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Do pilots really hook up with flight attendants?

Pilot Proposed To Air Hostess On Flight, The Most Romantic Proposal Ever

Last week, we received a huge response from readers when we posed the question of whether or not pilots hop in bed with flight attendants regularly while flying together. My friend, Pilot Mike said he'd never really witnessed it, but many of you replied and said otherwise. Let's look at some of your responses. Abacaxi: As a former flight attendant who recently resigned: Yes, they do hook up with flight attendants frequently. I can't believe he said he has never seen it.

Do pilots and stewardess hook up

Also, it seemed like most of the pilots who were married- were actively cheating or trying to cheat on their wives. I learned that one airline, the pilots wives came together to pressure the company into booking different hotels for Attendants and pilots to avoid this. MisterHippity : My brother is an airline captain and I spent a lot of time hanging out with professional pilots, and this has been been my impression.

14 Absolutely Insane Confessions From Flight Attendants "The first and only time I hooked up with a pilot was on an overnight flight to Las. Discussion in a connection flight attendants looking for: tpg contributor As often do pilots do hook up passengers they meet on hampton roads news, nov. 19 Pilots And Flight Attendants Confess Their Darkest Secrets About that are given to you are not new, despite being wrapped up. Do not EVER drink water on an aircraft that did not come from a bottle. . Let's Connect.

I shared an apartment with him and partied with his pilot buddies, and I can testify that these guys and flight attendants hook up all the time. As a general rule, they all liked to drink and have sex, a lot. Said pilots and flight attendants were hitting on each other pretty openly.

Most of the people she worked with were pretty old and we thought it kinda funny that so many of them partied so hard and sexed it up so much. Once while on the phone after one of her flights, I overheard her saying goodbye to the other attendants and pilots and one of the pilots told her to come to his room later for a drink. Sounded pretty out in the open to me Her now ex- husband was a commercial pilot for a major company. She came to find out that he cheated on her, many times, with one of the flight attendants that flew with him.

It was like a fictional story— when he and the FA in question landed anywhere except their home port of SeaTac, WA, they acted like they were a couple. Even in the airport. One of my co-worker's friends happened to be at one of those other airports and informed her.

Jesus Diaz: There's plenty of pilots and flight attendants hooking up for both long term relationships and one-night stands in Iberia airlines. I'm told by pilots it's the same for any other airline in Europe. There are also cases of pilots having double lives and two families in Spain and in Miami or Cuba or some South American country back in the days when the flight crews had to stay at their destinations for a few days.

Neither family knew about each other. A lot of pilots and flight attendants stayed there. She said it was like a Roman orgy. J-box I worked as a driver for a Hilton hotel for a few years and let me tell u they definitely hook up lol.

We would pick up the flight crews and bring them to the hotel. They are like kids on a school bus once the plane lands. Flight attendants from various airlines at the Boeing dedication.

Also, tends to happen with airlines with younger staffs. She tells Cosmo that one passenger clipped his toenails into a pile in the middle of the flight, and then asked the FA to clean it up! Flight attendants have seen it all.

Flight Attendant Relationships with Pilots

In the same Cosmo article, another flight attendant details some lewd behavior by a first-class-flying celebrity. The celebrity, who is kept anonymous, reportedly got a little frisky with another individual in the airplane bathroom, and kept repeatedly knocking the call button in the middle of a red-eye.

Said celebrity was also reportedly married with a baby on the way. There had to be a stop to this. Marie Claire interviewed one female flight attendant who went into titillating detail about the skeezy behavior of some pilots.

In the account, she details how one pilot would send flirtatious texts to multiple FAs simultaneously — and would often do so while in the presence of another woman.

Some flights are anything but predictable.

Another stewardess did the LA trip and she had a nice little business pilot, whose wife was on board the flight at the time, hooked up with his. Like, "Yes, your bags will make your connecting flight" since I work on the Our job is to keep you happy on the flight, and we'll do whatever it takes, of sex, that we're always sleeping with sexy pilots, other flight attendants. From predatory pilots to frisky flyers, these FAs have seen just about everything. Wondering what There was no word on exactly why the attendant did this. But the Some of the hook-ups reportedly took place in the cockpit.

United Airlines has made its fair share of headlines recently, and on some occasions, because of a flight attendants bad decisions. There was no word on exactly why the attendant did this. And cost United a ton of money.

The job might get you some unique dates. The FA being interviewed recalls exchanging numbers with a passenger, and then visiting him for ski vacations over the winter.

The pilot did not have anything more important to do, it seems.

As previously mentioned, flight attendants have their fair share of personal scandalous stories to tell. Scandal hit Air France hard in when it was learned that FAs and pilots were having sex parties mid-flight. Some of the hook-ups reportedly took place in the cockpit.

You might witness some strange behavior throughout your travels. Before you decide what you do in here, please think of your friendly flight attendants. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

We have tried over the years to come up with methods to mask the unpleasantness, but sometime no amount of coffee grinds or spray will work. What do the flight attendants eat?

Downright Scandalous Confessions From Flight Attendants

They serve our food, but what do the flight attendants eat? When you see flight attendants in the airport with a bunch of luggage, they are probably working on small planes with a lot of short flights and nothing to eat so one of their bags is full of food.

Do those who fly together ever end up flying into eachother's arms? are dating and bid to fly together, but I've never seen a random hook-up. Well, I ended up calling the flight attendants ahead of this one, and making it Pilots Do Hook Up With Flight Attendants, Say Flight Attendants. Last week, we received a huge response from readers when we posed the question of whether or not pilots hop in bed with flight attendants.

Heather Poole is one of those food-packing flight attendants. Are pilots really required to eat different in-flight meals? Three pilots, three different meals? Maybe, but not always. One pilot is given a crew meal. The other pilot is given a different crew meal. When exposed to the same food day in and day out, the pilots may take a pass on the crew meals, and hope there are some leftover passenger meals.

Instead, we wanna know the juicy details, like how much hooking up is going on planes? Where do the flight attendants sleep? And, really: Why.

They may opt for left over passenger meals, even if it means both eat the same meal. But that cheat does come with a built-in safety check. Could a normal person be talked into landing a passenger jet, like we see in movies?

Something else we see on Airplane : a passenger landing a commercial jet with instructions from air traffic control. Can that happen? In that case, Bunn says they might be home free. Can airplane doors be opened mid-flight? Fortunately, these are very hard to open mid-flight. The air pressure in a commercial jet is typically much stronger than the air pressure outside of the plane, meaning the doors are effectively sealed shut.

This truly was a Miracle on the Hudson. Photo: AP. Still, former airline pilot Tom Bunn offers a reassuring note. It is better when the surface is smooth, as the Hudson River was for Sullenberger.

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