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How To Get Your Girlfriend To Start Lifting

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You are young, but not the cool kind of young like Young Jeezy.

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By definition, "young" means that you have not grown. It does not matter how old you are because the fact is that you have not started lifting yet, which means that you have not grown, ipso facto, you are young. And you are definitely scrawny. Being scrawny is worse than being skinny, and that is really tough to do. Being scrawny goes beyond what you look like-scrawny engulfs your personality.

When you are scrawny, even your soul is frail and weak. The only positive to being scrawny is that you can literally lift any weight and it will add muscle to your body. Anyway, I am not trying to ruin your confidence 30 pages into this book. Just kidding, you have no confidence.

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You are like the fat kid from Rocket Power, but at least he had friends. When a human owns a sense of confidence, that human is able to lift weight. The more weight one can lift, the more confident one is. I can lift more fucking weight than Atlas, and that homie had the world on his shoulders. I have a better shoulder cap than him, too. Plus, Earth is not even heavy.

How To Get Your Girlfriend To Start Lifting

I do core exercises with Jupiter. At the end of the day, you are aware that you cannot keep living in the ooze state because ooze is not a state. New Jersey, Virginia, Miami.

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You are like my best friend, Boosh: You do not have any options, you are not very talented, and your personality is marginal at best. You simply will not be able to navigate the world i.

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Sorry not sorry if my words come off as harsh, but the fact is that if you want to be somebody you only have one option: gym. This is that moment when you make the decision to evolve, to become something, to wake the fuck up and be alive.

This is the moment you decide to start lifting. You want to lift for the sole purpose of looking good, getting girls, and fixing that horrible genetic dice roll you ended up with. So tee up a Facebook event and invite your 89 friends, because you are about to have your Bar Mitzvah. There is no turning back now, in your life and in this book. If you turn one page back both will blow up. Good luck. Stage 2 Tadpole Ever wonder why arms are the most important part of your body?

Because they were the first to develop, physiologically speaking. Not your brain, not your heart, and certainly not your legs. If the tadpole did not have arms, it would not have been able to climb ashore and invent the bench press.

Take a moment to thank your muscle cannons and appreciate where you came from. Welcome to the Tadpole stage. Chapter 2 The Brofessor The Tadpole stage of evolution is a pivotal moment, but more important is how and why you started lifting in the first place.


That honor belongs to your brofessor. Your brofessor is the most important person in your life. Your brofessor is the living and breathing inspiration right in front of you. He is proof that greatness is possible. You may never truly understand why your first brofessor chose to learn you.

Maybe your older sister overheard you saying how much you wanted to "get ripped" and forced her husband to lug your skeleton into the gym.

Dom mazzetti dating a fit chick

Some gym noobs find their brofessor on their own terms; others are lucky to have a brofessor assigned to them. However you end up in a gym, one fact is indisputable: No one ever starts going to the gym by themselves. That is like showing up to a party alone. So just be grateful that this bro entered your sad and pathetic life. This is where you will start forming your personal foundation of Bro Science beliefs.

You are like a sponge soaking up any fitness knowledge your brofessor leaks onto the gym floor.

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Your brofessor introduced you to this world; everything he says you take as fact because he created this world for you.

I met my brofessor in high school when he was hanging out in the parking lot drinking a shaker cup full of whey protein. This dude was fucking jacked. I asked him what was in the futuristic cup and he handed it to me.

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Tasted like chunky chocolate sap. I asked him why the hell he was drinking that stuff, and his only reply was, "Helps me recover. I needed to know. I started lightly stalking him and copying what he did in the gym until one day he came up to me and told me that if I kept deadlifting like that I was going to throw my back out before I was eighteen.

From that day forward, I listened to everything he told me. You must accept your brofessor as your spiritual guide and believe everything he says to you.

If he tells you to tuck your shoulders back while benching, you tuck your fucking shoulders back. If your brofessor tells you that doing high reps makes your muscles more cut, you will believe this, no questions asked. Now, since you are susceptible to believing any knowledge, good or bad, that your brofessor feeds you, you better pray to the goddamn stars that you are blessed with a good brofessor.

Ending up with a shitty brofessor is like having racist parents. Trust me: You do not want to get stuck in a conversation with this guy at the gym. And if you are this guy, it is too late because you will never realize the mental rapist that you have become.

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You are wasting my time and energy by the sheer force of your stupidity. In summary, a good brofessor is more important than good parents. Assuming you have a decent brofessor, flash forward three months and you will have made some beginner gains that no one cares about or notices, except for you.

This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.: BroScienceLife. Pros and Cons of Dating a Fit Chick | Bro Science. BroScienceLife. 2 years ago. GET DOM'S SICK BLADE Bro Science # Should gym bros date a fitness girl Dom Mazzetti is here to give us all a lesson in Bro-Science Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends Dom Mazzetti (a.k.a. Mike Tornabene) YouTube. Dom Mazzetti vs. Rolling Deep. bro science broscience brosciencelife dom mazzetti dommazzetti mike and gian fitness gym lifting bodybuidling workout comedy humor brofessor. 2, Comments.

Mirrors and reflective objects are slowly becoming your best friend because you are your best friend, because you are the best thing around. Rules of Lifting with Your Brofessor Never interrupt when he is speaking.

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If he tells you that you have more reps in you, listen to him. He knows you better than you know yourself, even if you just met yesterday. Drink any liquid that he tells you to drink.

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Chapter 3 What Is a Pump? As if your brofessor has not taught you enough, he also introduced you to the most important achievement of your life: your first pump. Your first pump is a life-altering moment, but the loss of your first pump is even more important.

A pump is when you witness actual change happen to your body as a result of lifting, only to see that change disappear a few hours later. You experienced what you could be and what you once were all in one day. There is no way to describe a pump to someone who has never had a pump. It is like describing to Helen Keller how 3D glasses work.

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She has never even seen a 3D movie; she died before 3D was invented. By the standard definition, a pump is what happens when you are lifting and blood rushes to your muscles, swells them up, and makes them rock hard. But alas young virgins, a pump is so much more than standard definition. When you get a pump, you are becoming the absolute biggest and best version of yourself for, like, two hours.

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A pump is instant gratification. It is the only thing in life that lets you know what you are doing is working. Take that, school! A pump is seeing your future. Once you see yourself with a pump you want to be that big all the time. Then once you get that big, your pump gets even bigger. No matter how hard you try you will never be as big as your pump. A pump is like tomorrow, and you can never reach tomorrow because once it is tomorrow, it is today again. But you will never stop chasing tomorrow because you always want to live another day and tomorrow never dies.

What the fuck just happened?

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What did I just type? I blacked out. I think I came a little, too. What was I saying? Okay, so if you are as confused by everything I just said a pump was, let me simplify for you and myself with this list. A pump is a boner for your entire body. A pump is finishing third but getting the gold medal. A pump is an impossible chase. You are Captain Ahab and your pump is your Moby Dick, and your dick is your dick. A pump is achieving muscular arousal from your own reflection.

A pump is hitting that mushroom in Super Mario and growing two sizes, but you know that shit is going to leave before you can get to the boss, aka the club. A pump is getting cream-pied by god.

A pump is like riding a horse made out of dragons. A pump is punching Jupiter with your dick and eating out the sun. There is nothing harder and there is nothing hotter.

A pump is a lot like hitting the snooze button. It feels great dreaming for five more minutes, but at some point you have to wake up. Bro Science 55 best chest exercises for looking alpha. Is Dom Mazzetti Brosciencelife back for good? Street Workout With Kali Muscle. Bro Science 22 Dom hits the streets with Kali Muscle.

Facebook T-shirts Twitter. Bro Science you are how you eat. Anatomy of a Beta Male. Drunk Girls. The Rock. Go ahead, skip leg day and watch this a million times on repeat. One Night Stands. Bro Science is lifting gay or is it just you? Evolution of the Lifting Man. Give this back to back workout style a try and let me know. How to Make the Perfect Cutt-off. Bro Science life skills for the modern man.

Bros vs. Fake Weights.

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BROS V. Why Comedy is Dead. Getting Hired. How To Be A Powerlifter. Bro 88 Walk the righteous path.

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