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What You Should Know About Dating A Woman Who's A Free Spirit

For free-spirited women, love is an amazing and eye-opening experience if we can actually manage to find the right partner. With the wrong guy, we become the worst version of ourselves and disaster is inevitable. What we need is someone who understands these important things about those of us who are a little more unconventional:. Trying to domesticate us will totally backfire. Fight or flight, baby. We play off of vibes and energy. Being a free spirit and being an emotional person go hand in hand, so when someone has a loser-ish energy to them without explicitly acting like a douchebag, it brings us down too.

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Free spirits arent swayed by the opinions of others and like to think for themselves. Following the herd and thinking in a collective manner is not how they roll, so if you value collective thinking in a relationship to the point of becoming a 'we' couple, then I wouldnt recommend dating a free spirit.: Andrea Arrizza. for a free spirit it might be possible, but a pragmatic might see it differently. Anyway, I think similarity in fundamental expectation of relationship influences the relationship more than the actual personality differences. When both parties have the same definition of a good relationship, things just get easier because there are less friction. How to Tame a Free Spirit. Do you yearn for the devotion of someone who's fiercely independent or loves everything out of the ordinary? The key to sharing a wild soul is to make them feel like they can be freer with you than with anybody 90%.

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17 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Free Spirit. by Shannon Moira. Its hard to catch a free spirit. Were unconventional, utraveltimefrom.comedictable, and uncontainable. We seem complicated from a distance, but if youre with one of us, you found yourself a keeper.: Shannon Moira.

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Never miss a thing. One of the most defining characteristics of a free spirit is that they have learned to tango with fear.

Free Spirit For Life: 7 Struggles Of Being A Free-Spirited Woman

The fear of what others will think and the fears of both failure and success cripple the lives and aspirations of millions of people all around the world. To be a free spirit is to refuse to be tamed by fear of any kind.

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You feel it, as we all do, but you stand tall despite it and keep moving forward. Nothing- no person nor outer or inner force- will keep you from expressing your authentic self.

As a woman, I used to feel that I had to hide away my ambitions. I guess I didnt want to be seen as a 'fool for having some unconventional desires. Being a free spirit means embracing what you want to do and doing it, regardless of other peoples opinions.: Lucy Vinestock. A free spirit has strong values and opinions about life. It isnt someone who wanders for the sake of wandering - a true free spirit lives with intention. They appreciate their free-spiritedness and have chosen to live in a way thats aligned with their values.: Matt Valentine. Rather, a more realistic portrayal of a free spirit would be someone who exudes qualities of carefreeness, utraveltimefrom.comedictability and independence to varying degrees. Granted, every free spirit is slightly different, but each happens to carry certain similar characteristics that can give you a better idea of knowing what to expect if youre dating one.: Andrea Arrizza.

Another one of the most prominent features of a free spirit is their unwillingness to be chained down by any one thing in life. Sure, you might have a passion that you devote yourself to.

Dating a free spirit woman

However, you find yourself regularly changing things within your life such as your physical appearance, hobbies, quirky obsessions, and might find yourself moving frequently.

This is a sign that you have a deep understanding, and, therefore, appreciation for those things you have a connection to. We find it difficult to focus because our heads are always in the clouds.

Consider yourself lucky. If youre dating a free spirit, its like sleeping next to a wild tiger. Were with you because we want to be. We love you because we want to love you. We never settle for less than we think we deserve, and were drawn to men who are extraordinary and who appreciate us for the wild roses we are, thorns and all. Free-spirited women love their own bodies, but do not let physicality rule us. When the world tells us to be ashamed of our bodies, we turn to our spiritual selves and remind ourselves that our souls reflect our core beings. Being a free spirit is not always easy. We may not always be understood and we may not always be accepted. I have gone out with several free spirits throughout my life. I will tell you, they are not for everyone. It takes a very special person to date one. Over time, I decided that it was better for me to be friends with free spirits than try to than d.

Our way of thinking is not a straight line, but rather a winding maze that we are trying to navigate. Our empathy causes us to go through powerful highs and lows.

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When we experience bouts of sadness, we reach out to others for support. Free spirits are the kind of people who want to experience everything at least once.

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We collect experiences like badges of honor. We are the women you find dancing at festivals without shirts, jumping off cliffs into clear blue water, quitting our jobs to travel the world or even just playing hooky for the day just to spend more time in the sunshine. A free spirit will find beauty in the ugliest of situations.

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She can see through the rain clouds to the rainbow before anyone else in her life. Our beauty is found within, and it radiates from our very cores into the world around us. We do not let traditional ideas of beauty define us.

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In fact, we often go against the general, social acceptance of beauty in order to prove a point.

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