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27 Things All Girl-Guy Roommates Will Understand

People Share the Cutest Date They've Ever Been On

Boyfriend got a female roommate. My boyfriend is getting a female roommate tomorrow. I don't know her age and I don't know what she looks like, but he says she's a singer and she's from Argentina. She also doesn't have a car. I told him this made me really uncomfortable and she doesn't sound like a good reliable candidate. I asked him if he was going to drive her around everywhere, and he said "No, everyone uses uber in LA. He said, "She was nice.

But if he's a good guy and you trust him, then trust him unless he gives you reason not to. Last edited by kassy; 26th October at AM. My ex boyfriend had females around him because of the nature of his job. And if he cheated, it would be his loss.

The only thing I can say is see how it goes. If he starts talking about her all the time, or distancing himself from you. Then yes, you would have reason to be suspicious.

27 Things All Girl-Guy Roommates Will Understand

I wouldn't like it, from personal experience. It's more OK if it's a large house with multiple people. But in an apartment? I hooked up with both of my former roommates and I wasn't even trying. It's a very intimate space.

You see each other with not much clothes on, out of the shower, you often cook together, share a bottle of wine and talk about your problems late into the night. You watch netflix on the couch in the dark There would have to be zero chemistry for things not to happen.

You don't know her age, you haven't seen her and he described her as very average, and yet you have your mind made up that she is young and beautiful.

I don't think he's given you any reason to worry yet you are in full scale panic mode. You will push him away with this behavior. Last edited by kendahke; 26th October at AM.

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Originally Posted by Eternal Sunshine. I think you are overreacting, honestly. Of course your feelings are valid but I do think that you should try to look at the bigger picture. Additionally, after only dating for 3 months I think it's too soon to be playing the jealousy card and being so distrusting of him without any proof that he's done something wrong.

My ex boyfriend who I was in a LDR with lived with another female who was indeed, "young and beautiful," in a 2 bedroom apartment for 2 years. Granted, she had a boyfriend. I remember being in your shoes and freaking out about it, getting jealous and insecure, and automatically assuming the worst. But that really didn't change his living situation, and shortly after visiting him several times and seeing their dynamic, I realized I had nothing to worry about. I'm now about to move in with three guys, and I am a female.

I have no intentions of hooking up with any of them. Sure, in a perfect world maybe your boyfriend would live with another dude. But it is very very common now for those of the opposite sex to live together. I think you should be confident in your relationship, if you're acting this distrusting and jealous this early on, it's only going to make him run the other direction.

Here you have your two standard opposing replies. OP, I want you to read both of them again, and read also my commentary on them. I hope it puts things into perspective.

Originally Posted by BlueIvy. Last edited by heavenonearth; 26th October at AM. I would definitely be having the same feelings as you. I think he should of at least been more considerate of how you're feeling and showed you the picture of her. And since you are in the building of trust stage and it's a newer relationship you're feelings of insecurity are valid.

But if he says he won't cheat - take his word for it. This is what building trust is. Whenever I have feelings of insecurity that someone will cheat, I remind myself that if they're going to cheat - it will happen. No amount of worrying, hypothetical situations and questioning him will stop it from happening.

Try not to worry so much and work on building trust between the two of you. I wouldn't like this at all. I really feel for you. He should be discussing things like this with you first rather than making decisions on his own.

The Sweet, Awful, and Messy Results of Roommate Hookups

Originally Posted by cocoa Just because they have parts that fit together doesn't mean sex is going to happen. That's like saying since a man has a penis, it's guaranteed he is going to rape women.

First off, you are not living together, you don't share a mortgage, or a lease with him so he can do whatever he needs to do to get extra money to see his family.

Secondly, I doubt she will be there much to begin with. If she is looking into a music career, she's going to be busy at night, so they won't be seeing each other. Once she gets established, she's going to find better accommodations.

If your BF is going to cheat, he doesn't need to get a female roommate to do that, and he would have done it already if he is into making poor choices. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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I'm a mid's guy with a decent paying job, living in a high cost of living city. My current roommate (guy) is moving out, and it just so happens a female friend I've . [UPDATE] Me [26/F], falling for roommate, [23/M] and not sure what to do. Take your time, and make sure you keep "dating" each other and making an effort to. I have been hooking up (yes having sex) with my roommate for over a year. We are both in graduate school, and have aspirations of PhD.

Then they told me, "This home is your home too. Eventually, Lance left him, and I ended up moving in with Chris. I've been living in his house in a separate room for almost five years.

We don't have sex anymoreŚwe stopped three years ago. But we have a lot in common. We both love watching rugby, and I play, too.

We're really into hockey; our favorite team is the San Jose Sharks.

[M22] Feelings for roommate [F20]. Dating. Recently moved into a new apartment with one really close friend, and other people i somewhat knew before, but are. Well, DRAT. I'm single. We love each other very much, but he wants a life full of grand adventures, and I have pretty low energy. The mismatch. Attention! [Serious] Tag Notice. Jokes, puns, and off-topic comments are not permitted in any comment, parent or child. Parent comments that aren't from the.

I'm transgender and transitioned freshman year of high school. I faced hardcore bullying. My hair was set on fire. I was punched in front of teachers who did nothing.

Death threats galore. I needed a safe space, and Chris provided one.

r/dating_advice: Share your favorite tips, ask for advice, and encourage others about anything dating. Based on overwhelming consensus about my course of action, is it truly impossible to date her in my scenario? permalink; embed; save; give. Quick background: I live with six other people in a detached house near the city center. Everyone pays their share of the rent and common.

Chris just got married less than three months ago, and we're all looking for a house with a basement I can live in. He still wants me in his life. I grew up with a single mother, so he's like the dad I never had. Today I have a great job, and I'm getting my bachelor's in data analysis. I've been dating, but my tastes have changed. I'm looking for someone my age.

I guess as I've grown up things have become less about sex and more about finding someone to share a life with. I hope this doesn't sound ageist, but I'm looking for a peer now. I want someone to grow old with. My roommates spent their days drinking pints and eating fish and chips from the store next door.

People Share the Cutest Date They've Ever Been On

It was me, a girl, and four guys in a three-story flat. We didn't hang out with a lot of British people. It was a dark time.

My roommate Tommy had already slept with another girl in the house, but then he and I started having sex frequently. We would get super wasted and end up having the best sex I'd ever had. I ended up going to a polo match with Tommy outside London. We were all dressed up, and it was really fun.

But then we got wasted, and I got escorted out of the polo match. Doing it doggy style in a house with five other roommates was pretty fun. It also felt really raunchy because we were sneaking around. I've only seen him once since. He came to stay with me, and we had sex one more time, then I blocked him on everything.

Now I have a male roommate, and we're like brothers. But I will never, ever sleep with a roommate again. It just gets so weird so fast. And then it makes everyone else in the apartment feel weird. I'm over it. I live in Denver and work in the travel industry. I've typically lived alone, but last year, I had a roommate for six months that I met on Grindr.

We initially met for a hookup, and I wanted to date, but he wasn't interested. Once he moved in, we agreed the fooling around had to end. He was from Pakistan, and he cooked delicious meals almost every day, which was certainly nice for me. After dinner, I would make us a pot of English tea, and we'd watch his Pakistani soap operas on YouTube. I couldn't understand a word, but I knew exactly what was going on. Then I would give him a foot massage, and he'd be off to bed. In some ways, we were like a married couple, without the sex.

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