl's Day Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol were confirmed to be dating after photos of their dates were released by Dispatch. [?BREAKING] Agencies.

Reply Parent Thread Link. Taek being the husband is still one of the best drama twist in my history of watching Kdramas.

Is hyeri and ryu jun yeol dating

Everyone and their mothers thought Junghwan gonna be the hubby and lots of people were pissed with the end. It turned out the writer has been giving the hints all over the place since early on about Taek being the husband.

The funny thing is, even Bogum was surprised that he is the hubby lol since he was sure its gonna be Junghwan. You saying it was the best twist ever makes me regret coming into this post and spoiling myself though tbh I may never end up watching it even though I want to because I'm bad at following through with my tv watching plans.

Didnt expect it because of the Bogum-Hyeri rumor a few weeks ago

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