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the Roman Emperors and Co-Emperors on their coins - Ancient Roman Numismatics - Roman Coins

Published by Whitman Pub. Seller Rating:. About this Item: Whitman Pub. Condition: Fair. A readable copy. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact.

Small 5. Binding tight. Pages clean and unmarked. NOT Ex-Library. NO remainder marks. Third Edition. Numerous high quality photos of idividual coins. Condition of book VG plus. Very Good- with no dust jacket. Fourth Edition. No Dust Jacket. Boards edge worn. Racine: Whitman Publishing, Klawans Western Publishing Company, Disclaimer:A copy that has been read, but remains in clean condition. All pages are intact, and the cover is intact.

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Racine, Wisconsin: Whitman Publishing, Green cloth decorated in gilt on the front panel; illustrated with black and white photographs. Lightly rubbed on the corners with some slight fading on the spine; no interior markings; no dustjacket. Firm peaee with thE! The mutual pi -lly o.

Hy order of the Roman pe pLe. Ig pedition. Pro'ilid"eillia Deorum. Providence the g ds. Pro'lliilimtia,e Caess Rglig Aug Religion of the emp ror, Reliqua tretera. II S Navies 11bolita.

Refers to the liberality of the emperor Hadrian in remitting debts. Ilrbis Restitutor, Or ruler of the city. Saec Ful. Happy" ge. Happy" ge al ,r fers to th secular g-ames. Ito The fruitful age. Sal Gen Hum Salus RI"i1? Th 'alld. Eternal curity. Soli IJlt'idn 'o. I: The L1D onqu rable. Thesenate nnd l. FQR OPlilllo.

Prill 'ipi The s to the h. Jest pliille.

Reading and dating Roman imperial coins [Zander H Klawans] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No Dust Jacket. Boards edge worn. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins [Hardcover] Zander H. Klawans (Author EDITION! COLLECTIBLE. Roman Coins - Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins - Klawans - Free Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd ZANDER H. KLAWANS.

Eternal Imp. Hope of the Roman. A ug. The happy lim '5. Tlberis. The Tiber. Orbs Roma Fcli The happy city. Rderring to the courage of the ar-my. Yow's of the tell y ars, er the tenth year. Coins of inadequate weight indicating' that. The mint mark is found on the exengual bottom of the reverse. Generally, it consi t of th ree parts: a letter indicating p cunia pmoney.

Last, the symbol, either in Greele Qr Latin, indicating t. Worksbop number 1 would be Alpha. The Latin system would be used in exa tly the same manner and so Prima would be workshop number 1; secunda, workshop number 2; tertia, workshop number 3. Al, Ale, Alex. ArnbianumAmie'llcs, Frt! An, 1J t. Eng, ". H, Her, Hexad, Bt, Rtf. LprrQi 1irum London ". L, Ll, Ln, L.

LugdullUlH Lyons. Md, Med. N, Nic. Nl11rl1o'i:NMt,Fmnce . Nat Ostia The pe,re of Rani e Tr, Trft i.

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Constanrincple Isla. Cyzicus lea. Cus, Cusic. The coins themselves. It is impossible to escap the joy, the tragedy, the violence, mid the monumental egoism of the people wh.

Reading and dating roman imperial coins by zander h. klawans

Gordianus Iricanus. The moral concept of Our tim for us to cringe e l the profligacy or Tiberius or the insane depravity of CotliguLa, who thought to make his horse consul. Even his t aclrer suffered a imilar fat. Her ambition brcught her the ul tirnate in ev ry material phase Lut h r action disg'lIstcd even he! He ord red h r 0 J e poisoned. Didiu julianu achieved thi dul ious ill till ition only to meet a violent death she rtly therearter.

Little: is known f him because he ruled for abonr TWO or thre days.

Th re, was. YaletJtiwifu:Iu II was proc'laill;re. Be'J'np rQr at th'e' aa:e f J, not an age to be able to decide, he:! We read about the bey-ruler. Commodus, the son of the noble and ,good Mareus Aurelius: Cemmodus in whom the sons of Rome had implacable faith that the excellent governmeat of his father would be contitrued.

He answered this faith placed in him bya rule of terrc. Wild corruption, Fate kept an accurate record, however, and his last moments were ruthlessly pressed out of him as he died by trangulation at the hands of an underling.

Fratricide was the peculiar taJent possessed.

I t did not please. And 5,0 he had his brother murdered. As if this were not enough he ordered, in addition, that all effigies of his brother That this was IJ0t ea,rried [Jut is rndi-Gated by' the existence of an abundance of colas of Geta, Caracalla was himself, murdered. Yet, there ar softer pages as well. Thee few 80' same-odd years. Briefs of the Emperors, Theil" Families and Contemporar.

First Romanempe:rdr. Re eived the titl of. She was ,he wirE' or the Inllcwing : lat"ellus. Diecl In I-J. The 2nd Roman emperor, Reign d during th.

Much f thi du t the -il Influence f ejanu. He wa born ill 42 B. A great popular favorit. Dled n ar Antioch in ll A0 quite po sibly by puisoning u nrie! Alter th UI. Drusus Cu. From hi a OCi. Hti n with the Idler in his youth when he ware th Roman boot called aiigae, he was named Caligula little bat. He WG. Fourth wife of Murdered with h r husbarrd. He was 64 year of age. The very lirst partof his reign wasuneverrtful, hut he learned b:t crueltie easily and.

He was accused or setting th great fire at Ramee. Upon this, auspicious occasion she became the mistress of the emperor K ero, 0. Nero, Her ultimate reward wa a violent kick by ] era which resulted in her death. Pn'kinimt'ciempl'rnr by the praetorian guard. En"LOU becau e 11 wa not named Calba' 1reir. Emperor, Jan.

His legions pr laimed folr h imaf ter the d a th of Ga.! The l llyrian legi nmeanwhile, deelan d for Vespasian. Hi banquets, at which he gor ed himself, w re known far and wide and it wa 'lid that if he had paid more attention taffairsof state than to his exploi ts in ea "ing.

H was" -1 at his dea th. II was a competen I emp r r. He died in ill AaL the ag of iO. He led a rather proiligare liE bel re becoming emperor, but uprm asoending thedtron lbf'l.

The early pad of his r igu was UDeven tful. If was finally murdered, to the obviom relief of all ooncerned. His wife Dornitia WaS. Care ius r erva.

Em AD. Held responsible ailE es under Yespasian, 1 h. Ernper-or 9 He wa an xc lien t mperor, H wa6S at 11i d a th in Lmp 'rm' II - -l. Ere ted many fine lniildin. Because of this, history has little to record of his rule. He wa: 69 at hi death in t. The dissolute son zr noble father, he was emperor from lCJo2. Hi r ign wa a r trogre ion to all of the vii which exi t d before. Nerva, ruel, intemp rat. Emp rOI- in year 1 3. Certain reforms ill tituted by him met with di favor and th.

He was 67 at Jli death. Ruled about zhr month in tb yes r Pr claimed empen r b the. The annie. LBI" C5-Dec:. H ld important pos ts un dar Iarcu. Aurelius Arrtoninus. Bassianus, Emperor 2on of the emperor. He was, at fir t, joint emperor with his brother Cera, but he con:.

He had his brother murdered and, according to some sources, some twenty thousand others as, well. He was 29 years o. Younger on. However, the desire on the I. G ta was 23 years of age when he was murdered. Avitus Bassianus. Emperor He wa a priest in the temple of the. He was slain by the praetorian guard at th age of 1 l. Eo Efu -Second wile of Elagabalus, He divorced h r. He was a just and wi e ruler, but was slain by orne mutinous oldler on his way to Germany to subdue.

Hi moth r was slain with him, He wa prcbably 27 years of age at hi d ath. I xander. Murdered by -roll tinous aoltliers along with her son in Had the surname, The Thracian, Emp ror 2J Was supposed to. H commi ted. As ociared with his Icther a co-emperor. He was reclaimed joint emp roc b the senate alon,7 with Pupienu Iaxirnus, 'Sse:lltially to oppose Maximinu who was threat 11ing Rom. Pupienus was ] in b the Pta t rian guard, along with Balbirnn two meno. His oldiers hilip and he was.

Caiu: Vibius Tr 1 ianus. Son of Tr bonianu allu. Killed at th same rime hi father. He wa murdered by his wn soldier. Emp rer r. Of noble birth, be was loyal to Callus but could giv him un help in Jill battle with Aemilian, arriving too lute. Trouble 0. Egnatius GalJienllS. Son DEValerian. Became sole ernperer aft r the capture I?

Jf his father by the Persians. He was killed by his ewn oldi rs at the age of Ir was due tc. Xeverthel ss, Ma rianus was declared emp eror I y his troops. M llacriamls. Younge ton of Macrianus 1. Iather left lor Rome after ill Ea tern campaign, he wa left to administer affairs.

He was attack d by the Icing of the alrnyrans, d feared, captured, and killed. AIL r d clarin him'It'Ll' emperor during the l'e. Pia vveni u Victorinus, 2 liO! Assa sinat d by hi own. Proclaimed him If m ror at the d ath of P [Um.

U5, ut was killedalrrrost immediately, probably. Declar d bim eU emper rand a. He ultimate] uicid. Knowu a R. Seized power at the d ath of hi half brother Tacitu. Emp ror 2. Wa governor f th ast under Tacitus aft r rving in a distinguished manner in the armies of Valerian, laudius and" urelian. Initialed many benial impr vemenrs in go ernrrten t, but he was killed by mutinous soldiers.

Emj C[! Prefect of til I fa t rian uard und. At the dea th of Pmbus cho. Ride t SOil0' arus. Appoinu d governor. He abdi ated in 05 and lived out. He was 68 at his death. Emperor 2 6- He abdicated, with Dio. Maxentius, who had clalrnsd the thren in i PP sidon to alerius and cnstantias.

B-ecause of complicity in a plot against 'onsta. JJt' ;t. JltiLl;;' killed him in a battle in Britain. Adopted as aesar by Maximian, Upon abdication of Diocl tian and Maximian a umed full p wer. Extremely inimical to the. Emperor Jt -3T 1. Not being a parnicularly admirabl person he was passed over when his father and Diculetiauappointed the new.

He drowned while fleeing across I. Governor of that province under Ma:. Proelasmed himself rnperor, but was crushed almest irnmediately.

Great and with him i ued theedict of Milan recogniaing Clui,;rianity. He and Maximinus Da21a agreed to rule joimly. A"l' at his. SOil of onstantine The 'Great. He Was a grsat popular favorite and t:h:is undoubtedly wa Son of' on. Ems pt'rnr. Con stuns ar his Iarhers death, In warriJ. HL hare of the the d ath of oustantiue The rear. In war with hi brother he defeated and kin d Con stantine JI. Lat r, iVlagnentius attack d him and -onstans wa overtaken while Heeing and was killed.

Son I 'onstan tine and Fausta. Defeat d? How Vet, he learned that hi cousin ] lilian had proclaimed him elf emp rot: and in moving to crush this nsurpation he died at the a;gc IQf. H wa d eared hy '. Upon hearing of the suicide of his broth r he. Il-Flayius Iaudius [ulianuEmp rnr. IV rsion to Christianity. Proclaim d emperor by his troops in a revolt again t til latter. A the datil f 11tantius h be me le ruler.

A-I iauzluer of 'OJ! Claudius j nvianLIS. EnW I'm Proclalmed emp rnr try hi- soldier Iter lilt death of the lat ter. Ilf ,Igl' ,II hi,; rbLlh.

Reading and dating Roman imperial coins. Front Cover. Zander H. Klawans. Whitman Pub. Co., - Coins, Roman - pages. 0 Reviews. Buy a cheap copy of Reading and dating Roman imperial coins book by Zander H. Klawans. Free shipping over $ Results 1 - 30 of 33 Reading and dating Roman imperial coins by Klawans, Zander H and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

Younger I rother of Valentini n 1. Made [l ror f the ea t I y his brother. He was ab out 50 y ars uf a e ar hi death.

Guide to Roman Provincial Greek Imperial Ancient Coins and Collection

Honorius and rcadius, a sar. He was about :;0 at hi death. He wa defeat d fighting the Franks in. Emperorof th u f Theodosius the Crea.

Hi reign was one of com t nt [Urman due to attaoks by the Visigoth under Alaric. Roman power uff r d a severe d dill" under this inept.

Son o:f TllCOdo ius I. Aff irs of tate did n [ int re t him and the government w s ruled by others. He died in 40 at the age ofSt. Roman genera! Reigned only seven month. D posed in a little OYer a. J-Ie di d in B cau 'I" r his Su dan birth he himself had 11 de ire n rule.

Title, Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins. Author, Zander H. Klawans. Edition, 3. Publisher, Whitman Publishing Company, Length, pages. Title, Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins. Author, Zander H. Klawans. Publisher, Whitman Publishing Company, Original from, the University of. Find Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins by Klawans, Zander H at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good.

He died shortly thereafter. Deposed by Od acer, king of the Herculi, Retired and died at arnpania, I. It must be remembered. When it was so renewed each r, n wal would be indicated by the placing of a numeral after the TR P. Thus, TR P III would lndlcate that the coin wa struck during the third year the emperor It Id such a title, sing a more pecific example, a coin of the emperor Nerva upon which R P II was in cribed would first indicate that the coin wa struck during th second year h beld he tide.

As Iurth r confirmation and in order to deal with excep ions to thi proc dur I. The rnp ror, rna, t normally, serv d as one of th two COD ul of the R man ta tFrequ ntly, how v r, he de ignated another to. The IMP here referred to [s that titlewhich we have called the 1M::? StUdying the chartswe lind this information: 1. The next step, then, is to turn to the. The above example will indicate why irt is nee ssary. Read Free For 30 Days.

Uploaded by Naenia. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Coins of the Roman Republic in the British Museum. Gnecchi ; transl. Common Greek coins. III: Tables of finds and cognomina, indexes, plates, etc. I: Aes rude, aes signatum, aes grave, and coinage of Rome from B. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Zd1lcl'r H. These fir t coins probably were struck in the gr 6th centl:l'lry B. Later, there came Into existence a means of exchange known as the.

These piece date, probah]from the 5th cen- tilly B. Each of these coins could be distinguished from the other by the obverse front of the cO,i D ities aad persorrificaticn app ar d in great number. LIS, which ". Struck ill copper. The Roman sil 'teat JO - 7 A. Many times the letter t'f' i u ed in the broader nse upon the coins indicating the SOlI of a noble family, Entering further upon the ubject 1 t us now be more specific and instead of saying that the praenom n, nomen, and wgliu1men are tile first.

The -dpjo family i a part of the ornelian gem I we shall say that Ii Praeuomen The praenemen, as ha heen before mentiened, was the [nelly per: nnal name, I t was conferred b the parent upon lhe'l; hild pmbably on the 9th day after birt. I:A M Rl l.

Hi name. The na:meof the gen to which hi The rna distin. Cermanicus, of honor. Pontifex Ma. The highest priest. Tribtmicla Potesras. The 8. Parer I' triae. Father of hi country.

T esp Augustus, Pontifex Iaximu. Potestas, Father f hi 7. Cr1E aesar, Domitianv J. Father f hi courttr r An Alphabetical Check List of the Names, Qf the Emperors as They Frequen:tly Appear on the Coins, This section offers, In alphabetical sequence" the names of the emperors a they appear upon the coin with considerable frequency, The second column presents the names of the 'emperors as til r are commonly known.

Gor- dianus rand Gordianua Ll, fath. DD Name Vuefli. Constantiua Fl lui elmatiu F. Car u! Maxirm:amls I FJucu. Name Full Name Cams. Lucius Dom. Marcus Antonius Gordianu Coiba, Marcus Antonianus Gratian Quinta Herr nius Etrm;cusi'Jle Htmorius Flavius Macruuuc: Xlacrianus 'slacrinus alerius Licinianus 1. Publius 'aturninus. Pompeius Ia m:l AI xand Tacitus Lucius Iulius ureliu ulpicius Uranius I Antonlnu almtinian The render hould be aware that all in criprions appearing to on the reverses do not ne e rily r fer [0, or identify.

CERE- -The ally holding tor h. Gackle of Agriculture. JANC A double-headed d ity infrequ ntly appearing on. Appears nude or semi-nude, and with a full beard.

J1lpi'6f 39 tera a small disll [15 a in Roman days for drinking or for the P uring of libation and a c pter, Many time she is accornpani c1hy a peacock Ii M. I, hm vn holding a pat! H Ids ears of com and cornucopia Horn r: PlentyAbxwtilmtia 'air dealing, equity.

Holds les and cornucopia. Hold rudd rand eornuc piae. A mal culine p J onification. H Ids olive branch or scepter, and corn ucopiae. Justitia Hold. S-U pomted ter, rty, freedom. Holds Pax p. Holds ba- c a ionally a globe PI. H,old flower. Is usually walking. BERlT piae.

Mars the Ave1iilg r nd :0 on, ,[J1 e same adjectives are used to dcscrib other Deities rr person ifications, Thus, for jupit r we find.

In many insran CS observe The sam apply in lh. Happ nessQf of the army. Geeio A. Grm1:o of Antibdl. Inscription [mIG Dllcina Illsa a J 11 rice. In the custody of Jupiter. Parthia, Arabia, diabenius lwuquerecl najions. Providence the g ds, Pro'lliilimtia,e Caess TIl new age.

Th 'alld eneris CCU1S. Viet r. Coins of inadequate weight indicating' that a mint effi tal was filling his personal purse were then easily traced to the guilty person or persons. Worksbop number 1 would be Alpha; workshop number 2, Beta: and so OD. Tr, Trft i Constanrincple Isla. Agrippina, or an em- mother ofh'cr, wile of the emperor Clauelius, sister af the emperor Cnligula.

Agrippa and] ulia. Drusus, Jr. TD DR'. Roman em- it" 6t! O empernr.

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