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Why Iím STILL A VIRGIN at 25

Share Facebook. Guys, would you date a 24 year old virgin? Add Opinion. I recently dated a 24, 25 as if a few days ago, virgin. That did not bother me and I would do it again. I broke up with her for being a narcissist, self admitted, and I thought I could deal with that.

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So she is 23 but will be 24 very soon. She is a virgin. I have dated her for 3 years. I am a 27 year old Male who has had many partners. When I was in college It was very easy for me to be with women. I am an attractive guy. I have no problem in that department. I am very personable.

Ladies, would you date a 25 year old male virgin?

I have respected her discision to not have sex. I have never pressured her once to have sex with me. In the beggining it was ok because she gave me oral sex regualary.

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It was great because I had found that elusive girl that loves to go down on a guy. Being a virgin, she still has given about different guys a blowjob. I on the other hand have slept with about 50 or so girls.

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Here is my predicament: She catches me watching porn in my apartment. She says I watch porn too much. I probobly watch porn about once a day or maybe once every other day. Its not kinky porn. Its just straight up sex between a man and a woman.

Dating a 24 year old virgin

I try to tell her that I am not having sex. I have basically given up sex for the past 3 years. And the blowjobs are less frequent. Maybe once every week or maybe once every 2 weeks. It went a whole month without sexual contact before. She only wants to be sexual when she is drinking.

†∑ What Iím really thinking: the year-old virgin I feel weird about sex because I want it but at the same time Iím scared. Iíve tried a couple of dating websites, but Iím scared of meeting someone on the internet. And I donít want to admit to them that Iím a virgin.

I would rather sit at home while she goes out and jack off its getting to that point. At least I can imagine sex is happening through the porn.

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So what if some girls judge you negatively for being a virgin? Just move on to the next! Cheer up mate! What girl would want someone like that?

A male reader, anonymous, writes (24 August ): I'm a 24 year old virgin and I have never had a girlfriend, let alone been on a date. I used to get really bummed out about that. I would watch a movie like The 40 Year Old Virgin and say to myself, "that is your path.". While other girls were fawning over the quarterback, I was drooling over the president of the math club (who I ended up dating BTW). Thereís something about nerds that gets me so hawt. Which brings me to Jon, my latest OkCupid date. After languishing in the world of online dating, Iíd pretty much given up hope of ever finding anyone decent. †∑ I'm a 24 year old virgin and i am a guy. why aren't i posting this on the guys site, while you my understand as well. i like my films, music, pubs (when i can). i don't condiser myself medical question ugly, a little overweight. i was 21 stone, now im 18 stone.

Ankind Xper 3. I pretty much have little to no experience when it comes to romance or intimacy. I was wondering how many of you ladies would date a guy like me? How would you react? Thanks in advance! Share Facebook. Ladies, would you date a 25 year old male virgin?

†∑ I'm 25 and a virgin. I've never had a girlfriend, kissed a girl or been on a date. I pretty much have little to no experience when it comes to romance or intimacy. I'm quite shy I must admit, it can take me a bit of time to feel really comfortable with people. I was wondering how many of you ladies. Things started to change, I got help from professionals and after one year and a half, I was done with doctors and psychologists. I love my job, I'm almost finishing my masters and I feel absolutely normal and happy. I'm also starting to date but a new problem has emerged: I'm a 24 year old virgin. †∑ So she is 23 but will be 24 very soon. She is a virgin. I have dated her for 3 years. I am a 27 year old Male who has had many partners. When I was in .

Add Opinion. I can attest, as I got older it got increasingly more difficult to find a girl who wanted to sleep with me, particularly, after How do you feel if that car was your genitals? They could be worried you might hurt them or be bad at sex. Not trying to be rude. Not necessarily, but often.

Do girls like virgin men?

Forget dating. Whenever a girl is lent over the table on her own. Offer to buy her a drink. Klaatu51 Master. I know I usually need someone more outgoing than me to kind of pull me out of my shell some. I would date a 25 year old virgin. A reader, anonymouswrites 22 November :. A female reader, anonymouswrites 9 November :.

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A reader, anonymouswrites 31 October :. A male reader, anonymouswrites 30 October :. Already have an account? Register in under one minute and get your own agony aunt column - recommended! ORG - we actively monitor for copyright theft. New here?

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Ask for help! Top agony aunts. About Us. Sitemap 24 year old virgin. What will guys think? I need advice. A reader, anonymouswrites 17 December : Well, Im almost 24 years oldIm a virginnever had a boyfriend or been kissed. Yeah, sad!!

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But its not that I couldnt have all of these things to be honest it scares me. I have been to parties or their have been guys I know I could have sex with no strings attached but IDK, maybe I havent found that guy?

Yea, right that just what im telling myself. But im trying to get to the point where im comfortable with myself to let a guy in. Like they say " If you dont love yourselfyou cannot expect someone to love you". And as im getting older i fear in telling a guy im a virgin or no we will not be having sex like the first week. Its scares me that I will be labeled a freak. But honestlytheir will always be someone who will accept it.

Some guys think the whole virgin thing is hot some dont.

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Watcha gonna do?! I spent the last five years working like crazy, and now over the last two years working to build a small PR firm in my village. In India, the average age to have sex for the first time is There are plenty of famous people like Tim Tebow, Lolo Jones and others who are waiting until marriage to lose it.

Advice for the 25 year old virgin. Itís not our typical customer, but we do get virgins regularly, be they 25 or sometimes even The average male in America loses his virginity right before his 17th birthday. It is normal if you have not felt the deep desire to share the most intimate connection two people can have physically and emotionally. To many people lose it just to do it, not for the meaningful reason you may wish to wait. When you feel the des. †∑ I'm 24 too. I feel like in order to find a virgin I'm going to have to go for younger girls. Like I want to date a virgin because I need a white stallion in my life. To date a non-virgin is like coming across an oyster only to discover that someone else has already taken it's pearl and left.

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