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[VIDEO] ‘Teen Wolf’: Scott & Kira’s First Date — Episode Spoilers . TVLine

Scott e Kira tem o primeiro encontro • Teen Wolf • Dublado HD

For most, teenage relationships mean movie dates, hand-holding and an occasional kiss in your dad's junky convertible. In Beacon Hills, they include risking your life each time you try to have a lovey-dovey rendezvous. His heart was scarred for some time, but he's since moved on with Kira Yukimura , one of Beacon Hills' newest students who, like Allison, never goes down without a fight. On Monday night's episode , though, she continued to prove why tenacity on the battlefield isn't always a good thing. Though the kitsune's sword usually cuts through opponents as if they're loose-leaf paper, a feisty Berserker delivered a crushing blow to Kira's head that knocked her out cold and left her nearly as battered as her mother.

Scott insisted that he needed to discuss what happened last night with her, but Stiles reminded him that since someone left a coded message for Barrow telling him to kill Kira, they needed to wait until they figured out whether or not she was "another psychotic monster that's going to start murdering everybody," insisting that Scott should avoid any and all interaction with her. When Scott wondered aloud if Kira was a Werewolf like him, Stiles pointed out that Kira was able to walk through "1.

All the while, Kira, who was getting her books out of her locker, tried her best to avoid Scott as well, still trying to wrap her mind around what had happened with Barrow, including the fact that a strange aura surrounds her whenever she takes a photo of herself with flash photography.

At lunch later that day, Scott found Kira sitting alone by herself while she ate her packed lunch in the hallway and, despite Stiles' insistence that he stay away from her, he decided to sit down next to her. He waited for a moment for her to say something, and when she stated that she didn't want to talk about what happened the previous night, Scott respected her decision and pulled out his pre-calculus book as he asked her if she wanted to instead talk about their test the upcoming Friday.

After a moment, Kira took the book from him and closed it before turning so she could look him in the eyes and asking him if he had his phone with him. When Scott nodded and pulled his phone out, she informed him that she was going to show him something that no one, except for Barrow, had ever seen, and asked him to take a photograph of her with the flash on.

After Scott did what he was told, he was shocked to see the fiery red, orange, and gold aura around her, leading Kira to explain that she had no idea what it was, but that it started showing up a couple months ago, and that it only happens when the flash is on.

She also added that she didn't know why, but that somehow, Barrow knew about it, and he used her own phone to take photos of her to prove it.

Scott, realizing that this was why Kira wanted her phone back from the police the previous evening, assured her that he would help her get it back since she was afraid of what would happen if any of the police officers or FBI agents would think if they saw the photos.

That evening, Scott and Kira met up with Stiles outside of the Sheriff's station, where Stiles gave them cloned keycards that would get them into the perimeter doors, the evidence room, and Sheriff Stilinski's office, though he warned them that he would be unable to help them if they got caught due to the fact that Agent McCall had his father under examination for impeachment. In the middle of their conversation, Kira pulled Scott aside for a moment to ask him if he had told Stiles about the photos, which led Scott to assure her that he simply told him that she had naked photos of herself on her phone that she didn't want anyone else to see, which even Kira agreed was a good idea.

Scott and Kira then sneaked into the station, which was understaffed due to the blackout that Kira had caused the night before that had yet to be fully repaired at this time.

They managed to make it into the evidence room without being discovered but were made even more anxious by the revelation that Kira's phone had died at some point since it was taken by the police. Kira wanted to just steal it, but Scott reminded her that they would know someone had taken it since it had already been logged as evidence.

Fortunately, they found a phone charger and managed to use Agent McCall's Macbook to charge it enough for Kira to delete the photos, though it forced them to stay longer than expected and caused Stiles to go against his earlier statement that he couldn't help them by jumping out of his Jeep and distracting Agent McCall long enough to let them get away unnoticed.

After they met back up with Stiles out in the parking lot, both Scott and Kira were ecstatic to have completed their mission without being caught, a reaction that seemed to endear Kira to Stiles as well as to Scott. Afterward, Scott seemed disappointed at the thought of taking Kira home, as did Kira, which eventually led Scott to ask Kira if she wanted to go to a party that Danny Mahealani was throwing at Derek Hale 's loftwhich they believed to be abandoned. Upon arriving at the party, Scott and Kira were excited for Stiles when Caitlina former acquaintance of Stiles', appeared and kissed him on the cheek, and supported him as he left to go chase her down.

Afterward, Scott noticed that Kira was getting shoved around by the crowd of people and took her by the hand so they wouldn't get separated, an act that made Kira smile bashfully before thanking him for everything that he had done for her. Unfortunately, Scott then caught the eye of Allisonhis ex-girlfriendacross the room and shared a supportive smile, which Kira interpreted as Scott not being interested in her.

She quickly let go of his hand and allowed herself to be transported away by the flood of people in the loft, though it took Scott a moment to notice.

When he realized that Kira had left while he was sharing a silent look with Allison, he allowed his red Alpha eyes to come out so he could track her down more easily, which was when he found, much to his surprise, that his Werewolf - vision allowed him to see the true shape of Kira's aura, which was in the form of a fox around Kira's body. At some point during the party, Scott and Kira reunited and eventually found their way up onto the roof of the apartment building, where they sat on a nearby stoop.

Kira pointed out that Scott had gotten body paint on his face, and when he was unable to wipe it off himself, she laughed and licked her thumb before cleaning him up, leading Scott to laugh and say that she "mom'd him.

Scott assured her that it didn't look that bad to him, and when Kira insisted that she looked like a demon from hell, he reiterated that he saw something different, that the aura seemed to be protecting her like armor and that it looked nothing like a demon. Kira, curious about this response, asked him what it looked like to him, causing Scott to admit that it looked like a fox, which seemed to trigger something in Kira's memory. After Scott heard Derek roar for help and caught wind of the commotion back downstairs at the party though he did not yet know that five Oni demons had arrived and had performed tests on Derek, Lydia, and Ethanhe and Kira went back to the loft and were shocked to find everyone not associated with the McCall Pack rushing out of the apartment.

Scott stood protectively in front of Kira as the Oni began approaching Aidenand when they completed their test and turned toward Kira, both Derek and Scott began attacking the Oni, though they were not strong enough to defeat them. Scott was forced to partially transform into a werewolf to fight them off, inadvertently exposing his supernatural identity to Kira, who looked shocked but not scared by this revelation.

Once the sun had finished rising, the Oni were forced to evacuate, leaving Scott, Kira, and the others to wonder what they were and why they were there.

In SilverfingerScott took Kira home on his motorbike the morning after the eventful party at Derek 's loftfeeling awkward about the fact that she had seen him partially-transformed into his Werewolf form and assuming that she was angry like Allison Argent and Melissa McCall had been when they learned what he was. However, upon arriving at her house, Kira simply asked for confirmation that Scott was a Werewolf and that the rest of his friends were supernatural or clued-into the secret as well, which Scott gave her.

She then curiously asked him if she could see his full transformation, and he reluctantly checked to make sure no one was watching before showing her his wolf-face. Instead of disgusted, Kira was actually awestruck by the sight and gently touched his cheek with her hand, surprising Scott. Afterward, she flopped into her bed and thought about what had happened at the party.

That day at schoolScott met up with Stileswho had been up all night wrestling with the realization that the note William Barrow had written on the chalkboard instructing the reader to kill Kira was in his handwriting.

After Stiles told Scott what he had discovered, Scott had a difficult time believing Stiles could want to hurt Kira and took note of his exhausted appearance, leading Stiles to admit that he hadn't been sleeping well lately. Scott instructed Stiles to take the day off school in order to rest and recover and presumably set off to find Kira to explain their plans for the day.

Before school let out, Kira sneaked over to Ethan and Aiden 's motorcycles and removed their spark plugs so they were unable to follow the two as they rushed to the McCall Housereasonably certain that the Oni would be returning that night for either Scott or Kira. Once there, the two began locking the doors, deciding to wait in Scott's room until his mother Melissa McCall returned to activate the Mountain Ash barrier built into the floorboards. The circumstances surrounding the start of their official relationship began when Kira's parents decided they wanted to sell their house in Beacon Hills and move back to New York, presumably because of the insanity involving the Nogitsune in Season 3.

But Kira was determined to stay and knew she had to talk to Scott about their potential romantic future, in case she had to leave. Scott was unable to make time for the talk due to other issues like a mouthless axe-murderer on the loose and a new lacrosse playerbut told her they would talk later. Then he promptly kissed Kira on the mouth the way a couple who have been together for a while would do.

Kira was surprised, to say the least, and so was Scott after he realized what exactly he had done. Later that day ,Scott found Kira and tried to talk to her again about what happened and instead of having a long talk to define their relationship, Scott just kissed Kira again and that was that. Relationship on.

It's common knowledge that people's tastes vary. I'm searching in vain for wherever I might have said "all gays". It seems to me that what I actually said was "most common".

Now I'm not a linguist, but I'm fairly certain those aren't synonyms. You imply it by the fact that when I answered why Danny wouldn't be into him with "maybe he doesn't have that kink no matter how common it is" you argued with me over it. Alright, I'll concede that Tumblr may not be the best source. But I do feel that the large number of followers that each of those blogs have is indicitive of something.

I'm not going to say that every gay guy has a thing for sleeping with straight men. I will say that every gay guy that I know, including myself, has had crushes on straight men. And it's sort of a badge of honor in some circles to have messed around with straight guys. That doesn't mean Danny was serious when he propositioned Stiles. And, in fact, if you look at the guys we've seen Danny date Ethan and his ex from the scene at the Jungle in S Stiles doesn't seem to be his type.

Gonna say that Danny was joking. It's a pretty common way of hitting on straight guys, in my experience, to pretend you were joking unless they seem keen on the idea.

And, yeah, I gotta say, Stiles' being upset afterwards seemed far from genuine to me. He was a teenage single guy. Why not fck stiles? It doesn't mean anything But if Stiles wasn't his type, why would he?

And, honestly, guys in general never seem to keen on dealing with the aftermath of ridding someone of their virginity. At least in media. I'm sorry, did you miss the part about the eight year crush on Lydia Martin with his ten year plan? Confession: I bought season 1. I watched 2 episodes and could not take the awful dialogue and cliche childlike plot. I then decided to check out season 3 after seeing parts of it with the nogitsune reblogged on Tumblr.

Teen Wolf 5x17- Kira ''We are probably gonna lose"!

I've been watching ever since but I haven't seen Season's one or two. Yea, Stiles is wholly capable of clinging to relationships. He crushed on Lydia since 3rd or 4th grade, and mentioned a ten year wooing plan, that was upped to 15 after the events in s2 with Jackson but that seemed like he was just playing along anymore, like he'd given that up. Honestly, you might see about getting season two watched at least.

It feels like it's really important this season. They've been doing a lot of call back to it so far. That's when we learnt about the kanima, for instance.

Many of the scenes between Stiles and Derek, although for comic relief, had a level of chemistry between the actors to characters unseen in many programs.

Their participation acknowledged it on a non-canon level. I've said elsewhere that Sterek cannot become canon. If it did, goodbye character chemistry. As to why Scott is attracted to Kira: Idea only here: Scott has a need for dangerous girls.

Scott is the Paladin trying to save everyone and falls for the girls who have an evil streak. Sometimes you have to ask yourself: what were the writers thinking?

They were probably thinking that kira doesn't have an evil streak. A warrior killer her enemy is not evil, and she didn't do that until like a year after they started dating. That's a disgusting notion.

Scott and kira dating

That a gay guy is gonna sleep with anybody who makes themselves available? By now Danny's met Ethan, who -- again -- is more his type and who is clearly into him. Why would Danny sleep with someone who isn't his type? The very fact that you haven't seen the first two seasons is why you need to shut up. You can't get all your knowledge from a synopsis.

Cute Scira moment on their first date -- Scott and Kira Teen Wolf season 4. For most, teenage relationships mean movie dates, hand-holding and an occasional kiss in your dad's junky convertible. "Teen Wolf" Scott McCall learned that romance certainly doesn't last forever when the first girl that gave him butterflies, Allison Argent, was killed at the. Still, it was obvious the writers wanted to put Scott and Kira together from The two were already basically dating, a fact that everyone else.

Danny was presumedly a junior in season 1, and he had a boyfriend, and he frequented a gay club. I don't know any teenagers who frequented clubs, gay or straight, that weren't trying to pull.

But even given the fact that you've seen s3, you should be able to grasp that Danny is sexually active. That's exactly what they were aiming for in Motel California, which was interrupted my supernatural BS, and they continued dating after that. You don't think they got around to having sex? Given that Danny's dating circle is clubs he needed a fake ID to get into oh you'd have needed to see season 2 to know that And still teenagers don't just sleep with anyone just because they can -- even teenagers need to be attracted to the person.

There is 0 indication that Danny finds Stiles attractive in any sense. But truth be told if he wanted to make stiles gay he could of made him gay from the beginning with out beating around the bush with it. U have to add reality to even the most fictional stories and he does so in a fashionable way with baiting around and playful dialogue. As to the other point about Stiles. He could have made him gay from the start. But he didn't. Because then he couldn't tell a self realization coming out story.

Also, I don't think most argue that Stiles is gay, we think he's Bi, which is still, generally speaking, less accepted than "picking a side. It may be a "world without isms" as Jeff once said, but it's also not long in the past, and it's hard telling who might have an issue with it in the older generations, and Stiles only has his dad.

Plus there's the general fact that Stiles has anxiety, and teenagers are notorious for thinking stupid thoughts and coming to dumb conclusions. In season 3b episode Illuminated, when Stiles was asked Do you like boys, he did not answer.

There is also the fact that Jeff himself confirms that they've dropped these hints, we aren't making them up. I always see another heartwarming tribute to Allison in between episodes. I hate how they always do that. Also, despite what shitty franchises like Twilight would have you believe, you are allowed to fall in love with more than one person during your lifetime.

Actionmanrandell wrote: love is simply a series of chemical and electrical signals brought on by physical and emotional stimuli.

I'd be interested in some links to the articles confirming that. My understand ing is you can feel desire near immediately, maybe even "love" but there's still a difference between loving someone and being IN love with them. You aren't IN love with your parents. I'm a fan of Arden Choi. Thinks she's awesome. Not so much her Kira character.

I think the whole kitsune thing is a stretch, even for a show about werewolves. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The rich text editor does not work with JavaScript switched off.

Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Follow 1 Kudos.

Scott dating Kira so quickly is one of the big things I dislike about TW writing wise besides the whole timeline deal. I get hes in HS and teen's. Scott And Kira | Addicted to You (+4x11) (Dedications) This video has to be my Favourite Scira video I have Made To Date. I Think they have.

Scott is datin kira to get over allison. Loading editor. Quote More History. Save changes Preview Cancel. Because yolo.

Trent22 wrote: Scott dating Kira so quickly is one of the big things I dislike about TW writing wise besides the whole timeline deal. Because he has a chronic case of new girl syndrome?

Anthony wrote: Trent22 wrote: Scott dating Kira so quickly is one of the big things I dislike about TW writing wise besides the whole timeline deal. NicoDi wrote: Trent22 wrote: Scott dating Kira so quickly is one of the big things I dislike about TW writing wise besides the whole timeline deal.

Scott and kira kiss and planning there first date. See more. #teenwolf # dylanobrien #derekhale Wolf Background, Wolf Wallpaper, Scott Mccall, Wolf. Scott and Kira developed romantic feelings for one another from when they first . that she date the coyote, though Kira insisted that she didn't want to date and. TVLine has an exclusive first look at Scott and Kira's actual first date, and it might surprise you to see what a romantic Mr. McCall has become.

Its Levii. Edited by Its LeviiJune 11, Edited by LadyXJune 12, He's dating Kira because he's got a thing for new girls. LadyX wrote: He's dating Kira because he's got a thing for new girls. Edited by JEKJune 13, LadyX wrote: Its Levii wrote: Everyone have a different opinion about a ship and I disagree with yours.

LadyX wrote: Sure, if you prefer Romeo and Juliet romance instead of more realistic ones. Then I guess I do. Edited by JEKJune 22, JEK wrote: LadyX wrote: I think they have a more adult relationship than most teenagers do. Qbanmermaid wrote: your points on kira and scott are valid.

LadyX wrote: I just watched the scene yesterday, happy coincidence that I started my rewatch when I did to get to it just in time for this conversation. Kira is more than Scott can handle. Edited by ShadowstormJuly 17, There's a clear difference between general curiosity, and that scene specifically.

Myself and about adult blogs on tumblr. Danny knows Stiles is straight that is why he made the offer. Then the scene goes like this: Stiles: "What?!

Scott and Kira

Are you kidding? Not more ridiculous than bisexual erasure. Also, not as prevalent.

Jestermonkey4u removed this reply because: It serves no purpose. I disagree with your agreement to our disagreement. Right, I have examples, you have You asked me for a source, I gave one.

One that didn't require any additional research. Anecdotal evidence is not a source. Especially in such a small pool in an echo chamber. Edited by LadyXJuly 19, Allow me to be the "Gay Guy Voice of Authority" here. I don't know why that posted twice.

Edited by GrahamburglarJuly 19, Oh goodness! Edited by LadyXJuly 20, But Stiles isn't the type to get emotionally attached either. Not unless they're Scott. Also, virginity can be different, especially the way media portrays it. He crushed on Lydia since 3rd or 4th grade, and mentioned a ten year wooing plan, that was upped to 15 after the events in s2 with Jackson but that seemed like he was just playing along anymore, like he'd given that up Honestly, you might see about getting season two watched at least.

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