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Kang sora and leeteuk dating for real . When does Super Junior's Leeteuk want to get married?

[FMV]TEUKSORA - ??? -My Everything - 1700Days With TeukSora

I can not understand why they didnt see but they can comment about performance of Sora like that. And all the haters n antis Im not care abt them. So far this drama is really fun to watch. Hahaha a drama like goblin or descendants of the sun. I didnt feel bored at all which is great I just loved everything about this dramabrAzib Azmi Jan pm You very nicee. Shes talented nice beautiful.

After they ended their shoot for We Got Marriedthey were both busy with their respective activities. Kang So-ra said that when she was going to act in Dream High 2the two of them kept communicating by sending each other short messages of support.

When We Got Married aired their Chuseok special episode, where Leeteuk participated as the MC, he clearly declared that he missed his former virtual wife. He said it after seeing how sweetly another couple from We Got Married were working together to win a game, and he seemed to be remembering his own moments with Kang So-ra while they shooting for the show.

He said that he still kept in touch with Kang So-ra, and they maintain their close friendship. Apart from this, they also followed each other on social media. Also when you describe this trait to a man you know personally by his character only proves that the man can make your heart flutter or make your heart melt.

I guess most of us were thinking that it was early for Sora to think about marriage perhaps a Love spell was done by Leeteuk just kidding I will not say that it was a "love spell" but an "emotional attachment" that is healthy for a relationship. I can sense that Sora's heart flutters when she talked about Leeteuk.

She describes him well as Park Jung Soo not Leeteuk. She separates his image as a SJ leader thus she sees the goodness in him as well as she appreciates him the most for the real personality he has shown her. To be continued part 2. Do you know that Leeteuk was the first one who open his heart to Sora? In one of Sora interview she describes Leeteuk's heart in detailed because Teuk was able to open his heart to her and see his vulnerability. Even though he has been hurt much, he did not show it.

Since he is a leader he needs to holds himself up to mumbling and complaining. He has a lot of sense of responsibility so he looks matured but he can be sometimes childish. He can be pitiful but he has a manly side too. Maybe you are wondering how Leeteuk was able to open his heart to Sora.

The inside of a man's heart is even more sensitive than a woman. Around his heart are wall of steel and it only opens on special occasion. These doors only open on the woman he loves. During those vulnerable times if someone hurts him or makes fun of him those doors shut up quickly.

This is the reason why men don't like to open that much- it's just too scary for them. When the man's heart is injured he does not able to heal as fast as women does.

Thus in order to make a man open up to you, you need to make him feel that it's safe for him to actually do it, that you are not going to hurt him or make fun of him but above be a woman who is sure of herself This was the time Sora was able to let down her fears and who is not even scared to express herself freely in front of him after the strike There are 3 things that can persuade him to open up to you.

If a man feels that you are easy to please, he will strive more to please you.

“It is true that Leeteuk and Kang Sora are dating. In the beginning, the two began as friends after the show 'We Got Married' and they gradually. Discover ideas about Blind Dates. SuJu brother in laws blind date. Blind Dates LeeteukHeechulWgm CouplesSoraGot MarriedDatingBrotherMovie Posters. There's another insightful article about Sora in Kang Sora thread transated by bryan .. Sora: When I am dating, can be reckless (?) and petty.

You need to make him know that you are his greatest fan and supporter. He needs to feel that it's okay if he fails in his endeavor, you're there to comfort and help him. You are also there to offer understanding and that when he succeeds you're the first to give him a tap on the back and congratulate him. Sora was there on Teuk's new endeavor the promise musical.

It was something new for Teuk but he tried his best to show the best performance he can give in front of his fans and Sora 3. When a man opens his heart to a woman, that means he is willing to take care of her and love her.

But unless the woman loves herself and puts her heart first, no man will truly open his heart to her. Loving yourself before any man does not mean that you are being selfish.

It means your valuing yourself above any man. You don't sacrifice your own happiness just to make him happy.

You don't allow anyone to belittle you or degrade you. Don't define yourself by how other define you.

You uphold your values regardless of what people think about you. She knows what she wants and she has this specific idea of being a wife at the same time being an actress. Knowing what makes her happy she is not willing to give up her man or even her career. I still not gave my insights on her latest interview.

I just gave my thoughts on her consistent description towards Leeteuk for these past 2 years. LeeC said: shymaldita28 i will wait for your insights Although I've seen Leeteuk many times in other variety programs or in any broadcast shows before, but to see Leeteuk as a man was amazing. I've also had experienced something that I haven't experienced before. My parents did not object strongly. At the beginning they did object a bit.

Sports Donga reports that actor Hyun Bin 34 and actress Kang State matchmaking kang sora dating are sroa. Is Leeteuk And Kang Sora. But when the news about Kang So-ra officially dating Hyun Bin came out, Leeteuk suddenly unfollowed Kang So-ra on Instagram, although. Kang sora and leeteuk dating for him some slacks and just watch the goddamn show for what it is.

Dad readily agreed but Mom objected. I'm an only daughter. She wish for me to get married and have kids leading a normal life. Outwardly I look strong but inside can be very weak. Mum worried I may get hurt.

Kang So-ra Is Leeteuk’s Ex-Wife from ‘We Got Married’- How Is Their Relationship Now?

In that old interview as well she mentioned that her mother told her that real marriage is different. So based on her new interview we know that the worries of her Mother that Sora might give up her career is basically has a factual reason. The worries has basis since Sora is young and still has great future ahead but knowing that Teuk was loved by Sora's father we can see that he has not much worries if Sora decided to give up her career.

So what Leeteuk did he mentioned in Strong Heart that he will marry the girl who will wait for him while he is in the army. So when Sora said I'm this kind of woman attractive to other men Teuk promises a marriage Teuk and Sora thinks about marriage Right appears she will marry him.

Mother is worried that Sora will give up her career soon. All mothers are protective of their daughter especially when they see that she is serious on the relationship at a young age with a better future ahead.

Since Sora never wanted to be a famous star in the first place all she desired is to be an a versatile actress who will be staying in the industry as long as she can due to her acting ability. On her latest interview her company advises that the other side should be alerted if they are in a relationship. Don't you think SM is already alerted before teuk enlisted that was the reason Sora has this confidence to settle down because both sides are already given their blessing.

She likes cooking programs because she needs to feed Leeteuk only rice with a lot of dishes since He will be busy on his schedule. If the man is on entertainment agency just like Leeteuk he will be able to understand the crazy schedules and fan services that Sora has to do. What about the kissing scene?

TeukSora (Leeteuk and Kang Sora)

You don't need to worry because Leeteuk already understand that kiss is only part of work. How he knows it? He knows that kiss scene does not necessarily something that will make you interested.

Sora : When I am datingI can be reckless? But when I'm into a relationship I will be blinded. Before then I act rashly, But now it will not be like that because there is a lot of opportunities left for me now. Even she does not admit it I think Sora is still blinded because she tries to compromise career and marriage which is really hard for her but since she is in love and with the support of the other person things might end up easy Her parents looks forward for her sweet marriage that is also her dream.

As long as there is someone and I also feel that he is the one. I will definitely not give him up. Leeteuk knows that she was filming since he also tried to copy her santoori accent during the camping. Hello "Dimples"! Who is worried about some rings? You remember? He just sent me this invitation.

The bride is so cute. Leeteuk is finally getting married. My wife is a beautiful actress.

Please be happy for us and our wedding. No wonder Sora likes brother in law number 1 from day 1 of their wedding he was a great supporter of them until SS4 DVD. Is it possible that this recent interview is to let Teuk know that she is ready for him and for their relationship to possibly go public soon?

Leeteuk and kang sora dating

I ask this because of the fact that it mentions about her agency not having a problem and for whoever's his agency to know beforehand. It just almost seems like more of a letter to Teuk instead of an interview in parts. I could just be being delulu There just appears to be a deeper meaning into what she is relaying. Is it just me?? PeggyM said: Is it possible that this recent interview is to let Teuk know that she is ready for him and for their relationship to possibly go public soon?

Weekends is for family so I doubt I will have time to come in here, so. Lively and cheerful. She laughed and told reporter that she is now on break but it looks like her holiday will have to be delayed. Making her fans worry. She said that it was nothing major but reported as serious.

Kang Sora to make her first public appearance since her dating news with Hyun Bin

Was alright after a night's sleep. Because muscle strain so wore a neck brace. But really can't be considered a traffic accident. Kang Sora in the drama played Oh Soo Hyun,the illegitimate daughter of the hospital chairman. She has a strong personality, is ambitious in her work. But with the appearance of Park Hoon, her heart started to waver. Once she was sure of her feelingsshe bravely expressed to him but was rejected. And also made the viewers curious about Kang Sora's personal view on love.

Sora : When I am datingcan be reckless? But when really in a relationship will be blinded.

When I like someone, will find opportunity for the right time.

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