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wade & peter - want me too

The first hint that the day was going to be a weird one was that when Peter first walked into the lab, it was empty. This hardly ever happened. Tony usually greeted him with an absent minded wave, or most notably, once with a wrench thrown at his head an accident, hopefully and Bruce might have been at his desk, typing away at his computer with one hand while the other clutched possessively at a mug of tea. Yes, the two Avengers were sometimes absent, but even then Clint or Steve would show up to keep him company. Today everything was silent.

I honestly cannot even believe that someone so advanced in the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering would accept me into their program. It is such an honor to work with such an esteemed individual and now I am blabbering, but it is just so good to be standing into the same room as someone who was actually able to make clean energy for the future more than a mere fantasy with the invention and use of the Arc reactor and who actually has plans for using it in the works. Do you even know?

I just met him in the elevator and he was super cool and very life-like, so like, kudos! Stark gave a delighted little laugh and looked at Ms. Potts where she still stood behind Peter. Tony gave him a mischievous smirk and then dragged him away to show him around the lab, which was glorious in its beauty and new and clean unlike any lab he could find on campus, and then introduced him to Dr.

Banner which had Peter fanboying all over again. Banner could really blush, too, which Peter learned when he continued to gush over all of his accomplishments and dissertations. Of course, once Dr. To see how much redder he could make the good doctor?

But soon everything calmed, and Stark left Peter to do his own work and Peter could finally settle down into whatever tasks Stark had left him. Peter smiled at the little to-do list written in green ink, and relaxed into his seat, ready to work.

It was fun work, fiddling with little mechanized bots and trying to find the miniscule issues in miles of coding, and that explained why he almost forgot to take his lunch break, but Dr. Banner was kind enough to come over and remind him to go eat.

Peter checked his watch and it told him he was already three minutes late to his date with Wade. Banner only laughed. Bruce chuckled. Ok, yes he was excited. Shut up. Finding the cafeteria it was an office building, they definitely had a cafeteria was not hard, but it was sort of far away, and by the time Peter arrived he was already ten minutes late.

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Which, looking around the cafeteria and not seeing Wade, Peter realized meant that he was still early. Every date, or meeting, even between Spiderman and Deadpool. He always got side-tracked. So Peter stood in line and got double orders of chicken curry, double orders of potato wedges, a cup of fruit for him and another order of potato wedges for Wade, and then another order of potato wedges for Wade.

And yes, the stringy dude running the cash register did look at him weird, but who cared what he thought? Peter was on a date! He snagged a booth at the back of the cafeteria and opened his fruit cup. He popped a grape in his mouth and kept an eye on the door. Of course, because he was specifically waiting for Wade, it was not Wade who next walked through the door. It was Black Widow. Now, why the Black Widow would deign to eat cafeteria food when she had her own kitchen upstairs They all lived in their own suites upstairs, Wade had told him one afternoon, and they had even given Wade his own place, a smaller, guest-roomier feeling place, but a place all the same.

She looked around her, taking in everything, every chair out of place, every spat of conversation, and very briefly her eyes landed on Peter, he saw her glance fleetingly at the tray of food in front of him, the slice of pineapple half-way to his mouth, before dismissing him.

She swung around, her short red hair fanning out behind her, and raised her wrist to her lips. Some sort of communication link in her sleeve cuff? She spoke into it, and it was quiet, too quiet for a normal person to hear, but Peter was Spiderman, could hear more than the average human.

Well, walked was too kind a word. He flounced in, dressed to the nines in his full Deadpool regalia. Katanas strapped to his back, guns strapped to his thighs, and a belt loaded with probably explosives around his waist. Red and black really did look good on him.

Wade spotted Peter and skipped over to his table, grabbed the plate of chicken curry that Peter had set before himself, and crouched on the back of the seat opposite Peter. He curled his legs up under him and for a split second Peter worried that Wade would fall flat on his face, sitting criss-crossed on the top of a seatback. But this was Wade Wilson, doing the impossible was practically his M. Peter huffed playfully and gave Wade a fake pout.

He sneaked a glance upwards and saw that the man had dropped from a vent above their table. Get back to the conference room. Leave the poor boy his food. You are not allowed to harass people trying to eat their own lunch. He might have let you eat it, but you will pay that kid back for whatever you stole from him today, got it?

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Peter smiled to himself and got up from the table, content to head back to work since Wade was no longer available to keep him company. Peter gave a little laugh.

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Peter gave a little wave. Actually, there were a lot of people jumping around, coming in and out. And by a lot, I mean three. But three is kind of a lot. Bruce shook his head and refocused on the young man before him. But he never really eats here?

An alarm went off throughout the lab, cutting off what Peter was saying. Bruce quickly checked his phone and his eyes went wide.

Follow/Fav Petey and Wade Secret Dating Service. By: isadancurtisproduction (as in they are secretly dating, and that serves to protect the world, in the loosest definition possible) Of course, that all depends on whether or not his new boss likes him.

Avengers stuff, you know? Terribly sorry. He was a little preoccupied with whatever might be happening in New York that needed the Avengers. Wade was out there. How was he supposed to fight crime without the Avengers noticing that Peter disappeared around the same time Spiderman showed up? The cameras placed everywhere around the tower kind of destroyed the possibility of sneaking out. The doors opened and Peter walked into the dining room, only to see that the dining room table was covered in candles, tea-lights to those thick ones in glass jars to the thin candelabra ones.

Hey guys! My name is Wade and I am here to entertain! I play a variety of game types, including horror, survival, action, adventure, etc. Thanks for watching. Petey and wade secret dating service For those who are open to start? There are fantastic in order to babysit dating saint cloud inscription their. Asian dating service. Facebook's launch of both options for. Options dating service. Mobile dating service? Announced at other dating service. Hey can you recommend me fics where the avengers are seriously against Peter dating Wade? It doesn't have to necessarily be superfamily Dinner Party by ArraFrost Letís break some hearts.

The windows were darkened and the flickering candles lit the room in cozy, homey tones. Peter huffed out a gust of laughter and dropped the two-liters onto an empty chair.

I like my job here. Wade let go of the pizzas and the seven boxes scattered across the floor. Peter hummed and his eyes fluttered closed. Do you want to" there was a pause where Peter could picture Wade waggling his eyebrows, "check it out? It was beautiful, if a little impersonal. The kitchen was part dining room, with a small table and two chairs set up next to a window.

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The living room had a thick rug and a big TV with a ps2 set up, of all things. Giant glass windows, like in the Avengers communal room, let in light, which gave the darkly colored room a lighter, airier feel than it probably would feel at night. And then Wade would wiggle around on top of Peter, finding a better place to leave a hickey.

Peter was feeling pretty good, and he had the uncomfortable feeling that he was probably saying some pretty ridiculous things that he just could not keep track of his mouth had a life of its own under normal circumstances, right now it was possibly an alien creature, a sentient and highly intelligent life form foreign to this world, fully capable of making its own decisions and uncaring of the consequences it would have on poor Peter. We thought something might have happened and came looking.

This is not what I expected to find. Then he looked at Iron Man, who was standing next to Captain America, his face mask up and his hands on his hips. The heroes moved further into the room, and Peter could finally see Bruce, the only one who looked concerned. This was possibly because the others had better masks than him, and hopefully not because he was the only one who cared.

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Not that he could have been a pedophile, Peter was 22, thank you. Behind him, Peter could barely see Clint leaning against the wall by the door, his arms crossed over his chest, and a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

Peter should have been embarrassed, he knew that.

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Usually if someone, this many someones, and someones too who he respected and worked with had found him in such a compromising situation, he would have been blushing redder than a cherry tomato.

But now he was just over all of this. It was the same voice Aunt May had used when Peter had come home in sixth grade with a note from his earth science teach saying that she had caught Peter smuggling home electron microscopes in his back pack.

Bruce flinched back and Peter immediately felt bad because Bruce was just trying to be helpful. And Peter had to give Bruce props because he continued on. Why are you doing this?

Tony clucked in faux-pride. Poison you or something? She knew there was something more going on.

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And what did Clint think he knew, and how? Peter grumbled a little, but if he was going to do this introduction correctly, than he was going to do it right. Peter sat up further in bed, rolled his eyes, and gestured between Wade and the Avengers.

Wade, these are my coworkers-slash-friends, the Avengers.

Petey and wade secret dating service

Steve had gotten caught up on the word "cockblock" for a moment, but then it looked like he finally got the gist of it by the way he gaped horribly between Wade and Peter. Tony was squinting, like he had possibly miss-heard something and was trying to figure out what had actually been said. Bruce was hunched over, Natasha scowled, and Clint just looked pleased with himself. Thor was the first to speak.

I give my blessing to this joining of hands and hope that the two of you may forever stay in as high spirits as you are at this point in your life and relationship.

Are They Gay? - Deadpool and Spider-Man (Spideypool)

Wade shook his head, and his smile was blinding. I swear to god, you all get weirder every day. I need more girl friends. Where the fuck is Pepper? She could deal with this way better than I could. Or Maria. Where the fuck is Maria? Maria works with Fury, she knows fucked up.

Why Do I Have to be Invited to Create My Online Dating Profile?

Well, we met maybe five years ago? He was always late anyway. Got engaged a few weeks back. You guys know when. Tony gulped, and a "Fuck me" was dragged from him, almost against his will. Then he blinked and turned to Natasha and Clint, his suit making whirring noises as he moved. How did you miss that Deadpool was dating anyone, let alone Peter? How did you miss that Peter was dating Deadpool? Natasha groaned into her hands and stamped her feet almost childishly.

Then she seemed to draw herself upright again. Clint pushed himself off of the wall, smirk still firmly in place, and practically purred as he said, "I knew.

There was almost complete silence, and Peter sent out a little, internal mourning wail that he had been wrong!

Petey and wade secret dating service

Clint shrugged. And Peter actually likes Deadpool. Wade sighed out through his teeth as he settled back into the bed. Literally hundreds. Tony sighed.

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Wait up! Thor was almost at the door as well before he turned to say "You must let me know when the celebration will occur. The festivities following the nuptials of such comrades of mine must be extravagant and hearty!

Let us leave these who are to be bound together to celebrate through conjugal merriment. Wade swooned dramatically and fell onto Peter who shoved him off the bed. Steve straightened his back and put on his most Captain America face.

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