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Vintage scarves are poised to be one of spring's hottest trends. Why not take things a step farther and tie one around the handle of your bag a la a '50s socialite? Neckwear, head wraps or super tops, scarves are the wardrobe's most versatile accessory. A vintage scarve is an upscale to any outfit casual or dress, dare to be different! Link for dating vintage Vera scarves. All the listed vintage scarves have been hand picked for their uniqueness and condition and all have been professionally cleaned.

Throughout the decade, the pioneering Echo was also one of the earliest scarf companies to begin importing fabrics from abroad. Echo also created many instructional propaganda scarfs that contained printed messages from how to react in an air raid, to what to do during a blackout. InPaul Roberts, Edgar C. His choice was the Andrea Doria. On July 27th, the ill-fated ship collided with another vessel near Nantucket and sank, taking with it the entire Echo line.

As a true testament to Echo, the manufacturers kept the factories open during what would normally be a summer holiday and reproduced the entire fall collection. The 60s were big, bold, and bright. Designs were changing as fast as society. Long scarves called Lankies were tied around the waist or draped around the neck.

Status scarfs were tied on handbags and on the head.

Dating 'Echo' silk scarf help?

And Echo was there every step of the way, ushering in our version of popular geometrics, florals and paisleys in eye-catching psychedelic colors. The 70s brought big changes for Echo. Created by legendary adman Peter Rogers, Echo was identified by this advertising for years and still by many today.

Since then, Echo has been designing custom accessories and works of art for some of the most prestigious names in the corporate, retail and museum worlds.

Eventually, the partnership evolved to include cold weather accessories for both men and women. Echo launched our home division in with fresh and exciting designs in wallcoverings and fabrics.

Dating echo scarves

Bedding, bath accessories and tabletop categories were added over the next several years as the division grew in popularity. The new century brought new ideas.

Fashion Hall of Obscurity Edgar C. Hyman Echo Scarves The FHM maintains a collection of nearly 12, artifacts dating from the mid. Link for dating vintage Vera scarves With the size of this scarf the Echo vintage scarf can be worn in many ways and the subdued colors will blend and add. by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Echo scarves, Silk Scarves and s. Dating 'Echo' silk scarf help? | Vintage Fashion Guild Forums Silk.

InEcho introduced our first beach collection featuring cover-ups and beach bags. Three years later, swimwear was added at the request of customers and retailers alike.

Today, every glove in every material, from wool to cashmere to leather, works with the devices we cannot live without. InEcho decided to bring back the original logo script and make it the centerpiece of our new identity.

The shopping cart is set by amount not weight. Bicycles, racecars and different types of cars and trucks in bold pictorial scenes.

The Oscar de la Rents signature is on left side comer along with the tag label. Total elegance is this vintage scarf. Rich black silk like fabric covered with elaborate vintage style keys in all shaped and sizes. The edges are machine trimmed.

The size gives you an option to wear the scarf many ways. The Key scarf clip is listed in "Little Things". Looking at her colorful butterfly rendition just enlightens your spirit. The scarf is very long and you will be able to wear the Landau scarf in so many ways. Please see another view. I have collected vintage "Elsa Schiaparelli" items for many years and now that scarfs have come back in a big way I want to feature some of her unique designed scarves.

The detail is amazing and the photos tell the true story. A destinctive scarf that will turn heads. With each new line of luxury handbags, beachwear, home design and accessories, Echo has brought the same timeless values of quality, craftsmanship, and integrity.

We believe that for every season there is a pattern. For every mood, a color. That in a world where everything changes, the transformative power of beauty never goes out of style.

And for everyday inspiration, there is always Echo. After almost 90 years, our love affair with bold gorgeous colors and vibrant patterns is still going strong".

With the size of this scarf the Echo vintage scarf can be worn in many ways and the subdued colors will blend and add style to many outfits.

A subtle floral brocade look underlay adds even more appeal. This unique vintage Sylvia Dahl scarf clip is listed in Little Things.

Hi again to All, Does this scarf 'tell' its age? I thought s? Thanks again, Lauren. Manufacturer: Echo Scarfs (American, founded ). Date: ca. Culture: American. Medium: silk. Credit Line: Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The. When Edgar and Theresa Hyman founded Echo Scarfs in the early s, they set up shop in the heart of New York City, capturing its vibrancy in gorgeous.

I have collected vintage "Elsa Schiaparelli" items for many years and now that scarfs have come back in a big way I want to feature some of her unique designed vintage scarves. The edges are hand rolled and stitched. Hepburn appeared alongside Gregory Peck in the film Roman Holiday, wearing a headscarf.

As such a fashion icon, she instantly created a style that became popular around the globe.

The Ashleys' scarves quickly became successful with stores, retailing both via mail order and high department stores. A lovely sheer vintag eapricot chiffon scarDecortaed with tiny flower bouquets with a navy blue edging. The size is a larger neck scarf.

Results 1 - 48 of Get the best deal for Echo Scarves and Wraps for Women from the Boas have a contemporary appearance, keeping you up-to-date with. We have gorgeous vintage scarves dating from the 's to the 's to get you Diane Von Furstenburgh ? Echo ? Anne Klein ? Paoli. Vintage silk By Echo Very beautiful floral design. care Tag is missing. excellent . This vintage Echo scarf dates to the s and is decorated in a tasteful.

She came across some parachute silk at an army surplus store, an event that marked the beginning of her scarf business. She kept her signature on art transferred to the scarves, thus creating the first signature scarf in history.


Women from around the country also chose Vera products for their color and cheerful prints.

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