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We all want true love. Whether or not we spend hours devoted to the search for it or just happen to find it and thus check it off our mental life list varies from person to person based on personality and unique quirks. The end goal is to find that one special person who will stick by us through thick and thin, always have our back during those intense family gatherings, and always bring us our favorite sweets from the store. We want someone to grow old with, argue with and share all of our sick and vacation days with us. Finding that person is the hard part for most of us.

The best cheerleader. The person who turns ideas into reality because together nothing stops you. Find someone who wants to learn from you.

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Who values your opinion. Find someone who understands your silence. Someone who understands the words you use and what you actually mean sometimes when you say them.

Find someone who watches you so closely they can tell when something is wrong. Find someone who influences you and you notice it in little parts, from the things you newly like and want to learn about, to the phrases you say.

11 Things No One Tells You About Dating Your Best Friend

They still love you. From there they help you to learn from your mistakes. Even when you give up on yourself, even when you push everyone else away.

Dec 8, - The Strongest Couples Are Best Friends First They talk about their other friends. They give each other good news and bad news. Things You Should Still Do For Your Girlfriend Even After You've Been Dating For A While. Nov 14, - At the end of a long day of failed dating attempts, most of us pick up the phone to call our bestie One thing we are definitely certain of with our best guy friend is that we can talk to him about . According to Thought Catalog. Jan 26, - Brooke Cagle. I want a best friend and a significant other all in one. The person who will know my deepest and darkest secrets, and the same.

Because maybe you were a loner, maybe you feared letting anyone close, so you push them away. The ones who understand how scary it is to be vulnerable but they lead by example showing you, they are the ones you could trust. The person who motivates you to want to be the best version of yourself.

Find someone who is a work in progress and help them to improve. Help them to see their potential. But with your love and encouragement, they get there. And when they become a better version of themselves and suddenly everyone sees them, be the one who saw it first.

Your life.

Jun 27, - They always say date your best friend. You already know you are compatible as friends. A relationship will just make all of those best friend. Aug 15, - To My Guy Best Friend, Thank You Thought Catalog for inviting me to your family parties, and for fending off all the "Are you two dating? Mar 12, - Friends. 1. It's weird. Trying to transition from calling each other “Bro” to “Baby” is kind of awkward at first. It takes a lot of concentration to throw.

Your love. Your career.

Your goals. Your future. Someone who is willing to invest in all aspects that are you.

Someone who will work as hard as you will to achieve these things. It takes another person believing in them, motivating them, pushing them to achieve more. Find someone who is going to challenge you. Mentally: they get you to see things differently.

All the signs you're in love with your best friend Joey Potter, Katie The first thing I thought when I realized I was falling in love with my best friend was, Sh*t. .. COUPLES, LOVE, RELATIONSHIPS, DATING + MARRIAGE . 15 Things We Forget To Thank Our Best Friends For | Thought Catalog @Mackenzie Russell.

Find someone who is going to stay. Someone who see you at your worst and ugliest and hardest time ever and still love you. Someone who stands with you in moments of confusion. Someone who helps you to figure it out. Someone who cares first about your happiness and will do anything to help you achieve it. Through trial and error no matter how many times you might fail or change parts of your life they are right there next to you reminding you how special you are.

Find someone who builds you up in such a way your head almost gets big. They believe in you more than anyone. That person who keeps you up at night. Find someone who loves you unconditionally.

Because we are in a generation where everyone can be replaced with a single swipe. Where everyone is looking for the next best thing and no is ever satisfied.

The person who never goes a day without seeing you — or at least talking to you. Date the person who makes trips to get fast food feel like an adventure.

The person who makes even the most mundane activities feel exciting. Date the person who knows which candy to buy or which band to play when you are in a bad mood.

The person who knows exactly what you need in order to feel better again. Date the person who you can trust with all of your secrets.

Sep 26, - Look Catalog. The foundation to every good relationship is one based on the fact the two of you are friends as well as someone you might fall in. Oct 19, - Girl dating her best friend God & Man. Date the person who you can have fun with, even when you are lounging around the house in your. Aug 2, - I Don't Want A Lover, I Want A Best Friend. Thought Catalog · Follow There's so many rules and restrictions in today's dating world. A 'lover' is.

The person who would never tell another soul about the things they swore to keep between the two of you. Date the person who calls you by a cute nickname. The person who has a million inside jokes with you that no one else would ever understand. Date the person who you run to whenever you have a rough day and need a shoulder to lean on. The first person who you want to talk to when you have good news to share and celebrate.

Date the person who has always been there for you. The person who has never let you down, not even once. Date the person you consider your best friend. The person who you feel lucky to have in your life, because you have no idea what you would do without them.

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