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In my early twenties, I found myself on an unforgettable date. He and I had briefly met at an event the week prior and spent a few days in conversation over the phone. Initially, the first date seemed promising: he picked me up in his car a super-duper plus for NYC , picked one of my favorite restaurants, and had me in tears from laughter mid way through dinner. And then, he brought up my least favorite topic: hair. Like, how much can you publicly hate yourself? I uncomfortably adjusted my chair and picked up my glass of wine; gulping until the cup tilted back above my head. Drinking was my only salvation as my kinky, curly wig caught onto the zipper of my jacket, thrown on the back of my seat.

I exhaled.

Would I consider a wig a downside to actual real hair? Yes but out of a billion it would only be downside, barely even worth saying. Would I. On Wearing Wigs and Dating With Alopecia. I am not my hair, but I am not not my hair and I'm damn sure no one's local hair educator. By. However, though my love of wigs is something that has always been in my in my friend's lives, I have not had the best experiences when dating.

He stumbled a bit. Why would they want hair like a white woman? The rest of the conversation that night is all just a blur now. But what I do remember is deciding to never take another call from him.

Author Amy Gibson shares a personal story about dating with alopecia and what I Have Alopecia and My Wig Fell Off During a Second Date. Hi everyone! Kerry here (that's me bald and then wearing Brittaney by Envy in Creamed Coffee) and I wanted to share my story on dating and. Spoiler alert: wearing a wig on dating apps can dramatically change the types of people you attract.

Throughout elementary school, I braved the questions and the stares; I was still this adorable little girl, after all. By the time sixth grade approached, I felt different. So my mother, sisters, and I shopped for a wig. My head felt huge, and for months it was extremely uncomfortable.

Dating and Wigs

But it released me from the constant anxiety and instant ridicule I had often felt although it induced a low level of paranoia.

That paranoia reached its fever pitch the first time I kissed a boy. See, I throw on a wig the way anyone else would toss on a bangle.


It seemed like a good idea to show would-be matches how I get down, but my fun little hobby is starting to become my gimmick. Answering a million questions about the whole hair thing is exhausting and takes the fun out of it, tbh. The single men within a twenty-five mile radius will just have to take me as I am, whatever that happens to look like. The Repeller Store Is Open! X Icon. Follow us.

Jascmeen Bush. You've got my hair!

The girl stopped, and for what seemed like an eternity, I carefully untangled my hair. I was left with the right side of my wig unattached and flying away from my face. I quickly grabbed it and pushed my hair forward. She apologized profusely and moved on, leaving my heart racing.

I thought, "My God, I'm found out and I'm not even out of the gate.

I immediately pretended to drop something. This allowed me to bend over away from Michael's view and grab my wig tape to discreetly re-attach it. I calmly sat up as if nothing had happened, and the movie began.

Wigs and dating

He put his hand on my knee, but then he started putting his arm around me. All of a sudden, he put his hand around my neck.

Do I not move? I squirmed away.

He put his hand down. Then, he put his arm around me again. I got the feeling he was checking out my hairbut I was so paranoid that I didn't know what to think. I squirmed away again.

By the third time he reached around me, I was sure: He was curious about my hair. He reached under my wig to fiddle with the hair on the nape of my neck. But I don't have nape hair, so he quickly moved his hand away. The way you present your explanation to someone is the way they accept it. The more believable you are, the more they accept it.

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