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What it Means If You Dream About Someone

Dreaming of someone you know is one of the most common dreams that can occur. You might have a dream about your loved one, or it could be about someone you just met last week. These dreams can often be exciting, especially if that person is someone that you are attracted to. Countless dream scenarios involve dreaming of different situations. It is important to remember that you are the only person who can honestly interpret your dream.

The dog was not in very good shape and it was pooping all over the place and he was running around cleaning up after the dog.

This dream has baffled me. Seeing dogs in your dreams often mean friendships, loyalty, and protection. Seeing an animal poop in your dream means that this animal relates to someone you know. In case of a dog, it means a good friend. I had a very strange very vivid dream last night about a neighbour I had about 15 years ago who unfortunately passed away quite some time ago. In the dream he blurted out that he loved me even though we never spoke much when he was alive then he did some odd jobs for another neighbour then I got ready for a night out with him and he told me he was going out with some of my other neighbours in a group.

It was very confusing and I actually awoke crying. Is there any explanation for this I have racked my brains all day trying to figure this out. Thank You. Seeing dead people in your dreams mean different things. If they give you advice or some kind of a message, it may mean that they are trying to help you or you need help with something.

In your case, are you lonely? Do you need more love in your life, a new boyfriend etc. Then the lights turned on and the elevator moved and he whispered something to me. In the dark. Then she felt someone stroking her hand. It was my face!!!

She screamed in the dream and woke up in real life, she literally had to whisper a prayer because It looked so real. But why was I smiling? It was creepy for herand I was stroking her hand like it was a kitten or something. Hi Kate. So I have been in a committed and loving relationship for about 2 years now. I love her very much, and I would never cheat on her or leave her. However, recently I have been in class with a someone male who is really nice and shares some of the same values as I do.

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While I have proven to myself I am bisexual, I have a strong preference for women because I had a people-pleasing complex with every man I was with and they treated me poorly for the longest time. Until I started dating my girlfriend. Last night, my dream was very childhood-heavy. Nearly everything was an aspect of my childhood that I was trying to assemble to solve a puzzle or something and it was all out of curiosity with friends.

In the dream it was comforting and felt like what I may have wanted. Do I truly feel an attraction? Or are these old habits coming through from my people-pleasing days. You probably feel some attraction.

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Is it because i need a girfriend or no? Hi Kate I have a young daughter with one guy. I recently had a miscarriage of my second child and broke up with my boyfriend. The other day i had a dream i was happy and in a relationship with my recent ex whom i had a miscarriage with, then i ended up sitting at a table with all him, my baby-daddy and all other guys who had hurt me in my life.

It seemed like this ex boyfriend had convinced me to sit down and talk things out with my baby daddy. You might be still bitter about the men that have hurt you. Perhaps subconsciously you would want to tell them how you feel about them.

I have been having this dream about a guy who I like but he also is currently in a serious relationship and I keep dreaming that I am his girlfriend or that I confront his girlfriend. What does this mean? Does it just show my true feelings?

I heard a dream about a man who left the woman he impregnanted to marry the woman he loves even when the pregnant woman pleaded for him to accept her. He is also with someone else. What does it mean? HY I have not seen someone that i like for a while and know i dreamed about him the most meaningful dream that i could tell you about is the time we were dating and we sat near each other we crossed are arms together but we started to get nervous and so this was the most weird dream i had if anyone dreams about dating someone and is nervous then it means that you want to have a life with that person but when you are around him you get nervous so it will feel weird.

And it will take a while before you get that person. The true feeling of trust and and letting go to love. It was her face. Her sitting down off to the side. The feeling of actually letting go and trust and enjoying. With who ever those erson is in my dream. I want that. But what does it mean? Hi a had a dream last night I dream him twice a week But we are not close to each other Everytime when i dream him he always court me but i always evade him because im scared coz i have already a husband But still this man never stop courting at me he always keep smilling at me, and sometimes he keeps beside on me And the more he try to keep beside the more i keep distance in him but still he never give-upcan u please give me some of advice.

Hi Kate, Thanks for this great article. Like few days ago I had a very weird dream about my friend, where we were like kissing and in a relationship the Very same day I just wondered where he was.

We used to be really good friends. The weirdest part is that the very next day I get a call from him and he says me about his dream where he saw me. He said that we were like so happy together. We kissed and got intimate as well.

I am completely clueless about this. May be you can help me figure this out. Do you like him more than a friend or wish you guys were more than friends? I had a dream about me and my friend, we also had friendship with someone unfamiliar. I looked at her, our face actually changed. The other friend of us is too shy to have a picture with us.

As we had a selfie. I wore a big smile, my friend who has my face wore a natural smile and my other friend wore a awkward smile. This scene is the only one that triggers me. I think this dream represent my other personality, what do you think?. Perhaps you like something about your friend, her personality or characteristics etc.

You might want to be more like her in some ways. Hello, I feel so guilty for having a romantic dream about a guy I was unhappily in love with before I got together with my current boyfriend.

In the dream I was choosing between them, and I choose the guy over my current boyfriend. Im quite disturbed by this dream and by my small infatuation IRL, and I have had problems letting go of it and its meaning, and especially the guilt. I looked back at him and noticed Kahn was staring at me. And then I woke up and I Really want to know what it means.

I have a dream with my bestfriend, in my dream he always protect me hes caring, he always make me happy, and we feel both in love with each other but we cant express our feeling because me and hem are shy to say. We keept it even i know that he love me and i love hem too. In my dream i have seen my boyfriend that is hermaphrodite ,we are fighting and finally I run away by crying and it was mid night. Today I dreamt that i went to my bestfriends house and then my crush saw me and he talked to me and told me that he needs to let me know that he still loves me but her doesnt know who to choose.

But in reallife he doesnt talk to me, we had our first kiss then he forgot about my existence. What dose this mean, Also I talked to him and he said he has a dream aboutHe came home and I was standing in the kitchen cooking dinner. So before this guy would stare at me a lot in class.

So once I had to work on a team with him, I was sort of a smart ass in the group yet quiet. This was a assigned project we had to do. So, later on after couple of weeks I had a dream. Where I found him crying. Then we promised ourselves to each other.

Then on a road we found a necklace, a necklace with three blue sapphires. He put it in his pocket and we continued to walk.

Now I barley know the guy. I wasnt thinking about him before I fell asleep. The dream was just so odd to mean. Also if you reply to this thank you. Also I was extremely nervous to post this comment.

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Also before with this guy didnt really care with his staring. Because I hurt after getting rejected by a guy I liked a lot. So I didnt really care about anything else around the time. Ok so this dream though vague to me for some reason instilled a lot of anxiety. In my dream I was in my room trying to go to sleep. The lights were off but I had a tv on. He left and came back and handed me a house phone.

Which it did. After dream got weird and a ton of cats and kittens ran into my room underneath my bed. Different colors. One stood out though, a gray one with glowing eyes. Today I had a dream of basically my crush trying to escape me and it worked.

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I would really like to know what it means. This week I dreamt that me and one of the boys in my class were dating. In the dream I vividly remember that when he was hugging me, my body felt all tingly. Now, whenever I think about it, I get all tingly in the same way. Had a dream about a guy i like, he likes me too. I keep on thinking about him. We talk from time to time. Maybe i should just stay away and let him be. I dreamed about lighting a match with a guy. The match was on his mouth and I was trying to light it but it was never lit because I woke up and everyone around us are asking if we are dating or something and even take pictures of us and tease us.

I wonder what could it mean. Then after some time a group of people came by the bus and I recognized them as my very old friends that we are not in touch anymore. I know, very funny and then we kinda looked at each other and had eye contact and stuff. I answered Yes.

He inserted a ring into my finger and prayed. This happened am. This article is so good. My very complicated dream that cannot be found in the outside search gave me some answers. I hope I can see mine like others.

Dream the other a previous Lover said he will marry me then dream my current Lover said he will marry me. Not a proposal just talking. I keep dreaming that me and my ex will get back together and of course I wake up and none of its real. Please help interpret this dream l traveled with my son of 22years but seen as 6 year old in sport uniform by has poo on his body. Teacher took him out to clean. I follow into a big house of where nation wealth is gotten oil but ground slippery was careful in walking.

Perhaps you are unhappy with your current relationship and this is the reason you keep dreaming about other guys. Suddenly I trip and fall and find myself lying on a street but I am surrounded by wolves that are attacking me. The guy would have the same name and personality as him. Literally everything from the way he laughs, smiles, jokes around, but his face or physique is totally different.

But I totally feel and know its my husband. I just dreamed about helping a younger coworker with some superficial personal tasks.

When you dream about someone you hate, it is often these strong feelings that cause the dream to happen. To really figure out what this dream means, you have to look at exactly what happens in the dream. For example, you dream that you argue with the person you hate and beat them up.: Courtney Pocock.

In the dream I was comfortable with him as a friend but also felt he wanted more and would try to use the helping as a way in. This made me vaguely uncomfortable.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

In waking life we are not friends just coworkers. Is this dream informing me of some underlying dynamics I could have with this person? Or with the opposite sex in general?

Or am I way off base? Hi, I need help. He hangs out with a different girl. Last night, I had a dream that me, him, and the girl classmate and former friend went to a fancy hotel with a movie theater, and they both wore fancy clothes, and then he proposed to her and she said yes.

I had a dream where I was intimate with one of my best friends, made out with an other one of my friends, then dated another. And at the very end of my dream I got back with my girlfriend and made out with her until I woke up. Idk what this means, this all happened in one dream.

Please help me. Please help. Just over a year ago I was seeing a woman who was in a marriage- things ended after a couple of months.

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Last night I dreamed that I was in her house and we were fooling around and her husband was in the room but was oblivious. Then we were in the back of my car getting intimate when the car brakes failed and the car moved by itself.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Like? Does God Speaking Through Dreams?

I need help. I recently had a dream about a woman and I together during a dream, but we had no contact whatsover and it was as it we were friends. However, in real life, me and this woman barely talk to each other, but are friendly. I had a dream that my boyfriend grabbed my hand and we were in school then the teacher asked if we were holding hands I looked down and it was like we never were doing anything it seemed like he was farther away than before but not really far.

What does it mean. I have even previously had a dream with a few people at the destination where they are now and its weirding me out. I am single in late 20s. Last week i dreamt of a man from business network. We have met only 2 times. But we are friend on Facebook. In the dream, he showed romantic interest and acted like a boyfriend to you.

Eyes on me all the time, intimate touch, and hug. After that dream, my interest sparks. I keep visiting his Facebook to see his photos and try to find out if he has a girlfriend. Hi, I keep having dreams about someone that I had a crush on at the beginning of the semester. However, I keep having dreams about this other person, not sexual or super romantic, just being with them.

But the dreams. Please help me! This is the third time this year with three different girls, meanwhile am in a relationship. What could be the meaning.? Once there was a girl who everyone in my science class table who always had a grouchy attitude.

I did not like that person she was mean. I dreamth once I was in the school locker rooms talking to some boys and then she came in pushed me back grabbed my legs and proceeded to molest me then I awoke. I felt terrible sitting in front of her the next day. I have a dream about someone that we have a mutual understanding we laughed and we have a sweet gesture. In real life the guy in my dream is my schoolmate which is we knew each other by name but we are not friend but he smile at me when we saw each other.

I had one of the most terrifying dreams last night. Did it haave a meaning?. Hi, about three yrs ago I received a friend request from someone I had met in 96 while visiting my cousin in California. We had an instant connection then. I still have the pictures of us together with my cousin and another of their friends.

Well since that friend request three yrs ago we have talked every day from the moment we wake to the time we go to bed always starting with good morning and ending with good night.

Both have told each other of how we felt about each other in Neither of us said anything at that time. So I was like ok whatever. I am now divorced with two teens. He was going through a divorce with three young kids.

Now three yrs later we still talk everyday and hangout every Friday on his day off. He and his wife are still together yet he claims there is no intimacy between them. Whereas there has been a couple times where he and I gave into our feelings for each other and have been intimately involved. This past weekend we had similar dreams. We dreamt of each other in a very erotic x-rated sort of way.

He knows I love him and I know he cares for me as much as he can. Why would we have this dream the same night? I woke up crying but not sad tears. Please help me understand what this could mean. I had this weird dream. I am a teen girl. Their is this guy I know and I used to think he was cute. I was in a whole Classroom and we were all sitting on the floor. I could feel everything in my dream in real life.

He kept scooting behind me really close to my back and butt. So I scoot forward cause I thought their was no room. He scoot even closer, then started to feel me up, grabbing my butt and chest in a very urging way like he wanted to get in my pants. I have had dreams like this with three different guys for the past week their kinda similar.

So the thing is that i dreamed about some kind of person tht looks exactly as my classmate. I dont like him that much I was in a relationship with him, and we were like the perfect Couple on a adventure.

What does it mean when you dream about dating someone

Does anybody know what this means?? I break a little bit more each time in the dream. Does anyone know what this could mean? I keep dreaming about this guy i have been seeing a few times now i keep dreaming that he is a cry baby and a different guy than he is in person.

He says that one girl is waiting for him. She will feel bad if she is not able to meet him.

You could also be dreaming about someone who has passed away that had an impact on your life. Perhaps it is someone you met while you were growing up or a childhood friend who is no longer on this earth. These people may come back to you and offer you advice in the form of a dream. #2. Dreaming About Someone You Are Dating/Married: Stephen Klein. And, most importantly, remember the dream doesnt necessarily mean you still have feelings for an ex - in fact, its rarely about them at all. "In a nutshell, the ex appeared in your dream to bring you a message you need to know right now," she says. "Our past shapes who we are in the present.: Candice Jalili. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone - Interpretation and Meaning As you probably know, our dreams are usually a reflection of our emotions, worries and problems. They are actually metaphors for all things and situations that we experience in our waking lives.

So he planned to meet her. I was crying and asking, why are not you speak with me and why r u going to meet her? In real also, he is not speaking or sharing a lot. But asks when to get married. Then why am I getting dream like this? Right now, things are tight and confusing because a bout a week or two ago I had a dream about another man who works at the same store I do.

The dream was in a public place, like a park with families present, and in the dream I confessed my feelings for this man. In the dream, he did what he always does when I see him, he smiled and laughed.

So what does it mean when you dream about someone you like a lot? Many people have dreams about their crush, but what does this really mean? Let's find out! What does it mean when you dream about your crush? Find out the meaning of a dream about crush now! What does it mean when you dream about someone? If you remember your dreams, you have probably dreamt about someone at some point. Those types of dreams can be confusing, often filling us with plenty of questions. What does it mean when you dream about someone? For some reason, almost everything we see in our dreams is encoded in symbols. For example, if you're afraid of losing your job, chances are you will not see yourself thinking about that in the dream.: Akshay.

Well, I made a tragic mistake by cheating on my boyfriend in real life with the guy I had a dream about. I know, pretty freaking horrible. Now, my boyfriend who I hurt very much, wants to try again with me and see if we can fix things because we had it good. It would never be the same but he would like to try and I thought so too but I keep thinking about the other guy. I blocked him and all I want to do is just talk with him again and go at it. Hi, I had a dream about a friend of the same gender.

If you can please give me some reassurance about this situation it would be much appreciated. I just Dream That the girlfriend of my best friend go over me and kiss me, and I like haras and angry. When I wake up I feel so angry about what she did. I had a dream, just now. To my curiousity, I asked my girl co worker to come along with me. Even when I am already awake, my chest still feels in pain. This guy in my dreams was just a textmate of mine for almost 4months and i was planning to meet him soon.

We already have a mutual understanding. It happend around 6 am. Your email address will not be published. Additionally, Luvze. Search this website Hide Search.

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Share 4 Tweet Pin 87 91 shares. That night, I dreamt of her standing in front of me asking me to get her a ring on her finger. She abused my care for her last night, so I thought this girl is not right for me But then, I dreamt again about her and she was really nice to me.

Hi, it probably means that you want some adventure in your life and maybe a new boyfriend. It means you like him and feel jealous if he would start dating someone else. Dreaming About Your Crush. All of us dream sometimes about a person we are interested in. If you are dreaming about someone you like, these dreams may have different scenarios. You can dream about kissing with your crush, but you can also see in your dream that your crush is kissing someone else.

When you dream about your crush, you may be wondering if it means that your crush is thinking of you too? Unfortunately, the answer is no. You should know that your dream have nothing to do with a person that you are dreaming about. If you dream about someone, it means that you are thinking of this person.

For example, many women are dreaming of George Clooney, but it is impossible that this actor is dreaming about them. Also, this type of dreams may reflect your desire to tell this person your feelings. You are not sure if this person likes you or not. If you dream that your crush is kissing you, it is a reflection of your own hopes. You are very optimistic and you hope that this person likes you. These are some of the most frequent dreams about the person you like. After dreaming about your crush, you may feel happy and hopeful, but you may also be sad or anxious.

Dreaming About Your Partner. Dreams about someone you love are also very common. These dreams actually reflect your love towards this person. If you are dreaming that you are in love with your actual partner and if you are happy in your dream, it is a good sign.

It means that your love is also strong in waking life. But, if you are fighting with your partner in a dream, it means that you have problems in real life.

You should analyze your relationship more thoroughly. The feelings from the beginning of your relationship have disappeared.

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If you are dreaming that you are having sex with someone, these dreams are usually called wet dreams. For example, it is very possible to dream that you are having sex with your boss or a colleague because you spend a whole day with them. It is also possible to dream of having sex with a person you really like. This dream may be the reflection of your passion and your desire to be with this person.

Dreaming About Your Boss. If you are dreaming about your boss, this dream may be a reflection of your self-confidence and your authoritative side. Also, a dream about boss can indicate that you are too obsessed with your job. In some cases a boss in your dreams may have a negative meaning. If you are afraid of a boss in your dream, it means that you are actually afraid of authority.

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You have a feeling that a certain person is controlling your life and dictating you what to do. If you are having sex with your boss in a dream, this dream is a reflection of your desire to have control and authority.

If you are dreaming about someone from your past, it means that this person had an impact on your life, whether it is positive or negative. It is possible to dream about these persons even 10 or 20 years later. If you dream about a person from your past, you should think about this dream. Try to remember what this person in your dream is trying to tell you. You might understand better some things that have happened in your life, but you can also learn something that may be important for your future.

Dreaming About Your Ex. When you break up with your partner, memories always stay inside of you, even if you may not be aware of it. In some cases these dreams may indicate that you would like to be with that person again.

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Also, through your dream your mind is able to process your hurt and your loss from the past. Of course, you are more likely to dream about a person with whom you were 3 years than a person who was your partner only two weeks. There is a belief that you have prolonged the life of this person through your dream. A dream about a death of a loved person may also symbolize your fear to lose this person. Also, you may be worried about your own future, so you are expressing your sadness through your dream.

Dreaming About A Deceased Person. Before interpreting a dream of a person who is already dead, you should know that these dreams may be a warning that you should not ignore. If you see in your dream someone who is dead, it can have both negative and positive meaning.

When you dream about dating someone you know, it does not necessarily mean that you are physically or romantically attracted to them, it can have deeper secondary meanings. If you are actively seeking dates with someone, the dating dream reflect your anxieties about dating. Dreaming About Someone You Love: When you dream about someone you are in love with, its important to pay close attention to what happens in your dream. Dreaming about someone you love, more often than not, will show you how deep your love and passion is with this individual. Dating is also associated with getting to know more about oneself. It does not necessarily mean that if you dreamt of dating it will give you a lover in real life. Sometimes, the people in dreams are only symbols. Those are symbols in your life that you must consider or figure out. There is occasion when this dream is somewhat worrying.

The dreams about dead persons are usually a reflection of our own depression or guilt feelings toward these persons. This type of dream may indicate that a following period will be full of harmony and peace. If you are dreaming that your close friend who is dead is visiting you, it means that all issues that you had with this person are resolved now.

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