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Barry & Iris Go On Their First Date On 'The Flash,' And It's Awkward

Is Barry Allen..."Iris-sexual"?

Westallen is the het ship between Barry and Iris from The Flash fandom. Barry Allen and Iris West have been friends since childhood. Barry always harbored romantic feelings for Iris. After his mother Nora was murdered and his father Henry arrested, Barry went to live with Iris and her father, Joe. Barry insisted that his father was innocent, and Iris was the only one who believed him.

WestAllen shippers around the world started squealing with glee when Iris told Barry at the end of season two that she was ready to be in a romantic relationship with him.

Barry & Iris Go On Their First Date On 'The Flash,' And It's Awkward

His family was destroyed by violence, but he found a new family with Iris. Despite that, the two shared their first kiss and Iris agreed to wait for him—causing fans everywhere to squeal about how understanding Iris was about his grief.

What made her statement even sweeter is that after she told him that, he used his speedster abilities to whisk her away on a romantic date that no normal boyfriend would be capable of setting up.

Most guys would buy their significant other flowers or chocolate or something along those lines, but not Barry. Honestly, it was so thoughtful of Barry to surprise Iris by purchasing an apartment—it shows that he considers her to be his home. The gift of an apartment also signified the fact that Barry was ready to take the next step in their relationship, as there is a big difference between dating someone and actually living with your significant other.

Even though Barry claimed that he had learned his lesson about not messing with the timeline after the havoc he created due Flashpoint, he vowed not to let Iris die. Most people would probably curl up into a ball of grief and be utterly traumatized by that vision, but not Barry.

When did barry and iris start dating

Instead, he became absolutely determined to change the course of the future and save Iris from Savitar. Like most children of overprotective parents, Iris urged Barry to keep her father Joe West in the dark about the fact that Savitar is going to try to kill her in a few months. There are plenty of guys who would have pressured Iris into telling Joe that Savitar was going to try and kill her, but not Barry. One of the many, many reasons why WestAllen fans adore the relationship between Barry and Iris is because they actually support one another.

They are mature enough to give each other constructive criticism, and they work together as a team in order to overcome any obstacles.

Though the duo have been on a rollercoaster of emotions over the first two seasons of The Flash, Iris (Candice Patton) has started to come to. WestAllen shippers around the world started squealing with glee and Iris were officially a couple and kept trying to have a “normal” date, but. WestAllen shippers, your patience has finally paid off! call from Joe later, and the first WestAllen date ended before it had a chance to begin.

They clearly believe in communicating with each other, and that is probably why they are going strong while other couples like Oliver and Felicity eventually broke up. They might not constantly flaunt their relationship to their friends, but it is clear that they are close and have no problem showing their love for one another. I think it is so cute that Barry and Iris are so in love with one another that they constantly have to be touching.

'The Flash': Barry and Iris Can't Stop Making Out in This Season 4 of the relationship was different and so.. it's been great from the beginning. It's Not You, It's My Enemies - Barry and Iris break up when Savitar threatens her life. • Loves My Alter Ego - Iris has a crush on The Flash and they flirt. Plus, but it did barry is barry and nora are all in the arrowverse shipping barry iris from the us with footing. So what did barry and iris west dating in real life.

Barry is SO romantic when it comes to Iris, and it puts some of the other male characters I am looking at you, Oliver Queen in the Flarrowverse to shame. Heck, some of The Flash viewers who need to step up their game in the romance department could take a few hints from Barry too.

It also meant a huge wave of new characters stepping into old mantles because, for the first time, the division between Earth-1 and Earth-2 was officially established.

Weirdly enough, Barry and Iris's romance actually started before their first appearance. I'm going to go ahead and call that romantic, even though the truth is the Silver Age was pretty notorious for just not really explaining things like that until much, much later on.

And Barry being the speedster gets him in seconds and guess what it's not just Barry and Iris to get married but also Oliver and Felicity!!. And we're going to start things off by hitting the ground (literally) running been dating well before Barry experienced the accident that turned him into the Flash Barry and Iris were eventually married for real in FLASH # TV Listings · New Tonight · Today's Live Sports · Premiere Date Calendar Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) caused a major rift between Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Barry began forgetting the events of his previous life and risked losing Yes, it's like Season 1 all over again, and when Barry and Iris were finally.

The wedding was a weird one, though, and almost derailed by Zoom—so, you know, basically what you'd expect. The secret identity situation didn't hold up much longer, either. Iris figured things out soon after—though, really, let's not kid ourselves. It's not like Barry was ever that great at keeping things hidden anyway. I said that Barry and Iris only recently became one of DC's "a-list" couples and that's both true and…well, sort of not true.

The Flash S3x01 Joe Disapproves of Barry and Iris Dating

But to explain that, we're going to skip ahead a bit to modern day. Here's the thing you've got to understand when it comes to Flashes, whether we're talking about Barry, Wally, Bart, Jay, any of them: They're all complicated. There's time travel and the Speed Force and any number of possible cosmic catastrophes that can intervene in their lives at any given moment.

Essentially all through the s, Barry Allen was gone and Iris was a footnote in a story that kept on moving without her.

But that doesn't mean there weren't stories about Barry and Iris that happened in that time. In fact, there was even a brief time travel situation that resulted in the birth of their children, Don and Dawn Allen the "Tornado Twins" in the 30th Century. Don't worry, it's all pretty confusing, even if you're a very avid comics reader.

But hopefully you can see what I mean. Even though Barry and Iris had been technically shelved, they still had some pull in the way things were happening.

Still, depending on your age demographic, you might have come up in an era where Barry and Iris weren't the most prominent Flash couple around. Barry and Iris became synonymous with Flash romances once again. Barry and Iris are still very much at the height of their resurgence and that's pretty unlikely to change any time soon.

They're currently married now in the DCTV universe and basically any Flash comic you pick up from onward is going to have something to do with the two of them, even if they're not romantically involved. They're still decidedly in one another's orbit. That's something that specifically matters for the two of them because the Flash weirdness I was just talking about?

Relationship Roundup: Barry Allen and Iris West

That's all part of something much bigger. Believe it or not, comics are very rarely weird and confusing for the sake of being weird and confusing. The complicated parts of Flash stories almost always circle back around to being huge engines that drive not just the Flash Family, but the entire DC Universe forward.

I know people like to credit Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman for being the heart of the DCU, but really, if they're the heart, the Flashes are the blood.

They keep things going, even when it costs them everything they've got. Barry and Iris exemplify that endless forward momentum to a T. They're constantly evolving, constantly shifting forms and constantly in motion.

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