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Vikings’ Seafood Diet Threw off Radiocarbon Dating for Decades

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This section provides practical advice for consumers to evaluate the quality and safety of seafood product when purchasing them in retail stores or restaurants. There are a number of things for consumers to consider when purchasing high-quality seafood. And since seafood is highly perishable, purchase it last. Make sure the raw juices from seafood do not drip on other foods, especially those that will be eaten without further cooking. You can avoid cross-contamination in your shopping cart by enclosing individual packages of seafood in plastic bags. Frozen seafood can be superior in quality to fresh seafood, so base your purchase on product quality. There are some safety considerations that consumers should be aware of before they select the types of seafood products they intend to eat.

If the shells do not close or are cracked, do not purchase them. The bottom shell of an oyster should be well cupped — a sign that the oyster inside is plump and well formed. The "neck" or "snout" of soft-shelled clams should show movement. The meats of fresh-shucked clams, oysters, or mussels should be plump and covered with their liquor. Their liquor should be clear or slightly opalescent slightly milky or light gray and free of shell or grit.

There should be no strong odor.

The meeting Steve Costas had with a South Korean buyer at Food Export- Northeast's “seafood speed dating” event, in Boston. Regardless of the classification, you will find out all about the shelf life, storage and spoilage facts for all of the various seafood options right. Researchers excavating a cave on the southern coast of South Africa discovered a bowl's worth of edible shellfish dating back to about ,

Typically scallops are shucked at sea shortly after capture. On occasion, day boats will bring whole scallops to market or local restaurants. Fresh scallop meats have a firm texture and a distinctly sweet odor.

A sour or iodine smell indicates spoilage.

The smaller bay and calico scallops are usually creamy white, although there may be some normal light tan or pink coloration. The larger sea scallops are also generally creamy white, although they may show some normal light orange or pink color.

Lobsters and crabs will not be very active if they have been refrigerated, but they should move at least a little bit. Cooked lobsters or crabs in the shell should be bright red and have no disagreeable odor. Picked lobster meat will be snowy white with red tints, while crab meat is white with red or brown tints, depending on the species or the section of the body it was picked from. Cooked, picked lobster or crab meat should have good color and no disagreeable odor.

The shells of most varieties are translucent with a grayish green, pinkish tan, or light pink tint. The shells should not have blackened edges or black spots — this is a sign of quality loss.

Shellfish allowed humans to relocate to Australia and New Guinea the earliest dated archaeological evidence for human use of seafood, sea. Fishing is like dating. Its all catch and release until you find a keeper. These fish tacos are keepers. #ThePearlNaples #GoneFishing.

Cooked shrimp meat should be firm and have no disagreeable odor. The color of the meat should be white with red or pink tints. Tiger shrimp have bluish colored shells with black lines between the segments of the shell these are not black spots.

The bones of at least people were uncovered in the s, from within a low mound of pebbles in a church vicarage garden. Further. Label-Dated Seafood. Buy pasteurized crab meat and other products only if the “ sell by” or “use by” date has not expired. While helpful, these dates are reliable. This page contains links to content about seafood, including fish and shellfish, from across the Food section of

The skin of fresh squid is cream colored with reddish brown spots. As squid ages, the skin turns pinkish and the flesh will yellow. Label-Dated Seafood. While helpful, these dates are reliable only if the seafood has been kept at the proper temperature during storage and handling.

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Mail-Order Seafood. Gift seafood is a growing specialty market, mainly for gourmet products. Fresh and frozen seafood are also available to people living far away from the resource. Maine lobsters can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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Canned salmon, canned chopped clams, seafood seasonings and marinades, and some smoked products are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. However, any other fresh or frozen seafood product must arrive as cold as if refrigerated in order to be safe.

Before ordering such items, ask how and when the product will be shipped to keep the product cold. Try to be home when your order arrives, so you can put it right in your refrigerator or freezer. If you receive a package containing live shellfish or fresh or frozen seafood, check the item upon receipt to see if the shellfish are alive, the fresh product is as cold as if refrigerated, and the frozen product is frozen.

If it is not, call the mail-order company for a replacement that will arrive cold or request a refund. Although the Seafood shelf life information on Eat By Date is generally reliable, please remember that individual cases will vary and that our advice should only be taken as an opinion and not a replacement for your health care professional.

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Please eat responsibly! How Long Does Seafood Last? Clean mussels may not be the best! Click here to find why! What are our shelf life resources?

Much of Africa became inhospitable during an ice age that lasted from abouttoyears ago, leading to cold, dry conditions on the continent that forced at least some humans to the coast.

Many coastal caves were cleaned out when sea levels later rose, but Pinnacle Point stayed high and dry. The researchers report in Nature that they uncovered two dozen shells of edible creatures from a layer of cave sediment that dated toyears ago, give or take 12, years.

Brown mussels were the main component—and are still plentiful—Marean says. The next earliest known seafood dinner dates toyears ago on the coast of the Red Sea in Eritrea. And, aboutyears ago, Neandertals were cooking shellfish in caves in coastal Italy.

The researchers identified 57 pieces of iron-rich hematite rock with flattened sides bearing parallel grooves, indicating that the shellfish-eaters scraped the rocks to make powder, which when mixed with sap or another binder yields a reddish or pinkish paint.

A population living on shellfish would have stayed in one place and grown in number, he says, increasing the need for negotiations between individuals or social groups, which might have led to a system of decorative markings.

I think that's very likely.

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