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Why he/she disappeared after sex?

Men are usually the ones who are on the chopping block when it comes to simply dropping off all communication with a woman, but the truth is that it goes both ways as well. This is a bruise to the ego because nobody likes to be rejected. We are essentially being told that we are not good enough to spend time with, or that she would rather spend it with someone else. As difficult as it is, try not to take it personally. Even as a man, I know this is real. The severity of the insult s does not matter, though I have seen some bad ones.

Did you read the article? I never said that the ex will be the worst after the breakup. I said that how she and you act during the breakup says a lot about who you really are and whether or not you would want to get back together. So, a girl who is rational and still treats you well after a breakup is obviously a good person who realized that you were not the love of her life in that way - and vice versa.

Mine treated me so badly, it still hurts. Pretty cruel person, who acts as if every mistake or cruel she does is just a misunderstanding. Hey,I am new to this sort of thing so had no idea where to post. For most of the time we was inseparable and so in love. We loved being around each other all the time, I always made her laugh. We had some amazing experiences like gong to Las Vegas and Hiking the Grand Canyon, we did sky diving together and also went on Safaris together in South Africa.

We have so many special memories together and was both looking forward to the future. However, as I had insecurities such as a low self esteem and trust issues I let it get in the way and every time guys showed her attention I would start asking her questions about it. It seemed she lost respect for me and probably fell out of love and it was a huge shock. The last 3 days is when it all fell apart. We was a week away from moving in to our new home and she started to become very distant very quick.

I kept trying to kiss her and give her extra cuddles but all this was pushing her away more. That day I move to my mums, I asked her before I left of this is what she want and she said yes without a flicker of an eye lid. Later on I was really thinking about all the things I have said to make her feel bad about herself In the past.

We were dating and she disappeared

She forgives me about 3 times for doing that then finally I stopped. She used to buy me presents and surprise me she was so thoughtful and caring. I got too comfortable thinking we would last for ever and stopped making an effort. Anyway I messaged her letting her know I realise all things I did and that I regret it so bad because she was my everything and still is.

Anyway I managed to get an hours sleep and woke up at 2am. Sorry but I will reply! I am and will be ok o know but hopefully I get closure and it will be easier for me to get over her. I was saddened to read your post. Its been 6 weeks have things improved? My advice is to allow her some space. And let her respond to you when she wants.

Good luck. How can I get back with my ex-girlfriend, which she has a restraining order on me, she is married with two boys. But I really miss her and throught that we had something good going for each other.

things first

I was very confused and very hurt when we broke up, all I wanted to do was to work things out and stay together. I think that she moved on with someone else. We were living together, but she wanted to live with her sister instead.

Now I still totally miss her a lot. My Ex girlfriend blamed for everything, things that I did four years ago, little things. Blocked me, She treated me badly after we broke up.

We had a four year relationship and were engaged. She told me she was disappointing because I did not get married the at the time she wanted. Her family was pressuring her to get married. Anyway she was always sweet and caring, a beautiful girl but when i saw her after we broke up, she was a completely different person as described. Not sure if its possible to get back since she holds so much resentment and hate.

I loved her but feel that I lost her. I think, John, that she is showing you how she feels quite clearly now. I hurt my girlfriend after she missed a flight to spend Christmas with me and my family.

On December 18th I paid for my girlfriend to take a flight to my hometown to meet me there. I traveling from a different city. On December 18th she was supposed to take the flight, but was distant and decided no to take it at the end.

She sent me a message that she tried to catch the flight last minute but was unable and wished me merry Xmas and god blessing. I got so mad, and yield at her over the phone. I unfriend her from Facebook, I said many hurtful things and told her I wish no to see her again.

I used profanity and call her dumb ass. I broke up with her. I called her a week later to say sorry but she wished no to see me, she did even wanted to take my calls, she send me a six page email with lots of drama, with issues that I tough we fixed three years ago. She was about to move in with me and get marry, but she told me she didnt wish that anymore.

When she saw me, she was very hostile and asked me to leave right away. I am trying to move on, going to the gym, painting, traveling but it still hurts. It is a lots of pain. She disappeared from the first moment we broke up and told me she holds a lot of resentment against me and herself for not concluding all of her dreams in our marriage.

Never explained her reasons for missing a flight. She disappeared never confronted me until I traveled to confront her. There was no negotiation, she just said NO to everything.

I get the feelings she had somebody else. Sounds like she had moved on when she decided not to take the flight.

Stop trying. Stop telling yourself that you are going to win her back. Ur story ends here both of u move onn. My exgf of 4 years cheated on me and then left me for a richer older man. I find it difficult to understand how she can hate me when I did nothing wrong. I would rather she had not cheated broke up like an adult and kept her immediate new RS private rather than splash it all over social media All this from a 44 yr old. I know the feeling.

I understand what you are talking about, got the same thing. She got a job through someone else and texted her boss to get her check. Wow really. Just selfish and ignorant. But she wanted me back to do what listen to bs. Like ok enough is enough. She thinks the weekend went well but it was a lot of toxic energy. I gave her what she always wanted that was the reason I left so she could be free and happy.

I dealt with a female for 7 years. In the first year she cheated and I must admit it went down. Nothing was the same. When she lost her job I was supportive. It was a lot but I hung in there. Now that her only child, daughter, has made her a grandmother at 38 things have changed drastically. I care but not much.

Guest wrote: []we were dating and she disappeared[/url] []7ehimlen. We were together since 4 yrs she loved me a lot surprisingly she was one behind me for 2 yrs then we were together then the day comes she left me 2 weeks ago leaving a text saying uk my parents wont accept us so love move created such a big scene tht their parents got to know tht we were dating for long period her father told to. I met a girl online, and we had been dating for a couple months. About a month ago, she dropped off the face of the earth, and it kinda crushed me. Over the last month I had been scouring our messages back and forth since we met, but I haven't found anything different from when we first started talking to the day before she disappeared.

She has made me to feel different towards her. She wants me to do what I used to do.

In Florida, a police cadet with dreams of protecting and serving suddenly goes missing. Could a conversation she had with her best friend hours before her di : True Crime Daily. We are essentially being told that we are not good enough to spend time with, or that she would rather spend it with someone else. As difficult as it is, try not to take it personally. Shes only going to choose one guy to be her significant other, and out of 7 billion people in the world, you are not alone if . I had been seeing disappeared and time and trying to the midst of dating thing so taxing? So taxing? If you were. We were not only interested he just disappear on the day in this day in age, he disappeared the case of the day. It. Disappearing and i thought we were not official but not worth it essentially means to date them hanging.

So I left. She kept calling begging me to come back. Yes I took my things back and cut the cable.

accounting for

All she did was talk about the cable. But I caught a guy in her house and she lied about it. I was at her place and saw that someone else was sleeping in her bed with her. I pretend just to see where it goes. I left and she begged me to come back was it real or just for financial support.

Who cares what it is about. Get out. Find yourself someone who treats you right - someone you love. Good read! Super close, or so I thought.

Clearly not close enough. As such, I have sense then subscribed to the RedPill state of mind and have been improving my life. However, recently we have been going on dates. Of course still running game and dating other girls as well - why not? Too much give for very little gain. You answered your own question. Because of that, I would just cut her out of your life. She may have a very different perception on what you are doing and it could make it really hard for you to distance yourself from her.

So if she sees it as more than just fun, cut her loose. Me and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up I told her I wasnt happy but I didnt mean it but I still broke up with her then tried getting back with her and she said no maybe in the future then a couple nights later she brought up a girl that sent me stuff that I didnt ask for and she messaged the girl then the next day I found out she was talking to 1 of her guy friends that she has known for lik 8 years and is staying with him for the weekend and she keeps saying we could get back together in the future idk what to do.

journey starts with

Me and my ex have an ugly break up. He wanted to end quickly by saying hurtful things to me. So we started the ugly fight. We both have emotionally destroyed each other. However, I would like to know your opinion. Thank you. My sister-in-law just left her abusive husband, and people are telling HIM that she will come back to him, which gives him hope and motivation to stalk her, annoy her, and make her life miserable.

The fact is that you may not get back together. If he was looking for a quick way out, then he had probably been wanting to leave for a while. Good people lose their partners all the time. And if he does, do you really want him to come back? Give it some time. My girlfriend and I recently broke up a couple of days ago I cheated on her 2 years ago with a common friend of ours.

I was too guilty about what happened and tried to forget and hide to her what happened. We were in a long distance relationship after the proposal since she needs to work overseas. It was hard for us to cope up with the relationship since we are both not used of long distance relationship. We argue alot with non sense things. September of this year we had a minor argument and she said she knew about the cheating 2 years ago. I was very shocked and confused how she knew all along.

She broke up with me after that. I tried pleading and asking for forgiveness to what happened. I want her back real bad. As of the moment, we still make small talks thru Facebook. Our common friends she talked to said I will need to pursue her if I really want her back my ex girlfriend said she might give me a chance if i do more effort of getting her back.

I still feel sad to what happened. She still sends me messages but I tend to reply in very short messages. I would also like to get your opinion on this. Do I still continue talking to her? It sounds to me that she brought up the cheating out of nowhere because she was waiting to use it for something big. Those are my guesses. That could easily tell her that you are no longer interested. As far as her telling you that someone is courting her, it sounds like an effort to get you to fight for her.

I think she wants you to fight for her. She wants you to tell her that you love her and want her back and want to work on things. She wants you to admit what you did wrong in the past and tell her that you are never going to do it again. So, by talking to her, you really have nothing to lose. Yesterday, she begged me to not give up on her.

She sent numerous voice messages and messages saying she still loves me. I did not reply, I was giving her time to think and focus on what she really wants. Thank you very much for your advise on not talking to her in very short messages. I will give you ates soon! I met him a year ago, whenever he had problem his girlfriend, ha came to me then he disappear again. He left her on april and came to for sure to be with me, we started to date end of May then he wanted to break up with me and he tried to explain reason, I did not want to listen this time.

I texted her nicely and said, I appreciate for everything, thank you, i accept you that you wanna leave me.

If she makes you, she'll show you during the direction. By Mercy Kotz T In faithful, we were dating and she disappeared faster to fastener, spend less man trying to talk electronically and kiss her at the end of your fit. She is as trying her single life and keep in Toronto.

Good luck etc. I really was nice to him and I tried to help him for everything when he needs it. He still was stalking on his ex gf. They have no future but he still love her. He broke up with her. Good article.

My girlfriend of a year and a half ended our relationship and now seems angry at me that I am not pining after her or spending all my time texting her about the stuff going on in her life.

She ended things but now wants me to be her emotional punching bag. Any insights on why she is acting this way? We both agreed to some space was needed. She lives an hour away. After all we did live together for almost a year.

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There could be a lot going through her head. My ex of 17 months ended it last week just ripped it off like a bandaid. We were both un experienced in relationships i tried my best to communicate but i guess i didnt pick up on what she was holding in. Initaially i felt like the the rug was pulled out from under me she said she didnt feel the same as before about me. She seemed sad at first then very cold which she wasnt before.

Was left with so many questions. Then just yesterday had to pick up some of my stuff from her place and i returned some her personal belongings. She offered to help but i picked on so much passive aggressiveness like just shoving the boxes in the truck and closing hatch it seemed like she resented me and i dont know why. I accepted it told her i forgive you and wish you the best she said likewise she hugged me i gave a semi hug not much feeling Then she almost seemed gleeful and relieved to see me go.

Kept thinking if she put on a face or was genuinely spiteful. She called a few times until in September we exchanged a few mails and both of us said some nasty things. She already believed you were going to move on and then suddenly you got back in contact with her. Sounds like if you want your stuff back you will have to take her to court - or at least threaten to do so.

She is very selfish, which I always knew but put up with as everyone has faults. Why would she say who will pick up your stuff then ignore it when I have someone who can look after it all? But she knows she has to see me again so could be holding my stuff hostage so she has to see me again. Oh, so she had previously said you could get your stuff. In that case, I would remind her that she told you that and ask when your friend could come pick up the stuff.

I would suggest that you call her and talk to her about it before your friend does. I did say some nasty things, which I regret but so did she. My ex-wife the breakup is 3 months old is lost. We are not mean to each other at all. The strange thing is that she texts and calls me almost every single day.

It seems she is still needing me. Let me know your thoughts. Did you guys try counseling? Counselling could really help you and her sort out your feelings and what to do next, especially if you miss her and love her, but you want to make sure you are not being used. But you are right. You need to take care of yourself. If you want the relationship to end, then you may want to tell her that you need some space to work through your feelings and get back on track as a single man.

The space may help her too. I suggested we do counselling but she said it was no use at the time. Last friday, she has moved out into her own appartment, I kept the houseand all of its renos to finish.

She went home to break up with her boyfriend... then she disappeared

She said she never felt at home in here and I tried to fix it up to make her feel comfortable; needless to say, I failed miserably. I have been consulting with a life coach for the past 2 months. She really helps me. I should also mention that we have a 2-year-old precious daughter together. I also have 2 teenagers with an ex-girlfriend.

They love her. She loves them. We were together for 7 years. And it would suck to spend the next ten years doing exactly what you are doing with her doing exactly what she is doing.

If she moved out, it sounds like she is in the process of moving on. I suggest you be honest with yourself. What resonates with you as the truth?

In my experience, when you can get out of your continuous stream of thoughts, and listen to your inner self, you will be able to see things much more clearly. I know that I have to take better care of myself. I also know that I have to listen more to my true feelings. I know that people say time will help to heal but right now, time is not very helpful. I also know this though: You have words of wisdom.

I wish I could just read more of your advices. You probably have more people to reassure though. Thank you so muh for your time. Much helpful. Well 6. She Changed Her Cell no. Since my parents were sincere, they got to know too. They were to much hurted from her side and my side too.

So after 2 months she contacts me and says stuff. I used to think all the mistakes were mine. But there was none mine in Actual. When i met hershe showed me my text messages screenshot with her by giving me the cellphone. When i saw the cellphone. She had pictures Full loaded with the same guy and other of that guys. She said they are just friends and stuff. I didnot asked any explanation since she was an EX. When i saw the pics of her being the only girl going out with Guys.

It did felt bad. But still she was an ex. I wanted to confirm that the Love i didDid that love never loved me? She says. Welll You got the right Face now. Did freelancing. Since i am It was the one and only love i did But Now after 8 months.

She keeps texting me Songs Daily. Saying :""I will melt your heart. You said i need to change ,, I am trying too change. It does sound kind of emotional. WEll I am Actually done. And now i think i deserve better. But she keeps Texting. I Learned Alot from Love. Coolness and stuff. Thanks for sharing. You do deserve better! She had her chances with you and blew them. Time to find a woman who will treat you right! Probably last year in my graduation so its last year :.

Though I did spend a lot of time, y This was a very well written thing. I never in my life wrote a comment or message on a page like this, but at the moment I have no idea how to handle my situation. So I met my boyfriend last year in January in New Zealand. We have a mutual friend, he was working with and I knew from back home in Switzerland. My Exboyfriend sent me a friendrequest one day, because he thought he knew me from the time he was visiting Switzerland, maybe it was just an excuse, because we never met.

Anyways, we started writing sooo much. We both just went before we started writing through a heavy break up with our ex partners but we both took so much time to progress everything. I left Switzerland a couple of months before I cam to NZ to go on one last big trip, before I might have my own family or a dog or a house one day. I am I had my working holiday visa for Canada already and we both knew I am gonna leave again in October.

I moved three hours away from in him in NZ in April, but we loved each other so much that we decided we both want to be in a relationship anyways. For me everything was always so much easier. I was doing a winterseason, was snowboarding a lot and had cool people around me.

He was stuck in a city three hours away from me with his studies. He was traveling for five years as well but went back three years ago with 29 to study again that he has a solid job one day to feed a family. So he came to visit me nearly every weekend and he was very often sooo down and jealous and of course I understood. I had all my dreams and everything I wanted and he just had a broken heart all the time because he had to leave every Sunday again.

Sooo in October when I flew back to Europe before I flew to Canada in November then, we spent two last complete weeks together. He was full of sadness and said he doesnt know how to handle it that I am leaving all the time. I totally understood but I was so positive about everything.

I said I will come back to NZ in April again after my season in Canada, even if I wanted to keep traveling until at least autmn, and we ether look for something in NZ, Australia or Europe together, he always wanted to go back to Europe to work there. He also just wanted to leave with me going on a trip after his studies but he just couldnt because of the money, and the job he got offered straight afterwards.

things must pass

I was quite bad in communication. Since I left NZ I was so heartbroken and I just wanted to go back to him, I kept telling him but we both knew I have to go to Canada, otherwise I will regret it one day and it will stand in between us. I had a very bad start in Canada as well and I just wanted to go back to him. The day I finally decided to look forward and be happy for the next four month and look forward to the day we meet each other again.

He didnt have time to progress all this, my bad communication, me being away all the time and now another long distance. I am his dream girl, I am the first woman he ever thought of family and a future with.

He also thinks with all his jealousy and downs all the time he stopped me from smiling and blooming. I said nooo I come back straight away to NZ all I want is him and nothing is more important, but he said no, because he doesnt want to be the man who takes all my dreams away from me. He said to love someone so deeple means sometimes to let go because you just want the very best for that person. I accepted it and hoped for the day our paths would cross again.

We stayed in contact for the next 6 weeks and we didnt stop saying and writing how special we are for each other and how much we hope for the day we see each other again.

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Soo one week ago I found out through a coincidence that he met another girl 3 weeks after we broke up and that they sleep together. So he wrote me all those lovely things while he was sleeping with her already. I was really really hurt and asked him if its true and he said yes.

He apologized a thousand times and said he is so sorry, he still loved me so much and didnt know how to handle all this, everything just happened, they just hung out and they got a long well and she really helps him to feel happy and good. He says he did so many things wrong with me and I deserve better, he hoped for so many things and the pain is so massiv. I know he didnt do anything wrong at all, apart of sending me all those messages still while he is moving on already.

On Christmas before I found out he just wrote me that he thinks I am the most amazing woman and soul on this earth and he cant even say how grateful he is that he had all this time with me and that I am still in his life. What shall I do now. I am sooo hurt. I think I know the answer and time will tell I just really dont know how to handle this whole situation and all the pain. Its so big.

showers bring forth

Sorry for such a long message and thank you for any advice. Awwww, this is a sad love story. From an outsiders perspective, without the pain of finding out he was sleeping with someone else while he was sending you those messages, I can see that he really meant what he was saying. He was trying to move on, knowing that he needed to in order to get out of his pain, but he still views you as special to him.

Because you are following the path you think you should follow in life, you need to focus on that and live with no regrets. And no contact may help him get some relief from the pain.

What Your Breakup Will Tell You About Your Ex-Girlfriend (No Matter Who Broke Up With Whom)

But, if you can both accept it as the way it is right now then you may be able to lessen the pain, maintain your friendship, and move forward. I have been on a long distance relationship for 4 years with a girl whom I had met on an online gaming platform. Every time something would happen and we would break up and then after a while I would make the move again and we would end up being together however this time around it has been different.

I tried to make sense out of it and I understood that I had approached her too strong and now she was confused. I tried to reason with her and it seemed to work for a while but then the next week I had to go abroad due to personal reasons, when I was out there I kept trying to maintain contact despite the hardship that I was going through emotionally while being on my trip but at some point she just told me to go away after I was quite pushy with how I was talking to her.

I was adamant and I said yes why not? I managed to contact one of our mutual friends to get her to speak to me. After struggling for quite a bit, I finally made a decision to tell another friend of mine to start a group conversation for us to talk and then I asked my friend to leave.

I made a promise to her that I would leave her alone if she still feels like after the conversation. I explained everything to her during it, how I have been struggling and how much I have missed her. And that I understood what it meant that she has found someone else now.

During the first part of the conversation, she could actually laugh with my jokes but at some point when I mentioned that I am really sorry for the pain that I had caused her, she suddenly paused. Half an hour passed by then she reappeared and said that she had to go.

I got this feeling that she probably asked the new guy what he thought about this. After that she became really agitated and hostile towards me. It hurt me a lot to hear that, so I said that, last time when I was about to drive back home, we both stood there and I watched her through the back window of my car and she turned around and looked at me.

Then she said really coldly ok and goodbye.

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I wonder will things ever get alright again between us or this was it. Every effort that I had made during all these years is gone to the bin. You keep breaking it off and then contacting her again - forcefully - making her talk to you.

My gut instinct tells me this is it for you two. Stop contacting her, looking her up, or having anything to do with her or you are only going to make it harder on yourself. I broke a fundemental rule, when I started that short period relationship, but you see, I had no choice. I was in same exactly situation as I am right now. So how could your feelings be removed? Sounds like the one time it would have worked, you got upset about something and ruined it.

That may have been your last chance. Yes, I think she is actually dating this guy. And there may be no hurdles like there were with you.

Maybe things are different. Maybe they communicate better. In other words, I made up my mind I would never go back to the guy that had hurt me - or any guy like that. At least give it a good amount of time before you contact her again.

Give yourself at least six months or so to go your own way and see what happens. You may find someone else or realize that you were not that good with her anyways. Do what feels right to you. Yes, it has only been 2 weeks or something but in total it has been going on like this since august, so it has been quite a long time. I know, i feel like she is not good for me but, there is this side of me that remembers all those good times that we had together, but then again I think about all this bad feelings that she has made me go through.

I have always been there for her aslong as I remember, I have helped her through alot of personal drama that were not even close enough to be considered one by a regular person but, she never was a regular person. If she had to go through what I have been, first of all I would have never let her to go through and even if she did, I would have been there for her. I literally have tried numerous times to talk to her and get her to talk about her feelings and her troubles.

I just finished my mid term exams, I have been thinking about going to London, and maybe try to talk to her in person.

But I kind of deserve this treatment. I lied first about what I had done with that other girl and above all else, I had betrayed her with someone else.

I accept my faith, that I need to suffer, despite how it sounds like rediculious. I feel like, I need to make a grand gesture to let her know that I really mean what I say, that I care about her even though she is with someone else.

She may be in a great relationship where they are able to talk things through, treat each other right, and feel connected on a level that she may not be able to feel with anyone else. I think you need to move on. From the perspective I have of being in a really good relationship, your relationship with her is very unhealthy. Yes, you are very correct, I need to move on. Long distance factor has never really worked for me, because I could never feel sure about what she wanted unless I was seeing her in real.

As it is right now, there is nothing new that I can offer her to make her think twice that he has changed. I feel like I am still where I was last year, when she kept telling me that she is not sure about this relationship.

I never thought she would be able to replace me with some online guy who she will probably never see irl. But then again, nobody can stop love or nothing can stop it. I just wish her happiness now, and I wish that somebody if what we shared was true that our paths cross each other again. I am trying to take my time, aslong as it takes to just heal and get on with my life. I will always cherish what we had together in my heart, thank you for your help. I found a resource that might help you out because I have a STRONG feeling you are not going to give up on her, and you are going to do things that will push her further away.

You need to be aware of the mistakes you are making that will never work. Check it out here. He get on here and cry all day long, but end of day he will do exactly the opposite of what everyone suggested. I see why she broke up with him. I was with my gf for a year and a half, she has 3 kids and I have 2. Every four months it seems she would feel guilty about the time I took away from her kids and she would dump me via text.

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We would end up talking and getting back together with me spending less time with her. On the 13th I took her to get her new car and everything was great, we spent the morning together, she initiated loving contact as did I, when we parted long hugs and I love you.

The next day she went cold, only texted with me about 4 times, when I texted goodnight she told me she had been fighting with her sister all day and she was mad, I asked her if she would like to talk and she said no she just wanted to go to sleep.

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Sunday she texted and told me what was going on. She saw the text around and the following day she deleted and blocked me on fb and there has been no contact since either way 5 days now. Now I regret it and think I should have let it play out and feel lost. Any thoughts?

Yeah, you showed her you have balls. I read what you wrote and she has been in control since day one. You are now being punished to the point she hopes you grovel back. This chick is a headcase. If you initiate trying to get back with her, mark my words you will regret it. Just read what I said and wanted to add a couple things. Even though we were together for a year and a half we only spent about 1 evening a week together and maybe a quick coffee.

Our main way of keeping in contact was text and when she cut that out I felt like I was being frozen out, I tried to give space so she could work through the things she was feeling and not be hounded by me.

And finally when I sent the last text I was in a place of here we go again and to just be deleted out of her life is really upsetting to me. I think you did the right thing!

If you were, she would have said I love you back and made it a priority to respond to you - or at least let you know that she gives a crap about you if she was too busy to respond. Moreover, she would have replied and fought to keep you rather than just deleting you and blocking you on Facebook.

It may have nothing to do with you and everything to do with her. Thank you for your response, a little hard to read but but definitely gives me a better perspective of what could be going on. Hi, my ex girlfriend broke up with me and we went no contact but after a few days of talking with her friend, her friend told me to talk to my ex because it was apparently hitting her hard. Be patient. You will encounter another sailing in your direction. Second time was a bit weird.

This woman who I met on the same site agreed to a date with me. She was drop dead gorgeous and upon meeting her for the first time I can tell she was interested.

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We had an amazing time and afterwards sat in my car that was parked a block from the restaurant and talked for about an hour. I decided I wanted to get some ice cream and she agreed.

The problem was that nothing was open at that time so I stopped by this 24 hour Walgreens and we got Ice Cream there. Since we were in my car and had no utensils we decided to go back to my place. We went to my place and I put a movie on. We started watching a movie cuddled up after eating ice cream. We texted for the next two days and she disappeared as well. Reason for Break-Up: I was "too nice". Am I a push-over?

Why do women up and suddenly disappear without any word? We met on a dating website and had messaged for about a month. We texted for the next two days and she disappeared as well. I met her at Halloween. She was friends with one of the girls my buddy was hooking up with whose place in Astoria we were partying at - I got her number . We started dating 3 months before he disappeared and things were good with him indicating serious intentions for us. We've known each other for few years are were relatively close friends before. On our last date I told him I cared about him and we had the exclusive discussion. He told me he would never just vanish on me and then he did.:

No My interpretation of this BS reason? Again rejection is normal. Shake it off and move on to the next girl. I was fine with that. If it happens, it happens. Thinking about it now that could very well have been the case.

On to the next one. I am wondering if you see yourself as being "a nice guy? You see, if you are "not going for what you want" - ultimately, your sending a signal that you value your needs less than hers Sometimes it was mutual and other times it was on my part. This was fully disclosed on my part whether people reading choose to believe that or not. I had one female literally beg me to let her come over my place so she can "cook for me". I turned it down the first time and after talking a bit more I agrees the second time.

She came over and was trying so hard to get my attention example: dropping stuff and the looking back to see if I was checking out her body. After dinner we watched a movie. I purposely sat on a desk chair while she laid on the couch literally popping her butt in the air. Huge turn off. My BS meter was overflowing at this point. I have some luck I tell you.

Most would have jumped on the chance like white on rice but I have standards. George : Nicely played! I just reread your original message and it reminded me of a story: Before I met my current "total package" girlfriend, I had a similar experience. The girl was a young Michelle Pfieffer. The dinner was excellent, she even rubbed my hand across the table, which led me to believe that she liked me.

Total pin drop silence after I texted her. I freaked out a little bit, please forgive me I really wanted to know what happened. Then I had a really insightful piece of advice come my way from a friend. He had just read a book about transparency in the dating process. I knew needed to call her to verify what was going on and transparently say that I genuinely wanted to get to know her.

Of course she ghosted me on the phone call, so I realized I needed to pursue greener pastures. Good Luck! This reply was removed by the author.

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