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Like many couples, Nico Morales and Latoya Jolly met online. Nico sent the first message while on vacation in Guatemala with his family in December Skip to content. Story highlights Nico Morales and Latoya Jolly met online in December They found each other using a dating website for people on the autism spectrum Most high-functioning people with autism want to be in a romantic relationship, one study found. Morales and Jolly found each other using a lesser-known dating website called AutisticDating.

Children can fall anywhere along the spectrum, which represents varying degrees of difficulty with social interaction, communication and repetitive behaviors. Researchers do not fully understand what causes these neurodevelopmental disorders, and there is no pharmaceutical treatment or cure. Most high-functioning people with autism want to be in a romantic relationship, according to a study in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.

Additionally, the participants with partners who were also on the autism spectrum reported a significantly higher level of satisfaction with their relationship than those whose partners were not on the spectrum. Jolly says she is often uncomfortable when she talks to people who are not autistic. In the case where two individuals are open and willing to move through the Aspie-Aspie relationship, with eyes wide open and with an open mind, there is the capacity for extreme growth and extreme connection on multiple levels.

As in all things, with great sacrifice comes great reward. It is as if I am some type of outlet, and instead of plugging into something, I grasp and try to get this person to plug into me. Like I am some vast void of emptiness that needs another to feel alive.

I dive into another reality then, making the person into something he is not.

Aspie Dating: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for Love So you went through the whole process, you both know each other as no one else does, the. Needless to say, such relationships differ alot from each other. If I have the opportunity, I would prefer to date another Aspie, but it has it's own. These are my personal observations about the Aspie to Aspie for each has found an active and attentive audience in the other that finally 'sees' the person. . Posted in Aspergers, challenges, communication, dating.

And live there most of the day, as a form of escapism from this existence. I feel safe there, playing out the scenarios and replaying potential outcomes. The imaginative interplay preoccupies my mind and provides an outlet for logical processing and disentanglement of ideas and concepts.

I enjoy the reasoning to a degree, but more over I am trapped in a torturous sinking muck of angst. I long to reach out and explain over and over my intimate meanderings and details to the one, and check for accuracy and find myself closer to reality.

479: Aspie to Aspie: Relationships

I long to ask for reassurance that I am okay, that this is okay, that we are okay. But I cannot, for I will ruin the situation further, claiming my thoughts aloud to the other and sounding like a foolish child, burying the both of us in my heaviness. I have revisited my tendency to attach to one, trying to edge my way out and figure out the reasons behind my clinging to this false fantasy.

The only thing I can surmise is I long to return to Source, to something that I was removed from, from someplace not here. This someone or something that I long for without limits. So many of them bring Aha! Thank you. Thanks for the post. I am lost for words. My husband and I are both Aspies and, you guess if, high conflict, very low communication, even lower ability to compromise, thus solve our issues.

But I am so drawn to him. Consumed and intoxicating. May I?

Reblogged this on Appalachian aspie. That feeling of being understood so well is something I have experienced with my online autistic friends. Great post! This is her first boyfriend and she is As parents we have recently had to place some time limits of their time together and talking on the phone because grades in school were starting to become a problem. My daughter is having a lot of strong anger and depression as a result of her inability to realize that we as parents still make the rules….

I am really scared for her right now and while I want her to enjoy having a boyfriend and finally getting to do normal teen things…. I am scared for emotional well being…she sees a therapist but her emotions are extremely heightened right now and she feels like he is the only one to help her when she is mad, sad, upset etc.

She was unable to talk to him for a little bit yesterday and because of a misunderstanding she thought she was going to see him and then it happened that she was unable to. SHe has a very scary emotional breakdown to where I thought I might have had to take her to the hospital.

She also has no other friends…friends that she can hang out with and do things with. This is another huge source of anger and sadness for her…. We have tried autism groups and no luck there as most people there are boys. Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated at this very difficult time…. At 19 I was with my boyfriend full-time. He was my only friend and the only place I felt safe. I understand your daughter.

I wish you the best in this situation. Love, patience, kindness, acceptance… all which you seem to reflect in your post, will get you through. Any change, rules, etc. Hello Mark I always read and appreciate your presence and comments. I apologize if I missed an opportunity to reply. I can imagine how that might upset you. I do not however exchange emails with anyone from my blog.

Best wishes. I dated an Aspie guy. We were both age After a few months, he did an abrupt change. Seemed very narssisitic. I did all the giving and was over-giving. He did a lot of passive-aggressive stuff. He wanted no one to depend or count on him for anything. That 22 things a women needs to know…. She said even Aspie women have as much trouble dealing with an Aspie man as NT.

Dating Nathan (And His Autism)

He refused to open up and talk about things. I was called everything from a drama queen, to schizo, to a negative thinker. I tried everything, even just leaving him alone and ignoring him. There was no romance. We could only talk about his interests.

I got so burned out. We broke up and I spend months recovering afterward, physically. I had extreme fatigue, IBS, my thyroid went crazy and I had bipolar-like cycles. The person that was hurt and I are on good terms. I have had much regret and remorse.

Conversations that were truly two sided — prior to him the only other men I felt strong romantic feelings for were patient listeners who listened to my never-ending stream of observations and thoughtsbut….

I got bored and out of love because their conversational contributions began to seem too predictable, unresponsive, or uninteresting once I got to know them well enough. Right now my aspie is in a tailspin I think regarding out connection. It all occurred almost exactly as you wrote. Its like normal anxiety of overwhelming the neurotypicals in my life with my intensity x because I care about him and want so badly not to cause him anxiety and know that this is so easy to do.

And so it remains, an issue taking up a large part of my world of thought that I have no ability to solve….

But here's the key – we both needed to understand each other, what was a young man with Aspergers, was dating Kristen Lindsmith, a young. could anyone share their experiences with this type of dating or give a a lot smother with my Aspie girl; we connected & related to each other. I recently got back into online dating. I messaged a I have a theory that Aspies can understand each other better than NTs can understand us.

I wish I knew more about how to communicate with him when he is in this state. Right now, I just communicate when I have a thought or observation regarding our shared interests and he seems to always really appreciate that and sometimes seems relieved that I still bother to reach out…. Thanks for this site.

It really helped me understand myself and how even with my empathy, imagination, wild creativity, emotions, I likely do have this … and there is more too my challenging life then the add diagnosis I received earlier in life.

Have you considered asking him what he needs? I have found with aspie men I have talked with that being as direct and as revealing as possible might cause an initial anger or defense, but generally really opens the lines of communication. I identify so much with your observations, and your history, and here I think you have unravelled a complicated set of parameters and states of mind and made them easy to comprehend for everyone.

There is one thing that I found very challenging though — your statement that there was no love or it was not about love. Yes there is obsession, desire, mania even, but to say that love is not a part of this seems a little odd. Perhaps it might be better to say that love is a part of a relationship, in the same way as part of our other passions. For example, I love horses.

Aspies dating each other

I love my ex even though he hurt me so much and I have had to let him go. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. For me aspergers means I fall a little bit in love with everyone and everything around me, lose myself in them. Does that make sense? I currently believe that any form of fear or attachment is not love.

True love is able to release fear and attachment of loss or want of ownership. I love everyone. I believe I come on too strong and have always had a tendency to monopolize them without the intent to be mean to them. It is a 2 way street. I am blessed to have a NT female friend who is Variety is the spice of life! I am now obsessed with your post so much helpful that I should remember or see this every day… But you say identifying world on my own philosophy and experience is important.

When you discuss the rituals of connection in your relationship, make sure that you and your partner both have the time and energy for it. Remember that this exercise is meant to be an ongoing conversation and not to be completed all at once! I shared that my wife and I were literally at a fork in the highway on the way back from my parents a few years ago.

As the navigator, I was supposed to be paying attention to the directions and my surroundings. What are some of your best health relationships tips?

Please share them below! I'm Steve Borgman. I'm a licensed clinical professional counselor and blogger committed to bringing you hope, understanding, and solutions that you can apply to your life immediately. Are you tired of feeling alone, like you're the only one in this world? Please join the Thrive with Aspergers Community to connect with others just like you!

Thrive With Aspergers Menu Skip to content. What Is Aspergers? Suddenly, we came to a fork in the highway. I was stunned.

I thought our marriage was going well, but she was unhappy?! Both autistic partners must understand what Aspergers is, and how it will affect their marriage. Here are some challenges autism can present — Sensory Sensitivities — As an example, Jack Elder Robison, a young man with Aspergers, was dating Kristen Lindsmith, a young woman with Aspegers see New York times article.

We practically interviewed each other for the first week before we met in person ( including a 4 hour phonecall the night before the first date), and our first date. I think that the main advantage of dating another Aspie as opposed to an I started appreciating all of the ways we complemented each other. Two autistic people may be drawn to each other for many reasons; this could be merely Dating is one thing, but getting in to a serious, long-term relationship with . If you need any more help or advice about Asperger`s, or simply want to talk.

Check out their article to see the great infographic that summarizes the exercise below Day 1 — Think of one characteristic you find endearing or lovable about your partner. Turn toward each other, not away Dr.

Action Step — Watch this video to better understand this concept: Action Step — Read this article from the Gottman Blog for practical ways to turn toward each other. Let your partner influence you. Be willing to compromise. Learn to communicate effectively. Practice working on solvable conflicts Start small!

Nico Morales and Latoya Jolly met online in December ; They found each other using a dating website for people on the autism spectrum.

In step 1, soften your startupwhich simply means starting the conversation without criticism or contempt. In step 3, soothe yourself and then your partner. Then you might try closing your eyes, taking slow, deep breaths, relaxing your muscles and visualizing a calm place. In step 4, compromise. The above steps prime couples for compromise because they create positivity, Gottman says.

Here, Gottman includes a valuable exercise to help couples find common ground. He suggests that each partner draw two circles: a smaller one inside a larger one. In the smaller circle, make a list of your nonnegotiable points. In the bigger one, make a list of what you can compromise on.

Share them with each other and look for common ground.

Consider what you agree on, what your common goals and feelings are and how you can accomplish these goals. Create shared meaning together Take pleasure in living life together.

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