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Making Glass Paperweights

Advice on what to look out for among these overlooked and frequently gorgeous treasures from dancing devils to rogue air bubbles according to our specialist Carleigh Queenth. Marvels of artistic skill and also affordable, paperweights soon became the ultimate desk accessory, bringing flowers and other natural subjects that perished in the winter into the home there may not have been flowers in the garden, but they could still surround you as you wrote your letters. A Baccarat dated close millefiori weight, dated , initialed and dated on a single cane 'b '. Incredibly, everything inside the weight is also glass: the flowers, the salamanders, the insects everything. Most of the weights in the Neustadter collection are made either using millefiori canes or lampwork. When the rod is sliced, the pattern can be seen in the cross section. Millefiori weights consist of many patterned canes, either packed closely together or in various other arrangements.

For example, the lot shown above has a small cane with the initial B and the date, Clichy has an easily identifiable rose cane that they use over and over in their millefiori compositions. For a novice to begin learning to identify the further subtle distinctions between makers, examining a variety of pieces in books and in person is recommended.

A few snakes in the grass!

When buying a weight, the condition and the size of the glass dome play a big factor for most collectors. Obviously perfect condition is preferable, but often a few scratches, minor bruises or nicks can be forgiven if there is enough glass in the dome to polish them out. Large, unintentional air-bubbles or distracting bits of kiln debris often put collectors off.

Dating perthshire paperweights

Lastly, to many collectors, a well-centred design is essential. Two Clichy miniature concentric Millefiori weights, Midth century.

Miniature weights are defined as those measuring 2 inches or less. The size of the glass dome is also a factor the bigger the dome, the greater the magnification of the design within. Close Welcome. Email Address. I forgot my password, please help! Remember Me.

Perthshire Paperweights

Three yellow blooms with millefiori centers and two pink blooms with five pink companion buds are bound into a simple bouquet along with attendant greenery, over a translucent blue ground. Seven and one facets. A purple-rimmed white anemone blossom, with a signature cane center, four green leaves and a stem, floats over a clear, v-groove ground. Yellow-over-white-over-pink triple overlay.

Collecting Guide: 7 things to know about paperweights A Baccarat dated close millefiori weight, dated , initialed and dated on a single. The paperweight shown above on the left has a Perthshire signature cane in the base consisting of a P surrounded by the date , together with a paper label. Aug 26, Explore michellebai's board "Perthshire paperweights" on BEAUTIFUL DATED PERTHSHIRE CRIEFF SCOTLAND MILLEFIORI.

Two rows of eight side facets and one top facet. Edition 41 of a limited edition of ; made. The first triple overlay by Perthshire.

Three fish, two blue and one pink each with white fins, circle upright stalks of blue-green seaweed, over a speckled blue, yellow, pink and green ground.

Two rings of six side facets and one top facet. Limited edition of Excellent condition. A dove, composed of white stardust canes, clutches an olive branch between its talons, wings spread in flight, inside a delicate border garland of white stars.

Translucent cobalt blue ground.

Perthshire Paperweights () white anemone flower overlay faceted glass Perthshire Paperweights () butterfly cane and patterned millefiori. A guide to the identification of twentieth century Perthshire paperweights, with A date, P appears on a cane to one side of the paperweight base. Can anyone tell me if this Paperweight is from Perthshire or maybe It is Perthshire the 'P' should be part of the white date cane in the base.

Six and one facets. Limited edition of ; made. A central butterfly picture cane is encircled by a ring of small cog canes, then a ring of floret canes, from which ten twists radiate out to create ten triangular panels of pastel-colored millefiori. Opaque light blue ground. Signature cane. A dimensional magenta rose, perched on a stem shared with a three-leaf sprig and a companion bud, is centered over a clear, star-cut ground.

Two rings of eight facets and one top facet. A dimensional pink rose, on a stem with a bud and green leaves, rests over a clear, star-cut ground. Transparent green overlay.

Extremely fine condition. Two lampworked clematis, along with a very small complex cane pink chrysanthemum, connect through green stems, leaves and tendrils, to form a bouquet surrounded by two concentric rings of millefiori in green and blue.

History and information on Perthshire paperweights, glass, patterns, marks, value , price guide and more. Perthshire Paperweights was founded in , in Crieff , Scotland, by Stuart Drysdale. He used to One dated the other Perthshire PP14 "F" Limited Edition Faceted Millefiori Cluster Paperweight. Dated This paperweight consists of five pink and white complex millefiori cane. Crieff Scotland References Perthshire Paperweights catalogue Perthshire Paperweights catalogue Perthshire Paperweights catalogue.

Clear ground with grid-cut base. Five and one facets.

There is no doubt the the quality acheived at Perthshire Paperweights was superb. Unfortunately Stuart Drysdale died in and his son Neil, who took over the business, died just over ten years later in Perthshire Paperweights closed down in early The tradition of making superb paperweights was continued by John Deacons and Peter McDougall, who set up their own paperweight studios in Crieff.

If you would like more information on 20th century Scottish glass, go to our page on Monart glass click here. The Glass Museum has an excellent article about Ysart paperweights click here.

If you are looking for Perthshire paperweights, check what is for sale on ebay - click Perthshire paperweights References and Sources: Here are some books on glass that include information relevant to Perthshire Paperweights. Click on any book cover to read more about that book. This later volume includes the last few years of Perthshire Paperweights.

This original book covers to An old book with excellent information about the Ysart family and their glass.

Perthshire Glass Paperweights

The follow up to Charles' earlier book on British Glass

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