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I hopped on the TVD bandwagon a little late, okay? You and Elena had been best friends since before you could remember a time without her there. And while you thought that so did Elena. After losing her parents, Jenna, and then losing you was her breaking point. She lost her strength and collapsed into the pain. A part of her would forever be broken without you.

Klaus had felt anger boiling inside of him as he learned of your death. He broke everything that was in sight, smashing them into pieces. Yelling in anger and knocking everything off the walls and tables. Klaus swore to avenge you by going after every being that was involved in your death despite what it would cost him.

Rebekah trusted no one in Mystic Falls except for you. You had showed her genuine kindness despite her vindictive ways. She appreciated your friendship and promised to take it to the grave. Rebekah knew you would never lie or attempt to betray her like others. You kept your word and had even undaggered her against the pleas of your friends.

While she trusted you, you trusted her. So when the news broke that you had died, Rebekah grew silent. She went unspoken for days while her heart broke into a million pieces as the truth of not having someone she could trust sink in.

Kol contemplated flipping the switch. He had witnessed you take your last breath and every time he closed his eyes, that was the only thing he saw. He was distraught on the inside despite him holding his facial expressions still. Kol blamed himself because he could have tried harder in trying to save you.

And for that, he saw you as a friend, an ally. So, he did what he does best. Became the monster he tried so hard to contain when he was around you.

He had met you briefly in the beginning of his encounter with Mystic Falls but never got the chance to figure you out as a person. When he had heard of your passing, apart of him felt saddened by the fact that he would never have that chance. Elijah dug through his brain of all the qualities his siblings had told him about you and silently mourned with a slight twinge of regret that he will never have the chance to know the beautiful person you were. Pairings: Damon salvatore x reader, McCall Pack!

Eventual, Winchester brothers! The action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

Keep reading. Right love? Originally posted by nbiancaandreea. Thinking back to what just happened. The brothers sacrificing you without even asking you.

You would do anything to save your sister. And so would they, even if it meant you dying. But you were tired of being seen as nothing but a bargaining chip, worth nothing more to them than a piece of bread.

He winced in pain as she touched it, clearly trying not to react too much. Damon would deny it for the rest of his days, but you knew you saw him blush at that. Before he could even form a coherent sentence in response, you reached over to take his hand as well. Elena Gilbert with "If you continue working with Klaus, I won't hesitate to disown you, even if you're my older sister!

Originally posted by bitcherine. Originally posted by yesjustanotherbloggeruniverse. Originally posted by babyblueeyes Originally posted by lucipher She was friends with Katherine last time we saw her! Elena scoffed. Elena smiled, gripping her hand.

Elena Gilbert

Pairing: Reader! Vampire x Damon, Reader! Vampire x McCall pack eventuallyReader! Elena continues to grow into a strong person, ready to face any new danger threatening her family, friends or loved ones and eventually learns to defend herself, especially after becoming a vampire.

Dating Damon Salvatore would include: ??Being BFFs with the Mystic Falls gang. ??Pranking Damon with Stefan. ??Annoying the Hell out of. Dating Damon Salvatore would include -Him cuddling you and putting his arm around you all the time -Drinking bourbon with him -Him. Being Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert's Daughter, Being a Heretic and Dating Penelope Park Would Include image. Requested by anon: A would include.

However, Elena still feels the sadness and loss of losing someone important to her as she continues to suffer more personal losses when she loses more of her family members such as Jenna, John, Isobel and even Jeremy, causing her to suffer a complete break down into tears.

While Elena is displayed as a damsel in distress, having to be rescued by Stefan or Damon, Elena gradually learns to fend for herself, having Alaric teach her and later becomes stronger, gaining Vampire powers to better protect herself.

Elena is loyal and selfless friend, willing to anything to ensure her friends safety and not even consider her own and is willing to sacrifice her own life. Elena's willingness to sacrifice her life to protect her friends is strongly displayed throughout the entire series, especially in the second season to protect Caroline, Tyler and Bonnie from becoming part of a sacrifice by Klaus Mikaelson.

Elena also displays a supportive side to herself, staying by Stefan's side and comforting him when she first learned of his bloodlust problem. Elena is also sympathetic with those who have suffered a great loss, similar when she lost her parents as she comforted April Young when her father Pastor Young was killed in the Gas leak explosion. However, Elena can also be judgemental and disapproving, shown on several occasions such as when she witnesses Stefan drinking human blood.

Although Elena realizes the difficulties and nesscary needs to drink blood for a vampire to survive, she remains ignorant. Elena doesn't truly understand the importance of the need to control vampire hunger for blood, believing there is another option as such drinking animal blood or small human blood amounts.

Eventually, Elena comes to learn this lesson of having to control the thirst for blood when she herself becomes a vampire in the fourth season. Whenever Elena does something wrongful against another, she displays a great amount of guilt, but at times, can be stubborn thus has a hard time admitting when she is wrong. However, when fully confronted, Elena is willing to admit and amend to her mistakes.

Elena can also be occasional dishonesty, espically in the first season when she keeps the truth about vampires and the supernatural world a secret from her friends and family. Elena feels guilty of having to hide the truth and feels even more guilt when she requests for Jeremy's memories to be erased of Vicki Donavan's death after becoming a vampire, but eventually comes to terms out of her love and protection of her family. However, Elena's main amount of dishonesty is especially in regards to her romantic feeling for Damon.

When Elena begins to realize she is falling in love with Damon, she refuses to openly acknowledge or accept them and instead tries to brush aside her true feelings, desperately trying to bury and ignore them in order to stay loyal to her relationship with Stefan.

Despite Elena's efforts her love for Damon becomes entirely obvious to everyone around her no matter how hard she tries to deny or ignore them. When Elena becomes a vampire, she goes through a drastic and dramatic change in herself and begins to let out a more free spirited side she seems to have repressed. By becoming a vampire, Elena also begins to truly and fully realize her romantic feelings for Damon, realising how strong they actually are and comes to realize she can't keep ignoring them and thus finally comes to accept them and at long last admit them.

Elena is the biological daughter of Isobel Fleming and John Gilbert. However, upon her birth, they decided to give Elena up and left her in the care of John's brother Grayson and his wife Miranda and they adopted her. Since then, Elena grew up believing they were her biological parents, never told the truth about her adoption and has a brotherly relationship with her cousin Jeremy. Later, while beginning her freshman year at Mystic Falls High, Elena and Matt began a romantic relationship, but Elena lost interest and wanted to break up with him.

Dating elena gilbert would include

Eventually on a night at the school bonfire, Elena and Matt got into a fight and Elena called her parents to come and get her. During that night she met Damon Salvatore, but he compelled her to forget their meeting upon noticing her parents arrival. However, tragedy would befall the Gilbert family as during the ride home, Elena and her parents' car drove off the Wickery Bridge and fall into a lake.

Elena nearly died, but was saved by Stefan Salvatore and although he tried to rescue her parents it was already to late. Since then, Elena and Jeremy both fell into a deep depression and sorrow since the death of their parents. Jeremy fell into a rebellious stage while Elena gave up cheerleading and broke up with Matt.

In the wake of her parents' death, their aunt Jenna moved into their house and became their legal guardian, but still faced some difficulties to the adjustment.

Thankfully, they gained the support of their friends, including Sheriff Forbes, helping Elena and Jeremy in the beginning for weeks after the death of their parents. Four months have passed since the death of Elena and Jeremy's parents and both are still struggling.

It's the beginning of a new year at Mystic Falls High and Elena begins her sophomore year and attempts to a brave face as everyone is still concerned about her. However, despite her efforts, Elena remains devastated, depressed and even dead inside since her parents death.

dating katherine pierce would include: * being her only soft spot * including cuddling, wine nights and talks about the past * trust is important * helping her on her. She is also the main love interest of Damon Salvatore and the former love. However, despite the drug, Elena could still not contain her grief over losing Damon. Dating Damon Salvatore would Include.. • Seeing his smile whenever he sees you. • His mood lifting up whenever you're around.

Since the second season finale, throughout the entire summer, Elena has been searching none stop to find and locate Stefan with Damon's help, hoping to rescue him from Klaus and bring him back to Mystic Falls. However, Elena is frustrated when Damon apparently doesn't care much for her leads on finding Stefan, unaware he is secretly following clues and murders that Stefan and Klaus have left behind throughout a large part of the country.

During the summer, Elena has grown closer with Alaric as he is living with Elena and Jeremy since the death of Jenna.

Dating Damon Salvatore would include: • you both walking around shirtless in the salvatore house • piggyback rides • day and night drinking. Dating Damon Salvatore would include: a LOT of PDA; appearing behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your neck. Becoming Elena Gilbert's Best Friend would Include.. • Shopping together, always. • Taking each other out to girly dates. • Girl talk. • Talking to.

With the end of summer approaching as is Elena's birthday, Caroline and their friends begin preparing for Elena's 18th birthday party.

However, despite her appearance, Elena is heartbroken over her separation from Stefan and due to her depression and sadness, Elena let's her life pass her by and not live in the moment, similar to when she lost her parents. Taking place several hours after the third season finale, Elena is currently in the transition stage of becoming a vampire and she is forced to make a choice.

Elena must either complete the transition to fully become a vampire or let herself die. While Stefan, Bonnie and the rest of their friends try to find a solution, Elena is trying to adapt to the changes around her, but finds herself uncomfortable, unable to eat and can't stand bright lights.


During her transition, Elena begins to remember several important moments that Damon long ago compelled away. Elena remembers their first true meeting on the night her parents died and Damon confessing his love for Elena from the second season, leaving her awestruck from these new revelations and developments.

Three months have passed since the season four finale and Elena has had the perfect summer and is enjoying her passionate and romantic with relationship with Damon since officially declaring her love for him.

Elena and Damon are madly and deeply in love with each other, having spent the entire summer happily together with no problems or worries whatsoever. During this time, summer is nearly ending and Elena and Caroline are getting ready to attend Whitmore college together.

Although secretly, Elena has been having a strange feeling regarding Stefan and starts to become worried about him as she hasn't heard from Stefan after choosing Damon over him. However side from Elena's worries regarding Stefan, Elena and everyone have remained completely unaware regarding the truth about Bonnie, believing she has been traveling with her mother, unaware that she died from the events of the fourth season finale with only Jeremy aware of the truth.

Four months have passed since the fifth season finale. Elena has managed to grieve through Bonnie's death, but everyone is concerned that she apparently hasn't cared much over Damon's death. However, unknown to everyone, Elena is still deeply heartbroken over losing Damon and despite her efforts to grieve his death and move on with her life, Elena is unable to move forward without the love of her life.

In order to cope with losing Damon, Elena gains magical herbs from Luke, allowing to hallucinate Damon without her friends knowledge.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev (Nian)

Damon Salvatore is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore and is Elena's true love. In the first season, Elena and Damon didn't get along well in the beginning as Elena remained hostile towards Damon whenever he did some incredibly terrible things and would not hesitate to call out on his actions. However, while everyone else believed him to be nothing more than bad, Elena slowly yet surely, saw what no one else did, the good and soft side of Damon Salvatore, witnessing him making up for his past actions and earning her forgiveness.

Damon and Elena grew to develop an understanding and bond together, first beginning when they took a road trip to Georgia and by the end Elena saved Damon from a vengeful vampire and witch.

Since then, Damon and Elena began to develop a friendship and became allies. Damon continues to prove himself to Elena on several occasions, helping to rescue to Stefan when he was captured by the tomb vampires and saving Elena from being embrassed by becoming her escort at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant.

However, unknown to Damon his feelings for Elena deepen into something more than he realises. Originally Damon was revealed to still be deeply in love with Katherine Pierce and spent the first half of the season trying to free her from the tomb of imprisioned vampires, only to learn she was never there.

At long last realizing what a truly terrible person she was, Damon finally manages to let go of his feelings and began to develop an attraction and interest in Elena. Damon began to trust and rely on Elena as well as becoming protective of her, such as saving Elena for the first time when she was attacked on the road or defending her from Jeremy when he learned the truth about vampires.

Towards the ending of the first season and the beginning of the second season, Damon realizes he has actually fallen in love with Elena and these feelings are proven when he supposably kisses Elena in the season one finale when in reality it was Katherine. In the second season premiere, Damon struggles to understand and accept his feelings for Elena, while being toyed by the return of his former love, Katherine Pierce.

Damon's conflict with his feelings as well as Katherine revealing she never loved him, results in a serious falling out between him and Elena when he kills Jeremy out when he is seriously provoked by Katherine.

Due to this, it caused Damon and Elena's relationship to become severely strained for a magority of the first half of the season as Elena appeared she would never forgive Damon for his actions and attempts to stay away from him.

However, despite Elena's anger, Damon attempts to earn her forgiveness and slowly they repair their relationship and their friendship is ultimately restored, after rescuing her from Elijah and the death of Rose.

Eventually, Damon finally acknowledges his feelings and confesses his love to Elena. However, knowing he can't betray Stefan for being in love with Elena while deciding not to be selfish or deserving of her, tearfully compelles her to forget about the confession much to his heartbreak.

Damon's love for Elena is incredibly and deeply strong as he always saves Elena whenever she is in trouble if Stefan is never around. Damon also puts Elena first as if a choice is forced to be made when Elena is put in danger, Damon would always choose Elena over everything else, showing he is extremely protective of her. However, Damon believes himself to be bad for Elena and tries to bury his feelings by distracting himself and let Elena be happy with Stefan.

However, over time he can't deny how he truly feels and comes to openly admit and accept his true feelings for Elena.

Ever since Damon's feelings for Elena were revealed a love triangle has been created between Elena and the Salvatore brothers as both Damon and Stefan work to win and earn her heart. While Elena has yet to realize herself, she also begins to develop romantic feelings for Damon. Elena's feelings toward Damon change as she does care a great deal about him when he is feeling emotional hurt and sees more of the good side to Damon, witnessing whenever he shows a true good genuine side to himself.

Elena also comes to feel guilty for when she does wrongful acts against him and comes to view Damon as one of the people she wants to protect from becoming hurt. However, Elena still has yet to fully realize herself regarding her true feelings for Damon due to her feelings and relationship with Stefan.

Damon's protectiveness of Elena is incredibly and immensely strong as Damon is willing to do anything to protect Elena even when she disapproves of his methods. Damon's actions to ensure Elena's survival can cause a rift to form in their relationship, when Damon feed Elena his blood to ensure she wouldn't die from being sacrificed in Klaus' ritual to free his werewolf side. Elena was extremely angered, not wanting to become a vampire and Damon soon came to realize and regret his actions.

During the second season finale, Damon apologizes to Elena for his actions although due to her extreme anger over his actions and recently losing Jenna, Elena refuses to accept Damon's apology, appearing she would never forgive him.

However, when Elena learns Damon is dying from a werewolf bite, she feels extreme guilt of her prior behaviour towards him and she begins to help find him, showing that despite recent events, Elena is willing to forget about past issues to help Damon from new threats endangering his life. Once Elena finds Damon and returns to the Salvatore Boarding House, Elena remains by Damon's side, trying to make his last moments as comfortable as possible.

During their time together, Damon apologises to Elena for all the horrible things he has done and once again declares his love. Elena tearfully forgives Damon while assuring him that despite his beliefs, she likes Damon just the way he is. Elena and Damon's feelings ultimately escalated to the point where Elena kissed Damon goodbye as he lay dying while causing Elena to realize her romantic feelings for Damon that she never knew she had.

Thankfully Damon was saved by Katherine using Klaus' blood. Damon returns Elena's necklace, making their feelings stronger and further intense.

In the beginning of the third season, Damon and Elena have developed a more closer relationship and have been working together to find Stefan's location and bring him back to Mystic Falls throughout the summer. The Coven is about how Bonnie goes to Portland to go solve the mystery connection between the Bennett and Gemini covens.

Now she has to deal with settling into a new city, with new problems, and new characters. Originally posted by xxvampirediaries. Requested by: youtthtroye. Damon: I imagine Damon to smell like old leather, scotch and pancakes.

The old leather because he has that manly sense to him, and old leather has a more calming and more cozy feeling to it. And pancakes, him cooking them and just that warm smell is something that would always soothe people.

Stefan: I imagine Stefan to smell like the woods, new books and jasmine.

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