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Schizophrenia - symptoms and diagnosis

Forgot your password? Hi everyone. What were your experiences like? How did you cope and deal with having a partner who suffers from this? His symptoms: irrational worries e. Before I dated him, he used to hurt himself like taking extremely hot showers and clipping his nails down to the quick. He also smoked.

This is because it is such a drastic change in their everyday life. Statistics show long-term relationships for people with schizophrenia not lasting.

Most often, people that have schizophrenia that are in relationships, are people that were diagnosed while they were in the relationship. Schizophrenia greatly affects the person that is diagnosed and it also affects the people around that person. Usually this can be the deal breaker in a relationship. Having schizophrenia is not easy, it rocks your entire world.

If your loved one is diagnosed with schizophrenia it is not the end of the world. Through both counseling and medication lots of people have reported successful relationships. It definitely depends on the strength of the relationship to begin with.

Every relationship is different, and it truly depends on the relationship whether or not having schizophrenia. Just like any other relationship, the number one thing to remember is how important communication is.

Be honest with each other and be vocal about any concerns you might be having. Schizophrenia: How does it affect relationships?

Schizophrenia - symptoms and diagnosis

How can I take some of the stress off myself from the jealousy and paranoia? Mental illness is not that different from physical ailments. Would you have a problem if he had heart disease, say a bad valve, or if he had dibetes Type I?

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I am limiting it so you can see there are few extrinsic factors. He does not choose a mental illness. Life for him would be simpler if he did not have it. He has made changes in his life style including getting help for those symptoms that would cause more issues between you two.

He may not deal with with multiple stressors. He may feel very inferior because of the tricks the mind plays and also how people treat him once they find out he has this diagnosis. If you wish to be with him learn about mental illness. If you chose to not be with him seek within yourself to know why you want to leave the relationship. It is not easy having a partner who has mental illness. For many with mental illness life is much better with someone who has some understanding of what the disease is.

Other forms of mental illness may have the person more comfortable living alone. A very normal, balanced human could be brought to feel jealousy. A schizophrenic is not necessarily a jealous person.

Hi everyone. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with *mild* schizophrenia about two months ago and put on medication. Weve been dating for two years now. Im not sure exactly what it is, but he said it is a mood leveler and he takes it every morning. My question is, have any of you ever dated som. For people whose partner was healthy when the relationship began, the onset of schizophrenia can come as a shock. The disease can change a persons behavior and personality, and symptoms can make even the most caring and loving individuals appear distant and cold. Also, one big symptom of schizophrenia is the disbelief you have it or its symptoms. It sounds like you want to have a relationship with him. I'm not saying you shouldn't, since people with mental illness can live great lives. Just be sure you have all the information. Living with someone with active schizophrenia can be a hugely stressful.

Might just be who he is. Not to say such humans can not experience joy now and then, but, they tend to default back to "the world sucks" pretty often. I find that trait a drag to be around as an ongoing baseline, but, these people do find lovers. Edited Jan 27, by somenurse.

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Are you sure he was diagnosed properly, and has he sought a second opinion? These typically do not respond well to most medications, and mood stabilizers alone are basically useless for this purpose. It usually takes antipsychotics to reduce the symptoms and intensive therapy, such as dialectical behavior therapy, to teach life skills. Even more important is acknowledging the amount of effort and energy that will be required of you in maintaining such a challenging relationship.

After dating him for 2 years, you already know a lot about how much he struggles with life; are you prepared to try to physically restrain him from slicing himself open during an exacerbation?

Because these thingsor some similar scenariosWILL happen.

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You may be one of those incredibly strong individuals who loves unconditionally and never even considers walking away; if so, I salute you and wish you the best. But in the end, only you can make that decision. AKY, your post was very thoughtful. Thank you all again for all of your help.

I have talked to my friends about it and they say I should really think it over, do a lot of research and talk to the guy about it.

The "negative" classified symptoms, like avolition and anhedonia, might get worse. But not everyone diagnosed with schizophrenia has "negative" symptoms. If he doesn't, it is not something you need to worry about. Those symptoms are generally seen as the hardest to cope with, more than the stereotypical symptoms, like hallucinations and delusions. Even when treatment is working well, you may have communication problems or other symptoms "that would be noticeable to someone you are dating." Frese and Saks suggest waiting a few months before opening up. "I didn't bring my [schizophrenia] up right away at all," Saks recalls.: Sherry Rauh. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Image Source: Relationships are full of ups and downs, but what would happen if one partner was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is, according to Merriam-Webster, "a very serious mental illness in which someone cannot think or behave normally and often experiences delusions". This can.

Tell him my concerns and such. It usually starts when someone is late teenaged through twentysomething, but continues and can worsen over time. The body gets used to them, different doses are needed, or different meds, and sometimes nothing works.

Dating someone with schizophrenia symptoms

Sometimes life-stress makes things happen. Sometimes physical illness does too. Was it an episode that went on for awhile or just a sudden event?

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What made medical people decide it was schizophrenia rather than just being kind of asleep or even sleepwalking and misinterpreting things or the result of some physical illness that causes confusion? It sounds like you want to have a relationship with him.

Keeping Your Relationship Strong After a Schizophrenia Diagnosis

Just be sure you have all the information. Living with someone with active schizophrenia can be a hugely stressful situation. Psychiatric Nursing. World Marketplace Leaders.

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Dating when you have schizophrenia can be a challenge. But your condition doesnt have to stand in the way of a happy, healthy relationship. Get tips on easing into the dating game.: Camille Noe Pagan. In most of my dating encounters the subject of schizophrenia may have never even been broached, but its scary to imagine what wouldve happened had it been. In situations where the ice has broken and they know, though, it quickly devolves from a date to a several-hour-long explanation of all of their anxieties and drug problems and psychological history simply because they trust me with : Mike Hedrick. Hi, I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice please. I've started seeing a nice man and he's actually a dream man, but the other day he told me he has suffered from schizophrenia. I still really like him, but I'm also scared (not scared he'll hurt me, but scared I won't be able to cope well enough for him if anything happened).

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Nov 4, by shutthedoortwo. My boyfriend has schizophrenia.

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One thing to be mindful of Many folks with Schizophrenia are highly functional The other extreme is what most folks believe Schizophrenia to be However, many folks fall between the two extremes. Not all folks with Schizophrenia suffer the same or function the same.

Something to consider. Depending upon the level of acuity, baseline functioning, personality traits and coping skills related to stress, and cluster of symptoms, the person with Schizophrenia will either adapt or not adapt well.

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If on medication, medication and medication compliance are often key in this illness in improved functioning. A person with Schizophrenia also has a lower than normal threshold to stress and adaptation

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