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Southpark - Tweek x Craig Lovestory HDRip- Say Something (I'm giving up on you)

Moderator: Big-Will. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Before you do, please read them and check out some of these changes such as arbitration for disputes - see our FAQs. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. Stranger Sign in, buddy. Logout Register. Are Tweek and Craig an actual couple now?

MikeyPaniker posted This man gets a biscuit. Have yall watched the new season? Second episode confirms it As said, in the recent season Craig refers to Tweek as "Honey" and things like that, Craig even tries to cheer up Tweek with a date at an amusement park to help him calm down over what's going on in the news throughout the episode.

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And not mentioned but during the "mass trolling" plot in the finale of the last season, Tweek and Craig are the ones picked to troll LGBT online communities because they're a gay couple or something like that, I forgot exactly how that part of the season played out. I've heard that Trey and Matt confirm it in the season commentary for the episode's blu-ray release.

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Personally, I think it's cool Trey and Matt used actual fan art in the episode Craig and Tweek became a couple.

South Park - Tweek x Craig - "The Book of Love"

Ok, so we heard different things, just like I didn't hear them confirm at all that they are in fact gay. They didn't use 'fan art', they asked coworkers if anyone could do that style of art, and some were able to, that isn't 'fan art'. Check the credits for the episode: They give special thanks to fans who submitted artwork to be used in the episode. Yeah, no, they used fan art. You don't know what you're talking about, and trying to start an argument over something so stupid is really lame.

Logout Register. Are Tweek and Craig an actual couple now? I believe they're just pretending to make the town happy.

Re: Are Tweek and Craig an actual couple now? I can see to break it up as it is pointed out that they are pretending to be together and so why have them together forever? It would be nice to see Craig who says he wants chicks to get one. I have to admit I really liked the Asian girl with the hat on. She would be nice to me to see some more roles in the show. I say Tweek and Craig may make there way into season It is not the type of thing or the type of characters that are done so much so it can be a thing to have sit on the shelve for a season or two until it is something to deal with again.

I hope fans are not expecting more Tweek and Craig as I think there really will be none for the remainder of this season. Being gay is a popular South Park topic but it is only like one or two episodes a season so we may only see a couple of seconds of Tweek and Craig with the last three episodes. Tweek and Craig can be a couple yet nothing will come of it.

Craig wants girls later in life and Tweek is still unsure of himself and what he can accomplish. I am sure both are straight and just need time to heal the wounds the Asian girls have caused.

Craig. "Tweek x Craig" is the sixth episode of Season Nineteen, and the rd Tucker and Tweek Tweak has spread throughout the town of South Park. . Cupid Me only accepts after the promise of one date with Cartman.

There really needs to be a revenge to the Asian girls as I will say they are hot yet they should not be able to make white characters gay on whim. Stan and Kyle :.

Fu ck off.

Original air date, October 28, (). Episode chronology. < Previous "Safe Space", Next > "Naughty Ninjas". South Park (season 19) List of South Park episodes. "Tweek x Craig" is the sixth episode of the nineteenth season and the rd overall episode of the animated television series South Park. Creek is the romantic pairing of Craig Tucker and Tweek Tweak. Originally a wholly fan-created pairing, in existence for well over a decade and already fairly . It shouldn't even bother me but I just feel that whenever they are the focus to an episode (Tweek x craig and recently put it down) it's actually a really freaking.

I and many other fans just think they're putting on a show until people forget about them. At Whole Foods, Craig's father Thomas is congratulated for Craig being gay, but he is unwilling to accept this.

At Tweek's home, Tweek's parents celebrate and accept his gay status by rewarding him with money. Cupid Me visits Craig in his sleep and shoots him with a love arrow to help with their relationship.

Cupid Me then begins to express his homosexual feelings for Cartman, who rejects him. The next day at school, the growing tension between Tweek and Craig leads to them fighting, but it is dismissed as a lovers' quarrel, and they are given money and dismissed without punishment. When Randy calls Chinese President Xi Jinping to ask for clarifications about yaoi, the Chinese President angrily replies that the Japanese, not Chinese, do this and begins ranting about the rape of Nanking.

As Thomas turns to alcohol, Randy tells him that he has no control of whether or not Craig is gay: it is the Japanese who make those decisions and they even got away with "raping Don King ".

South park craig and tweek dating

Craig convinces Tweek to announce that they are gay and then stage a fake breakup in order to put the matter to rest. Initially reluctant, Tweek gets carried away with the performance, portraying himself as the wronged party and Craig becomes massively unpopular, with yaoi artists getting even more inspired by Tweek's heartbreak. Cartman meets Cupid Me at a gay bar to ask him for help, and Cupid Me agrees but insists on having a date with Cartman as payment.

Tweek apologizes to Craig for making him appear to be manipulative but Craig rejects his idea to pretend to get back together. Thomas becomes willing to accept his son thanks to a love arrow shot by Cupid Me, and encourages Craig to be gay and gives him money. Tweek and Craig reunite and begin holding hands together in public and playing games together, bringing joy back to the town. Meanwhile, Cartman has his date with Cupid Me which involves a massage in his bed, but as Cupid Me attempts to molest Cartman, Cartman is seen by his mother actually in the bathroom masturbating.

Tweek x Craig Season s19 Episode e06 Written By Trey Parker Production Air Date Episode Chronology The Official South Park. For South Park: The Fractured But Whole on the PlayStation 4, and things like that, Craig even tries to cheer up Tweek with a date at an. I hope that Tweek and Craig are a couple for some time to be. I can see to break it up as it is pointed out that they are pretending to be together.

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