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Signs you're dating the wrong person

Are you his only interest in life? Does he cling to you too tightly or does he brush you off as though you were an insignificant bug? Either way, things might not be going so great in the relationship. Healthy relationships are hard to come by and, honestly, they need a lot of work and attention. Can you bring about a healthy relationship when it starts off totally dysfunctional? Maybe, but only if both of you work at it and seek professional help.
Right, watch out for these 10 signs youre dating the wrong person. 1. You feel like you have to wear a mask. If youre putting on a song-and-dance in an elaborate attempt to impress your partner, you might be dating the wrong person. Your partner should love you as you are.: Daniel Wallen. One day your partner may seem like "the one" and the next day, you might not be so sure. How are you supposed to know for certain that someone is actually right for you? Well, according to experts, there are clear signs youre in a relationship with the wrong person that can help you know if your uncertainty is normal, or if it's time to move on. Here are 15 signs youre dating the wrong person. 1. You have nothing in common. At all. You like sweet, he likes savoury. Unless you can agree on chocolate covered pretzels, its not going to work. 2. You dont have the same life-plan. Youre planning to move to the Big City to start a life-long career, he wants to travel and refuses : Hattie Gladwell.

Does she display the self-discipline necessary to turn from lesser pleasures and follow the supreme path of allegiance to Christ? Now is the time to evaluate before you choose; once married, you forfeit that luxury. Feeling trapped - not wanting to hurt each other by even suggesting that marriage may not be for us.

Addictions - do either of you struggle with alcohol, drugs, or porn?

10 Signs You're Married to the Wrong Person

If you struggled in the past, how long have you been free? Bad habits - yes we all have some, but are there any major trouble spots?

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He wants to force you into being his perfect woman, but his idea of perfect clashes with your own ideas. He will always be disappointed in you and you will never be able to make the perfect changes that he wants.

I knew a couple that lived in the now.

15 signs youre dating the wrong person

They could not see themselves together in 5 or 10 years from that moment. They were so open about not spending the future together that whenever one of them bought something, they would put either a red or blue sticker on the item so that when they broke up, things could be easily divided. It was no surprise when they did finally split after one of them cheated on the other.

If his friends are a bunch of losers, assume that like attracts like. He may just be putting on a show for you and being his true self among his friends.

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He will eventually get tired of the act and move on. In a healthy relationship, both people care about what the other person thinks. They ask for opinions and weigh those opinions in with their own.

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In either of these situations, the relationship needs to be evaluated. When the two of you are together, all he talks about is himself.

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He talks about all the things that he wants. He tells you what he expects from you.

15 signs youre dating the wrong person

Sometimes he may even promise to give you the world, but first you have to give him what he wants so that he knows you are really in love with him. This game of self love and demands will continue forever.

He will never be happy with the love and attention you give him and he will probably break it off with you as soon as he finds someone else to give him the attention he craves. There is a certain type of person who thrives off of making other people feel like crap about themselves.

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He is the type of person who has little self-esteem, but is able to build himself up by pointing out each of your flaws and even making a few up just for good measure. At first, you may try and please him, make changes to yourself to make him happy, but you will soon realize that nothing you do is right.

Truth is, if he really loved you, he would love all of you and not just bits and pieces. There are some couples who work through their problems with a lot of shouts and carrying on.

They seem to enjoy these brief conflicts and afterwards they are happier because the issue has been resolved.

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Then there are couples who argue nonstop and nothing ever gets fixed. They are miserable and wish something would change.

My friends, however, saw it immediately and began to look into the guy's past relationships. It wasn't good and they immediately confronted me about what they found out and how he was treating me. Sometimes friends can see the warning signs long before we do, so if you have a friend or two that doesn't like your boyfriend, ask them why.: Hetty Tullis. 25 Easy-To-Miss Signs That Youre With The Wrong Person By Kim Quindlen ated March 18, 20 Signs Youre Dating The Wrong Person. 40 Everyday Ways To Fall (And Stay) In Love With Yourself. Get our newsletter every Friday! Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Ten Signs You are Dating the Wrong Person. eharmony Staff. January 17, We all have our dating doubts, 15 Ways to Get Your Date to Open Up. March 31, Why Playing it Cool Doesnt Work With Men. August 8, How to Pace Yourself While Dating. June 28,

The first type of conflict resolution is healthy. The second, not so much. If you and your partner are always fighting and never working through any of the problems, there is a massive communication problem that can only be resolved through counseling or, your best bet, by ending the relationship so that you both can find the right partner in life.

People are complicated, and our feelings wax and wane over time. One day your partner may seem like "the one" and the next day, you might not be so sure.

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How are you supposed to know for certain that someone is actually right for you? So, rather than spend any more time feeling unsure, I called in the experts. To help navigate these oh-so-murky waters, I spoke with licensed clinical psychotherapist and Love Victory founder Dr.

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LeslieBeth Wishand read up on some of what licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Gary Brown had to say on the subject.

1. You have nothing in common. At all

When the big moments good or bad happen, the first person I want to share them with or seek support in is my partner. Gary Brown Therapy. When things happen You deserve as does the other person to have a relationship that is not only good on paper but also full of passion. When you fantasize about your partner, what do you picture?

But until that happens though, dont try to force the current person youre dating, into being the right person- because it wont work out, and you will get hurt. Here are some signs that your relationship is not meant to last (and although I use the pronoun 'he, this can definitely apply to women too!).: This may be because he doesn't want to or keeps making excuses when you set up a date with your friends/family. Or, this may be because you feel like you don't want to introduce him yet. These two reasons are early signs that you're dating the wrong guy.: Samantha Jayne. We first started to converse one day in the cafeteria lunch line - Bible college students from the same hometown. It was not a star-struck "love at first sight" enamored moment, 'a la Hollywood style, but over the weeks as we became friends, the attraction was in action, and by the end of the semester, we were dating.

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