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Rumoured to be Dating, What's Up with Yoona and EXO's Sehun's Relationship? -

Fans Sh0cked After Seeing Proof SNSD Yoona's dating with EXO Sehun was posted on Instagram

Former members: Kris , Tao and Luhan. Xiumin Facts: - Xiumin has a little sister whose identity he worked very hard to keep a secret. Show more Xiumin fun facts. Show more Lay fun facts. Baekhyun Facts: - He has an older brother named Byun Baekbeom.

In the photo, we can see the two are joking with each other happily, which makes them looks just like a couple.

After the pictures spread around the internet, many people thoughts that they will become the 2nd Baekhyun-Taeyeon couple.

Even so, there are still many arguments regarding the couple as both fandoms cannot accept their idols are dating just like that. However, it turns out that the photo is just a misunderstanding. The two indeed have a very close relationship, as they have been seen taking photos together on many occasions. After the controversy, Ki Do-hun immediately uploaded a photo of Yoona and him on that day on his personal Instagram account to clear the misunderstandings.

So, if they are not dating, how and what kind of relationship do they have? Yes, they needed the help of a translator, but it was 4 years ago and have improved a lot. We added the info to his individual profile and also gave you credits there.

Rumoured to be Dating, Whats Up with Yoona and EXOs Sehuns Relationship?

They honestly are. Every single one of them are beautiful and visual af. I almost malfunctioned watching that video a hundred times. Lay: - First ambassador of Perrier company in China. It had only been added to his individual profile before, but we added it to this profile as well. Guys none of Exo memebers can speak English.

Lay can speak a little english. He was seen with his tutor at the airport and u can also see him speaking it in his instagram stories or in go fighting.

Well That was a simple question and I expected a simple answer. Now you took it that way. I hate him. I was thinking since xiumin has no exo rap lines that it was based off cbx where baekhyun has just as many or more in their jap releases.

Lay said by himself. Could you please add to who is your exo bias? Luhan Tao and Kris.

EXO - Talking About Girls & Dating (ENG SUB)

They are no longer in Exo but they still belong to it regardless of whether they are no longer there or not. Suho, Chanyeol, D. Along with Luhan and Kris Oh and idk if you already have these facts but Sehun ranked 9 in along with Kai coming in at Comeback photos: D. It became the most watched web drama surpassing 30 million views and making it the fastest web drama to reach this amount of views within 18 days from its release Kyungsoo also can play the piano. Like probably just below Kai.

Thanks again! Kim Jongin a. Can Baekhyun be considered a lead dancer? From what it seems he definitely stands out in dance these days. CBX really did him justice. I think main dancers are: Kai, Lay lead dancers Sehun, Xiumin and Baekhyun, I think this will become especially apparent when Xiumin enlists soon. Only D. In Growl era Xiumin used to weigh 53 kg. But after 2 weeks he gained 10 more kg. I know many people have said this but I think baekhyun is now a lead dancer after love shot.

I mean he even got the dance part in the chorus. He might be, but like he said he gets dance moves down within a day. So I can see him being a lead dancer. He got a whole 2nd chorus part as a center and his dancing really improved.

I honestly feel bad for Xiumin.

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Because his sister is getting found out about. But she is so pretty like ugh! Arent Baekhyun and Chen supposed to be Sub Rappers here?

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They have rapped alongside Sehun and Chanyeol in Tempo too. Can u change chanyeol pic?? It is reported that Kai is dating Jennie of BlackPink! Kai is dating with Jennie from blackpink now and Luhan already has a girlfriend call Guan XiaoTong a Chinese actress in They do not fit directly together.

I thinkmy personal rating regarding visuals would be: Sehun and then Suhoso yeah he is definitely a visual. Those people are naive. I mean how can you think YG is that idiot as Cube? You are realizing that those idiots kicked out their biggest artist, right? They are at other level in stupidity. Even at beginning Big Bang dated a lot, probably 2ne1 too. I think they probably knew. Both of them and an another friend were in Ravis live on Instagram. Happy Birthday Kai!! Hating and calling exo untalented when in fact this group is a top notch vocal group.

Exo has a really great vocal chen literally they are just a bit underrated compare to BTS but they do have their talents. Before hating are you even able to become an idol? Using your idol group power to threaten other groups?

- He says out of all of the EXO members, hes the best at public speaking. - He is very polite and considerate. - He speaks basic English. - He likes joking a lot, but the members say his jokes arent funny. - His hobbies are cycling, acting, playing golf. - Hes really close to Sehun. They know each other for 9 years (as of. Some NCT members are super awkward with each other barring a few. People in Got7 have far too differing personalities to make them bffs material. There were some issues between iKon members but lately they seem closer. Exo's 'We are One' is obviously fake. Heres The Dating History Of Each Member Of EXO SUBSCRIBE our channel [#SupermanTV] for more Videos: Superman TV.

How many people enjoy that song?? Sooo sadddd. Bhahahaha haha. Even in music countdown we can Listen BTS and blackpink have a many fans,and exo??. If you hate EXO so much! Why are you even on their profile, commenting like crazy.

Are you that bored. And if you really hate them, why do you even know their songs. Ok fine. New bighit member txt soobin. I read the argue, and honestly you were right! I also feel offended when someone offend my favorite group without any valid reasons. Lmao what? Everyone in exo is extremely talented. Haters will be haters Enough guys we should fucos on our bias instead of them they just a immature.

Guys, please ignore the user dodo and do. Honestly, how old are you guys?

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Please be respectable people, just like our idols. Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Kai are the face of the group actually, because they always represent EXO and of course they always appear on TV and radio shows. Because when I saw Seventeen Profiles that the point that I realized is that visual and face of the group are really different.

Tbh, chanyeol and baekhyun has the most stan meaning many fans bias them Sehun and kai is next in line Due to how much people likes chanyeol and baekhyun i can say they have the most stanner, especially in polls and votes, and it is clearly obvious in real life as you can see your friends who favour baekhyun and chanyeol a lot.

Just think about it really.

Dating Rumors and Evidence

YG also doesnt always treat their idols that well. YGE has really done BP dirty! Blackpink has only had 1 Album since debut! SM has had, and have amazing artists! But which one is more favored and respected? At the start they were sort of made as By-products of Shinee, and big Bang with their own concepts.

EXO has gained so much attention, popularity, and success! Love you Mino lmao. This speaks for itself I love both of them! Both with lots of success and popularity.

But which is better on terms of Talent, Activity, Success, concepts, and personality? S why is he visual in exo-cbx and not in exo as well? Yes ikr. Popularity gaps are the worst thing ever tbh. Kai stans seems dedicated to dicrease the gap so he is catching up quickly. Sehun, Baekhyun and Chanyeol are still unbothered taking over the top 3 places. O is a pretty popular actor and people like him.

CBX kinda helped Chen gain popularity, but idk about Suho. Who is the best dancer in EXO? Baek should be in Visual list but there are so many visuals 3. A biggest gift from SM. I just watch kai baby dont cry fan cam.

Thanks you Jongin for making me feel what I felt today with your beautiful dancing. Chen is confirmed to have a solo debut! Chen will officially have his solo debut on April 1, Lacole what the freak is wrong with you and Kai. I want to take after him. Happy 7 year anniversary EXO! What a great present before our beloved Xiumin enlists on May 7th. Happy birthday sehun!!

I think that these are their positions Suho- Leader, Lead vocal Minseok- Lead Vocal, rapper Lay- Main dancer, vocal Baekhyun- Lead dancer, main vocal Jongdae- Main vocal Chanyeol- Main rapper, vocal, visual Kyungsoo- Main vocal Jongin- Main dancer, lead vocal he gets more vocal parts than rapping sorapper, center Sehun- Lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, visual, maknae.

And honestly, I think Xiumin and Kai should switch rap positions since Xiumin has been rapping more recently than Kai. Idk about Kai as a lead vocal. Also, Chanyeol, Sehun and Xiumin are the only ones who have been rapping recently, so Xiumin should be promoted to lead rapper. He has the skill for ut anyway. Well on the profile, it says Xiumin went to Catholic Kwandong University. And how do you know the rest of it?

Explain it to me please?? The whole group and the sub unit are 2 different things.

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One can be Lead Dancer in the sub unit but in the whole group not, because in the whole group there are more members and maybe someone else has that position instead. I think not only this boy band but also others in Seoul are best!! All the best EXO. Kpop Ships Kpop Facts Suggestions. Facebook Twitter Google Plus Pinterest.

Total Votes: Tags Baekhyun Chanyeol Chen D. You may also like. Can I have 2 favorite members here? I love Kai and Sehun. O is the cutest!!!!! Daisy Quiroz.

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Eats well. Isabella Birkheuer. Les Bear. Chen is last I cri. I love Luhan. My total idol. Ly Phing. Andisa Nakani. Israa Kpopper. Thank you for your comment, it has been corrected. Thanks for your comment. Wait i dun understand??? Exo and exo-m wat i fun understans did they divide the group? Oh Kihyun. Joanne Chee. Sara Kurata. Sarzuu Naoroibam.

Do is the bst for me. Do u r the bst. Thanks so much for the heads up! It has been added! Michelle Ahlgren. Could you do more fun facts on exo members? Zana Fantasize.

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Juliette Moon. Those are NOT their instagram, those are fanaccs like stated in their Bio! Thanks a lot for clarifying this!

Prativa Kc. Hehe you are right!

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Plus I love them and I also know they are talented. Thank you for the info! Aoi Suga. I totally agree! If this is in age order than Xiumin should be first and Suho should be second.

Thanks for providing additional info!

Exo members dating each other

Heheeh liked it mahn!!! Goh Kai Yee. Laily Yuri. I watched showtime and ended up knowing all their names. Bruna Skrzypek. Why to have Korean birth names when they were born in China? Thank you, we gave you credits in the post!

Could you ate the photos to the For Life photos? More info were added on Baekhyun individual profile, thanks for the heads up! Can you put it into tao profiles? How can you chose only one to be your bias? Is the bias poll broken for anyone else? Yeah it is not working in all the groups i searched:. Thought so. At least it is not just me.

credit where

Hope it gets fixed. It works again! Thanks for fixing it! Anthony Widjaja. Will you create some quiz about them? No, they broke up in September Adison Park. Kei An Lendio. Umery yes. They split up months ago. Sehun is so cool! Shoi Angoubi. Baby Lyn Gerongani Cecoral. Nur Najmi Hayati Mahasan. Kai is dating with Krystal F x.

Pure Friendship! Cute boy. O ideal type is Minah girls day and Minah ideal type is D. Kazie Binayao Gabales. Baekhyun is a bias wrecker! Nala Nirmala. Lay has an insta account zyxzjs D. Ariiq Akbar Btw baekhyun now is a lead dancer I guess and xiumin is also a rapper.

Xiumin is rapper too. They suit each other a lot! I swear. Katherine Fu. Adzri Shah Faizal. I Like you Sehun, Kai and Luhan you very cute in my live. Ellie Nicole Behn. Kai is Lead Rapper too. Kris height is actually cm but sm changed it to cm so it can fit all the members age.

EXO has new official insagram weareone. Thanks for the info. Thanks for explaining! Jenna Vergauwen. RedAlphadisqus Thanks for the heads up! It has been corrected! Not my Name. Sehun loves snobbish girl.

As in chic and cold. Could you ate the photo to kokobop teaser photo? Quanzella Alphonse. Lay is the least popular among the ladies huh? Bias used to be Kai but fell in love with Chanyeol on Roommates. Such a good series!!!! Aspen Minseok. Kris was my biased then he left and Minseok became my ultimate bias. Chen, he was quite handsome and I like them with a talents of singing.

Among all the dating rumors, there is one rumor that involves two members of a popular girl group and a popular boy band. It is none other than EXOs Sehun and Yoonas dating rumor. Both of them are members of idol groups that have been working under the management of SM Entertainment.: Ratu. NCT DREAM are close to each other. not so much to other NCT members. MARK is an exception, close to foreign members especially. there is a couple within F(x), have been together for a long time. three INFINITE members are currently dating. iKON JUNHOE dating rumors were not real. there was absolutely nothing substantial that could confirm them. Well there is an easy answer to this: it is highly probable that many members of kpop are gay just because it is statistically likely. Now let's go into the interesting stuff: Many people speculate that Suga from BTS is pansexual or bisexual. Bts.

I hope they stick together until the end. Byun baekhyun. Cristine Ann Castillo. Bibechana Thapa. Luhan is not an aries. He is a taurus.

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People keep saying Jessica and Taeyeon and while I agree with that, I only agree partially. The tension was heavy for sure. Might be because they are still rookies but they seem awkward sometimes and there have been moments where I felt like Lisa was left out. Some members seem weird with Jun and The8 to me. Hard to tell if Seungkwan is also liked by them all or not because it seems like he annoys them a bit. I find it hard to believe that girls from Twice are all super friendly. They were in a survival show and then they instantly became friends.

Also absurd because Tzuyu, Momo and Mina barely spoke Korean at that time.

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