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Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Yahoo Answers. Would you date a college dropout? A lot of people have told me that they would never date a college dropout no matter how much they made or how intelligent they were most of these people are not close to A lot of people have told me that they would never date a college dropout no matter how much they made or how intelligent they were most of these people are not close to me so they do not know that I dropped out.

It rarely happens and that rarity isn't something I'm willing to risk for. Hey, Steve Jobs was a dropout.

Why Itís Okay to Date a Dropout

I wouldn't hold this against them even for a second. These days, the job market is so chaotic, with rapid technological change, that college isn't the best option, especially if you're a techie. I voted D. It might sound silly, but student loan debt can be huge, so if my bf were smart enough to avoid it, that would be really attractive to me. Sure, why not? I'm in college, and it wouldn't bother me, as long as the guy wasn't moping around, doing nothing.

A guy with a college education is attractive, but not completely necessary.

As long as he's being productive and moving forward in some way, rather than backward, it's usually not that alarming. I would only date a college dropout if he is successful or has a good paying job.

I wouldn't want to date a lazy college dropout. Most women want a good looking guy. As they get older, women value money and intelligence more. Well we wouldn't be on the same page but as long as he's motivated and has a career, sure. Let's say the person is overall attractive, inside and out, to you.

But they dropped out of college. They are very intelligent and can have intellectually as well as emotionally deep conversations; but they just suck at conventional academic standards. They work they're not a bum and have ambitions for the future.

Dating a college dropout

Would this be a deal breaker? College dropout is an instant deal breaker. Vote A. College dropout is a big turnoff, but can be forgiven in some circumstances. Vote B. College dropout, doesn't matter either way to you. Vote C. College dropout is preferred.

Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age.

Every time I date someone who didn't go to college - regardless of how smart or successful I'm a college dropout and am insecure about not having a degree.

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Add Opinion. Have an opinion? Milica Xper 4. Related Questions. Show All. If your 30 what age range of women should you date? Would you swipe right? What is the most important thing to you when choosing a partner?

The thing is that I haven't dated once since I was in college. I'm afraid that me not completing college would be a huge turnoff or dealbreaker (and I'll be. Would you let your daughter who's in college date a guy who's attending an Ivy League university, but is dropping out after starting a business. Rarely while I am writing a story for CC do I find myself changing my mind about the subject halfway through. However, as I sit here with my can.

A girl who doesn't care about age? Sort Girls First Guys First. Cromartie Xper 2. Clarification: "Would this be a deal breaker?

My Puhunan: Dating college student dropout, umasenso dahil sa kanyang lechon business

LoonyLuna Xper 4. EngineeringStudent Guru.

DivaMonae Guru. HeartsBloodDupre Xper 6. A college degree or lack thereof is just one piece of the picture. It seems the guy in question is a bit of a risk taker - could have some big upswings and some dry spells, too. It's up to your daughter to figure out if that is the kind of ride she likes hitching her own wagon to - besides, who says your daughter needs to depend on a future husband for financial stability?

Maybe she likes that role or will grow into that role. Booklady replies 36 threads Registered User Senior Member. When I was at an Ivy, I dated a guy who had dropped out of the same school but was working nearby at a not-very-lucrative job.

When I graduated, we both moved to another city, he finished his degree and got an M. We broke up after a few years, but he's had a very successful career. And of course I agree with all the above: this is the girl's decision and no one else's. By the way, I don't consider every boyfriend my daughter has at this age she is currently 21 but has had several boyfriends averaging a year or so each as potential lifelong partners.

I suppose that could be so but I just think of them as the boyfriend for the time being.

But I would date them if they fit the description above. In fact, my boyfriend is a college dropout, he is hard working and has ambitious plans for his future, so I. Views From A College Dropout's Unconventional Life ó Year 3 Dating is my biggest challenge since the women I'm attracted to are usually. I'm A Harvard Graduate and My Partner Is A High School Dropout. May 8, by xoJane 16 I'm the first person in my family to attend college, let alone graduate school. My father was a . I Went on a Date Disguised as A Job Interview.

And if it were more, so it is. I don't have any say in who my adult children are dating. Actually I didn't have much of a say before they were adults. What if this would be your daughter's first real boyfriend and Her dad sounded really concerned the other day hahaha. This poster probably didn't mean "let" - more like "would you be happy if she dated a college drop out" Right? Kei-o-lei replies 39 threads Registered User Senior Member.

If someone dropped out of college, it does not mean they are dumb or lazy. All people are Go for the college dropout! views ∑ View 4. As a college dropout, I've faced my fair share of discrimination, questions as to why I didn't graduate, and a large amount of goading by folks. Seriously? This matters? My boyfriend was in college, six years? He dropped out, was kicked out, I think he went to four or five.

Well, as long as he dropped out of an Ivy and is therefore Ivy caliber I'd say it's just fine!!!!!!!!! I'm popping popcorn for this thread. It might get good. Pea replies 9 threads Registered User Senior Member. I actually don't understand what the objection is to this boyfriend.

Would any parent object to this? I think not unless the guy had some personality flaws. The kid has a full time job.

His business is being funded by outsiders, not mom and dad. He isn't making millions? He is less than 22 years old!!! My husband is 55 and doesn't make millions and he has a college degree and a four year professional degree!

Guess what? Fancy degree doesn't mean you make it to the top or make a lot of mulah anyway. I have a graduate degree from Harvard only mentioning this in the context of this discussion, sorry and I make a very low salary. MadeItToTheTop, are you a parent or a college student? Schools of different types on the same list? Anyone concerned about the weather at target colleges? Harvard freshman deported after officials review friends' social media posts: report.

Moved: Talented Musical Theater daughter with great academic grades. Engineering programs that pay off the most for for lower income students.

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