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Finally Me Chapter 1, a girl meets world fanfic . FanFiction

Real Life Couples Of Girl Meets World

It's set directly after the events of that fic Read that first. Otherwise, you'll be totally confused. I don't own Girl Meets World. Disney does. On to the story! Maya was concerned about her best friend.

You definitely should date someone like Lucas.

Maya and lucas dating fanfiction

He's so polite and wouldn't do anything to defile you. Now, why don't we give up this charade and just tell me who the real boy is. Maya looked so frustrated and done with this conversation. Lucas could sense this.

Issues - Lucas + Maya

He grabbed her waist lightly and whispered, "Don't do anything you'll regret. And, no, this wasn't some platonic kiss. She turned her head and stuck her tongue in his mouth, running her hands through his hair. Lucas didn't respond; keeping his eyes on Shawn the whole time.

She pulled away with a loud popping sound.

I should've also added, 'Don't do anything that will get me killed'," Lucas whispered with a scared laugh. Maya turned back to Shawn. They're just kids who really care for each other and-". We'll talk about that later. Then Lucas stood up. You of all people know how hard it is for her to let people in.

It took a while for her to accept you, if I understand correctly. Well, it took her even longer with me. So it's like she worked really hard to achieve the relationship we have right now. It took a lot of courage, and I'm so proud of her. She wasn't ready to tell people right away and she specifically held off telling you because she knew you would do this. But trust me, she doesn't blame you or resent you in any way.

She was afraid of you scaring me off and that all of her hard work and bravery would be for nothing. So tell me, sir, would you want to be the cause of her being let down for the hundredth time in her life? Shawn looked like he could almost cry. The guy that just lets everyone down?

He didn't mean it that way. I walked out of my room and into the living room to find him in formal pants, a white dress shirt tucked into them and a black tie. He looked fantastic, somehow him being in a suit added to his hotness. He was laughing and chatting with Shawn and my mom they didn't even notice I was entered the living room. Shawn at first wasn't okay with Lucas because Cory wasn't but over the years Lucas was over a lot and slept here and Shawn found him to be a great kid and seemed to like him.

He looked like a proud father did and I was happy someone looked at me like that.

A list of prompts and drabbles about Lucas Friar and Maya Hart - The one where Riley Matthews is Maya Hart and Lucas Friar were dating.

Lucas on the other hand didn't say anything his gaze locked on me a small fond smile on his face. Or are you just going to stand there like an idiot?

He shook his head. I do accept compliments all the time actually. I looked at him for a bit. He looked like he was being sincere but since when was I beautiful to him? Was he just saying this cause my mom and Shawn were around? Doesn't matter the words made my heart melt. Ugh, maybe this was a bad idea. I stiffened at first but then melted into him. I've taken pictures with him before this should be normal why am I freaking out.

I was just up to his shoulder with my heels on. I glared at the two. This was wrong and I knew it. We always acted like this but it was wrong because now I'm his fake girlfriend. If Riley saw the thoughts in my head she would probably hate me. Why the rush? As we walked out of my apartment he lead me to his car.

Why does her best friend push her to date someone else? Why did she ever give him up? (Why did Maya force Lucas and Riley together, when. One of those Fake girlfriend meets the family stories! Lucas's Sister is getting married over the summer and he needs Maya to play his girlfriend. Riley Matthews watched Lucas talking to some of his other friends and began chewing "Riley wants to know if you'd go on a date with her.

His car just happened to be a matte black Mercedes. Are you sure that's not your car? I got into the car and put my seatbelt on as he started the car. Why is it that in the three years I've known you I've never seen this car? It's too flashy for me" he said scrunching his nose up. He shook his head laughing.

The drive was about half an hour.

Riley and Farkle are secretly dating, fearful of other people's reactions "Maya?" Lucas asked, waving a hand in her face. "Is everything ok?". Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Maya H., Lucas F. were the last ones to leave the house for their "Oh so romantic date night". A short little fic about Shawn's reaction to finding out Maya is dating Shawn H., Maya H., Lucas F. - Words: 1, - Reviews: 14 - Favs:

As we got there I don't know why but I was feeling nervous. Lucas parked the car mumbling something about not trusting valet. And got out of his car and walked around to the passenger side. And helped me out. I'm nervous For something that isn't real. And if your family decides to hate me and I have to deal with that too!

I nodded taking his hand. We walked into the restaurant and Lucas was right this place was flashy but it was beautiful, something out of a movie. We walked up to the front desk. His family stood up as we approached. Girlfriend, it sounded so right coming from his mouth and it shouldn't because he was Riley's. But I can't help feel the good type of butterflies in my stomach when he introduces me as his girlfriend with a proud smile.

He put an arm around his sister and smiled at me. He dropped my hand and wrapped his arm around my shoulder throwing me a wink. She kissed my cheek and told me to call her Madison once again, which I wouldn't because it was weird to call her that.

We all sat down.

Jasper and Rosalie across from Lucas and I and the parents on each corner, I was sitting near. Lucas leaned in to look inside my clutch. Once we all gave in our orders, Lucas answered some questions his siblings had, and then Rosalie turned to look at me.

Friar's lips turn up in a small smile, I turned to look at Lucas who held a proud smile on his face. Never lose your passion. Sports have been proven to be great for motivation and he motivates not only himself but me too" I said with a shrug. I was beginning to get comfortable in the presence of his Father and siblings.

His dad seemed to be less scarier than I imagined. Our food arrived to our table right about then the waiter placed my plate of pasta down. As he walked away, I saw from the corner of my eyes that Lucas was glaring at the boy. How the hell am I supposed to know someone that works in a fancy place like this? He leaned over me and took the tablecloth that was on my left, and opened it up, as he did so a piece of paper fell out, he held it with a frustrated expression.

I leaned over to see it was the waiter's name and number and groaned. Do you know how many times I get asked to play wingman? How many friends I've lost cause you?! Now that's annoying. His Father and Brother chuckled.

His father looked amused and his mom was used to us bickering, so I took a deep breath and began speaking. Anyway I guess we all took a five minute break the same time as the boys did and Hopalong decides to come talk to me and make fun of my fall" I saw Lucas's mother raise an eyebrow at her son.

Maybe I shouldn't of said that. Otherwise, you'll be totally confused. I don't own Girl Meets World. Disney does. On to the story! Maya was concerned about her best friend. The reason: she turned down hanging out to study. Sure, Riley was a good student but that didn't mean she would choose to study. That was something only Farkle would do. What has gotten into her? At Topanga's, Maya's thoughts were centered on Riley and her strange behaviour. Was it a guy? Riley did mention that she was in a relationship.

It's possible he's a nerd. Why else would she enlist Farkle's help? She's changing herself for the sake of a guy! I ought to. They're just friends. That being said, they need to redefine their boundaries as friends. Maya smiled back. Riley sighed. I'm over Lucas!

"Maya are you sure you want to keep it a secret." Lucas said. Lucas and Maya are at the park on their third date. "Yes." Maya said looking at. She didn't mind the fact that even though they were suppose to be on a break from the triangle Lucas and Maya started dating. She didn't even. Riley and Farkle had been dating for less time than herself and Lucas. But they seemed to be in the same place emotionally as Maya and.

Riley took a deep breath and said, "Maya. You're not ready to know who it is yet. Just know that he's a great guy and treats me well.

Riley looked Maya directly in the eyes and said calmly, "Yes Maya. I don't have any feelings whatsoever for Lucas. I think you two are great together.

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