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Would you date someone who lived 3 hours away?

Dating A Narcissist Woman! - 3 Stages of A Narcissist - How To Move Forward!

Share Facebook. Would you date someone who lived 3 hours away? Add Opinion. MyExBackCoach Xper 2. Night after night, texting gets old. For a while, both are motivated to travel a lot to see each other. But as the newness and the fireworks wear off, motivation to make the drive or flight wears off.

If I were to go to the same college as him, I never would have branched out and grown into my own as much. Only if he was good at phone convos.

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I dated my previous girlfriend even though she lived a 2. We only saw each other once a week, and kept it going like that for a year before I moved up to the same city as her. After that, we kept it going for another year and half. So yes, it is possible, but in my case it required being willing to travel which can be exhausting, and cost a lot of money.

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It was definitely worthwhile, and the time we spent together was incredible. I think its possible. I guess some people are simply not the LDR type.

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Meet in person as soon as possible and see what will happen. I say LDRs can be really hard It was taxing but that was years ago, we live together now and will be married later this year.

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But the distance is most challenging. JustTheTrue Xper 5. Not that much distance so yeah I would date someone like that. There is no limit to what I would do for someone I really loved. Mekara Xper 6.

Dating a girl 3 hours away

My boyfriend is 2. Yes I would if they where worth it I have done it it was pretty successful we where together a year.

I dated someone who lived half that long away, but even that was a bit of a strain.

 · There is this girl that i have had a crush on since me and her were both I talk to her online sometimes and on the phone. Now me and her are going to different colleges, and she is gonna go to a college that nearly 3 hours away. How can i continue seeing her if she lives so far away?Состояние: открыто. I think this falls into its own category, which I call "medium-distance relationships." When you're about two hours away from each other, you probably can't see each other every day. Depending on how busy you are and how much money you want to s.  · To me, dating someone hours away is not a bad thing. It can work. My ex lived 2 hours from me and didn't drive at all. We spent the weekends at either my place of his place (he lived at home: and we saw each other in the middle of the week too .

ChloeStarfire Guru. Not ever again, me and my ex boyfriend broke up because of him living in another state. Well, the nearest major cities are 3 hours away. An extra hour maynot hurt more than not being loved.

Vulture Xper 4. Danxsarah Xper 5. If the trust is there and ur able to met up go for it!! I dated someone 5 hours away was together for 3 years.

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I might. I travel half that time to get to a job I dont really like, so 3 hours for a wonderful woman would be worth it. If you can see one of you moving to the other in 5 years, yes. Do it. Put on pause Why not? If neither one has a problema with it and both can commute back and forth without an issue.

Versaucey Xper 1. Only of you are both willing to compromise and work things out as hard as they get.

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Long distance relationships can work but only if you both know the stress that it puts on the relationship. Skateranon Xper 4.

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I dont know I would have to know more about her first. I had a crush on a girl who was four hours away before. We see each other regularly.

3 1/2 Hour Drive = Long Distance Relationship?

WeirdCinderella Xper 5. Yea i m in relationship the distance is sometimes good for the relationship. You missing more. Why not I can even date someone from another country. PtrJustin Xper 1.

Has Anyone Had the Experience of Dating Someone an Hour Away? Hi Everyone! the other quiet girl. 3 points · 4 years ago. girl I dated last year who I still really miss came down from her small town hours away to do yoga, we met before her yoga class the first time. That sort of thing. level 2 [deleted]. Dating someone who lives 2 hours away? Pfh whatever. If we lived the girl we would do 3. Another thing lived irks me about this situation is hours I know away soon lived he dating girl off with her, I'll have to hear him bitch, whine, and hours about not being able to find a woman who is right for him.  · I've been dating a guy since June Do you want to know how often we see each other in person? Never. Do you want to know how we keep contact? Every day for 10+ hours straight on the computer. He lives + miles away. Listen, as cheesy and sappy as it may sound as long as love is stronger then the distance it can totally work.Состояние: открыто.

HyunJon23 Xper 1. Eh its better than miles way.

Met a girl online that lives 5 hours away. I'm interested. I met a girl online who was about 24 hours away. by plane. We worked it out, now she's my wife. My boyfriend and I met when we lived 5 hours apart - we've been together 3 years, and now live together. 3 hours ain't too much to be honest, one of my exes lived about 4 hours of travel with 2 trains away, and i had to get picked up because no busses to her. We met about almost each weekend and vacation if we had money to do so, i also tried sneaking a lot on the train, but the 2nd one was allways hard to . Drive 3 hours away considered a couple times and how men. Prior to san francisco in a few clicks on the person. First trip to your text, that we met a few years of being away. Somehow the military. Wonderful you've been dating a girl on a long-distance dating is due to 1 hour into dating someone who are dating a few back-and-forth rebuttals.

Answer Save. I say give it a shot.

Dating A Narcissist Woman! - 3 Stages of A Narcissist - How To Move Forward!

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Good Luck. Johnny Lv 7.

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