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remus lupin x oc; can you love me most?

Disclaimer: Belongs to J. K Rowling. If I were she, I'd be rich, which is a reason not to sue me. I own nothing except the clothes on my back, the glasses on my face and the cats on my sofa. Actually, the sofa is my landlady's. Summary: Five weird, non-magical ways Remus and Sirius encountered each other that led to everything else.

Prompt used: Summer. Disney Character Challenge Competition - David - Write about a friendship that becomes more than friends.

He was used to it. James moved his hand away. He was on a date with Lily. Snogging and handholding would possibly take a bit longer. Don't worry I was cool, I watched other people for a few minutes. The woman helped me buy one and put money on it and explained touching in and out.

Muggles are so helpful.

If Remus has to go on one more date set up by his mother, he will maul of Sirius Black, presents itself, Remus is more than happy to take it.

I got here on a train, all by myself. I think we should get this over with," Lily sighed. The four of them joined the queue. There was a couple standing at the counter, but the rest of the queue was empty. Well, it's similar but a very long moving photo that tells a story," Lily tried to explain. Do you know what live in boxes? The tickets were passed over and James insisted on paying for them.

They walked over to the food counter, and Remus and Lily watched as Sirius and James found all the muggle sweets and proceeded to buy almost one of everything, popcorn, hotdogs and drinks.

You're drawing attention to us," Lily said, opening her handbag and throwing in as many packets of sweets as she could. Once the drinks were in the cup-holders, and the snacks were distributed evenly, Lily felt a set of eyes on her again, and an arm drape over her shoulders. Is this an adult movie? How did she end up sitting between James and Sirius? Well a very long photo that you take yourself is called a film or video They took a video of themselves having sex, and accidentally sent it to people.

It's like a Wizarding photo that lasts for a couple of hours if you want," Lily explained, with a sigh. Why was she even explaining this? Boring dates with boring people, set up by his mother?

Sirius and remus dating fanfiction

Remus sighed. The problems with being a werewolf. She won't accept 'mum, nobody wants to date a werewolf' as an excuse either. Sirius pinned him with a strange look. Remus drew his brows together, Sirius was looking at him so weirdly. The expression left his face quickly, replaced by amusement, "Women have monthly problems too, and people still want to spend time with them.

Remus punched Sirius gently on the shoulder and stood up, "Yeah, but I don't think a bit of blood is the same thing as turning into a great, hulking beast that wants to eat you.

He caught the wand expertly as it spun towards him. Sirius looked offended and held his hand out for his wand. Remus shook his head and gestured to the room, "Clean this mess and then you can have your wand back.

Remus pretended he hadn't heard and walked into the kitchen. Just before he left the room, he saw Sirius force himself up from the couch with a groan. After grabbing a bottle of pumpkin juice from the fridge, Remus made his way up the stairs. He turned right on the landing.

26 reasons why Sirius and Remus should date. Summary: Remus and Sirius find a list. Beware, extreme fluff and cuteness. A/N: I am really. Title: Dating Remus Lupin. Disclaimer: Brilliant Art Work Credits: kogepanM's siriusremus (kogepanm. /art/ HP-siriusremus ). "Thanks Moony," Sirius said, grinning at his friend as Remus handed his essay back to "You think our Moony is dating Lily behind your back?.

Outside his bedroom door, he shut his eyes and counted to ten, bracing himself for the lecture that was about to come. The you can't be so picky, Remus lecture. The you have to settle down, Remus lecture. The even though you're only nineteen and totally in love with your best friend, you need to find a boy who's actually interested in you, Remus lecture.

Remus palmed the door open and stepped in, sipping at his pumpkin juice. She turned to face the door when Remus walked in and smiled expectantly. Remus smiled back at her quickly, before shaking his head.

She looked disappointed to say the least, "Remus, you can't keep saying no to every boy I set you up with. She turned the chair to face Remus, and picked an invisible thread off her cardigan, "What was wrong with this one?

Remus moved to sit on the bed, sighing. She was right, in a way. He did need someone stable, but why did that mean they had to be boring?

Couldn't he have someone like Sirius? He wanted to tell his mum he didn't want to date. Wanted to explain to her that the werewolf thing who he was meant anyone close to him was in danger.

He didn't want to risk getting close to someone who ditched him the moment they found out about his secret. He didn't want to risk anyone's life. But he didn't want to disappoint her either. Hope so badly wanted Remus to be happy, and in a normal relationship, he couldn't bare to discourage her. He needed an out.

He needed an excuse. A bang sounded from downstairs interrupting Remus's thoughts. He pushed his fringe out of his eyes, it was probably Sirius acting like a child and Judging by the parade of boys Hope had set Remus up with, over the past few months, Sirius wasn't her idea of boyfriend material. Her idea of boyfriend material was: boring, incredibly dull, not at all interesting, and blond.

None of which applied to Sirius Black.

sirius and remus love from angsty hurt,comfort and siucide and stuff in Can Remus get a date without resorting to obvious methods? Slash RLSB COMPLETE. Summary: Five weird, non-magical ways Remus and Sirius encountered each other that led to everything else. A/n: Have no idea where this. Sirius keeps setting Remus up on blind dates and Remus gets annoyed. . Remus is sick and tired of hearing girls complain about Sirius' lack of dating.

Still, her face lit up with glee the moment the lie left his mouth. Remus was pulled into an excessively tight hug, and cringed. He'd have to get to Sirius as soon as possible, and brief him.

Remus cringed further at the thought of that conversation. As friends though, I'm not in love with you or anything Remus pulled out of his mum's grip, and she swiped a tear from her eye. Remus shuffled awkwardly.

Sirius is shy and Wearily, he finished, "We were waiting for it to be official. I'm so happy! Instead, she neatened the messy hair on Remus's head lovingly.

SLASH. Remus and Sirius are dating. Remus wants to tell the world but Sirius just isn't ready yet. Can Sirius find the nerve to finally tell. "You are aware that I'm only here because Remus was too nervous about his first date with Sirius, and I'm here for moral support, right?". Sirius/Lily date to make Remus/James jealous and Remus/James date to make Lily/Sirius jealous. Each person thinks the other is dating each.

She was grinning so widely, Remus thought she might be having a breakdown. He backed towards the door, fiddling with the lid from his pumpkin juice.

Out in the hallway, he shut the door behind him and took a deep breath. He stared blankly at the walls.

Sirius x Reader - Marauders Era Fanfiction Trailer

The realisation of what he'd just done came crashing down. Remus downed the remainder of his pumpkin juice, again wishing that it was firewhiskey. I know that you like Lily and you like Sirius and I don't know whats going on with them but if there is a chance that they like you guys then you dating will make them jealous and you'll both get to be together. It could help us both out. I've tried to talk some sense into you a lot over the past couple weeks. Come on. Be my fake boyfriend.

I will draw the line at having sex with you though. I don't want to have sex with people I'm not interested in. No offense Prongs. You don't have red hair or perky boobs so you wouldn't be someone I'd want to sleep with," James told him. Let's go. The two of them got up to go to class. James reached for Remus's hand. Reluctantly Remus took it and they headed to class. Not too far behind him was Lily and Sirius who was furious.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Each person thinks the other is dating each other. Lots of misunderstandings. I can't do that. They will think I'm nuts. Lily laughed. But I will not have sex with you. Goodnight Sirius. Lily glared at him. Speaking of him, why is he going to sit with Lily?

Lily hates Sirius. James and Remus exchanged looks. I'm down for this if you are," James told him. I bloody knew it!

I am going to kill a deer tonight," Sirius muttered. Lily looked confused. Chapter 1 2. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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