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Yves mission is to help women attract positive relationships by establishing personal parameters and greater self-worth. Many women are confused and frustrated about men and dating Here is my take on this malaise: At one time, men were the hunters and women were the gatherers. On an intuitive level, this essence is still alive today. However, since the advent of the sixties sexual revolution, American cultural standards have shifted.

That way, he is protected, at least to a degree.

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Prenups are not just for those who are wealthy. Anyone with property or assets can have a prenuptial agreement drawn up and signed. Just know that marriage is good for society. In general, married people are happier than single people. People who never marry or have children tend to be much lonelier. Sometimes they even withdraw from society altogether. Also, having children, providing for them and watching them grow in their successes is very rewarding and joyful.

The trick is to become the right man so that you can recognize and attract a worthwhile woman. They exist. Believe me. I meet them all the time. The gatherers raise a valid point. What is in it for men to be in committed relationships with modern women? Marriage benefits the man because he actually becomes a higher earner as a result of the stability that marriage brings him.

There is something about marriage and the willingness to sacrifice a bit which motivates the man to succeed in life for the long term. Furthermore, married men have more sex than single men. Single men do not have regular sex because they do not have a steady partner. While single, the sex tends to lack actual intimacy. Finally, married men live about 10 years longer than single men and tend to be healthier.

The reason why is because he has a spouse who reminds him to see the doctor, get his checkups, and take care of that pesky cold. The single guy is on his own. It would be helpful if less people would buy into all the nonsense you hear about on television and social media.

Most single males are not tall, dark, handsome studs who can get any woman he wants. And even the handsome guy goes through dry periods because he is single and sometimes a real jerk. Long story short, statistics tell us that married men are still happier than single men and even happier than cohabiting men. Why do so many single women like living alone when there are so many of us single men that really hate being alone and really want a very serious relationship?

One definition of pursue in reference to a person is "to continue or proceed along a path or route. In essence, he does nothing at all to participate in dating. Because he has no skin in the game, nothing really matters to him. But if he had taken the time to pursue her along a respectful path, he would then feel more invested in the relationship. He would then be treating the woman as a person with value rather than a temporary vehicle for his convenience.

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He would have pursued her properly. Your premise is rather broad and, as such, is flawed. However, I will say that the word "feminism" is confusing to both men and women. Feminism is supposed to signify equal opportunity. It is not supposed to signify "sameness.

Some women might feel that they are supposed to be like men and some men come to believe they are supposed to think like women. But because men and women are naturally different, we do ourselves a disservice in trying to be like something that we are not.

So, in some ways, dating has become confusing because no one knows what to think or what to expect. If we could respect our differences while understanding that we all deserve to have equal access to rights and opportunities, given our abilities, then we would be less stressed about the word "feminism" and perhaps begin to enjoy dating once again. On the other hand, plenty of people are not worried about the word "feminism.

You can do the same. It seems to get easier between ages 30 and 40 for men because experience has kicked in. Lots of girls want to settle down and get married.

It depends upon the individual. Why should a man spend the rest of his life on guard with a person who he has to play constant power games with and can never be genuine, because it will be seen as weakness? No man should choose to marry a woman who treats him as if he is nothing. That being said, it is not unusual for men or women to sniff out weaknesses and take advantage of them if they can.

In cases like this, you have to put your foot down. For example, I dated a man who had been known as a womanizer. However, something inside me sensed that he genuinely cared for me. So I gave him a chance. We ended up dating for four years. It turns out he was a very loving guy who just needed firm direction from a woman. What I am trying to say is that the same tactic applies to spoiled women who play power games. All a man has to do is put his foot down.

Tell her firmly what you will and will not put up with. Your leaving will be a wake-up call for her, one she badly needs if she is going to sustain a happy relationship one day.

Have you ever considered that the modern view of relationships and romance is not very old? Perhaps men are resorting back to the way things were, perhaps because they see fewer and fewer benefits and more and more risks from relationships with females? I am not sure what you mean when you say "men are resorting back to the way things were.

It is only recently that some of these subsets have grown, mostly due to the broad availability of the internet. As for men who are "concerned" about "risks" I have addressed that topic many times over in my comment section. Consequently, I will not go into detail once again. Why are most single women sleeping around with different men, all the time, instead of committing to only one man?

By the same token, you might ask, "Why do most single men sleep around with different women, instead of committing to one woman? In considering your question, would you say that "all men sleep around before committing? Or would you say that not all men sleep around before committing to one partner? We have to be careful about making broad generalizations. The truth is that it has always been acceptable for men to have multiple sexual partners, but some men bristle at the idea that women might also take pleasure in sex before committing to marriage.

What matters is our reasons for choosing to engage in sexual activity. Some reasons are healthy, while others are destructive. Do you think you would act differently if you were a woman? Do you have the same sexual standards for men and women alike?

If so, why? If not, why not? These are questions you would do well to consider. Why do you exclude Asians? I had not included them because their number is relatively low. However, I have ated the site to include Asians. These statistics came directly from Kids Count Data Center. Dating "back in the day" was different because we had very defined expectations about what is proper behavior and what is not.

Today, everyone is making up the rules as we go along. Consequently, dating is confusing because nobody knows what to expect. However, you are mistaken in believing that all women hate men. Most women do not hate men.

Most women want to find love eventually and settle down with one man and raise a family. Likewise, nice guys have a hard time finding nice girls. Good people still exist. Frankly, if you want a better life, you have to elevate your game. Be a better version of yourself.

Only then will you have the ability to attract quality individuals. Only then will you stop settling for less. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Yves you made the most useful points on women confused on dating and it is an issue for man women. Yes, we have all kinds of different people in this world with different levels of integrity. I liked your article. I wonder women are confused about dating.

Some are pretty calculating but this is part of human nature. FYI: RubyRed, I am in no way advocating that you be sympathetic to anyone or any entity which advocates for or approves of violence, in any form, against women. Our sympathy can only go so far. Hi Ruby Red An interesting book to read is "The War Against Boys. If I am interested in a man, I give him positive signals so that he feels comfortable in asking me out on a date. I do that simply by smiling and talking to him. That being said, I am a boomer and men my age generally do things differently.

But guys your age, who see themselves as feminists, have grown up with a whole different worldview. Some of them are nice guys, depending upon their personality. But this is what our society has produced. We just have to deal with it and hope that educators wake up to changes that need to be made. My friends brother put it like this, "I listen to women, I listen to my teachers, women have been forced to deal with men at school, and workwalking down the street.

I hear that last one a lot, guys are terrified of being called a creep. Guys who will climb a cliff with no rope do a wheely on a motorcycle doing 70 mph and walk through a dark alley at 3am alone are more afraid of being called the "creep" word then death. MGTOW"king" I have deleted your last two posts because one was inappropriate and the other was predatory.

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You know what I am talking about. I am sorry for your unhappiness, but do not attempt to manipulate me or any of my readers or I will have you banned.

You are certainly old enough to know better. Furthermore, you need to stop ruining the chances of young men to have a chance at love.

Get help. Interesting observations. I am sorry to hear that your own bothers feel badly about themselves. I think our educational system is failing boys. Consequently, our young men are suffering the after-effects. Young boys are very vulnerable; they need our encouragement and love. That is where good parenting comes in. In this sense, Ken Burgess has a point. Real fast. Or, they are so career driven they work constantly and see women as an obstacle or worse competition.

Its much more dynamic and multi-layered than that, I know we have probably hashed out many of the issues in this thread already. Society has changed and still changing, what was normal acceptable behavior between men and women 40 years ago is considered sexual harassment today.

Women had certain expectations and roles 40 years ago, and today all those have been done away with. It is the woman not the man that carries the child and gives birth.

A woman has to decide to have children by her 40s at the latest, a man can wait until he is in his 60s if he wants. Some things just are what they are. Thus, they have decided that the cost of having a relationship is not worth the reward, having been married and divorced. I do see these guys, the "gatherers"they are usually some loud jerk in a football Jersey with three tinder accounts one steady girl who seems oblivious, four on hold and four more who think they are the steady girl while he works on his next lay.

He can only do this because of the other nine guys who ether never ask women out or are actively avoiding us. Hi RubyRed Statistically speaking, women generally carry most of the load around the house in a Marriage. That is not to say there has not been a shift, particularly now that young people are waiting to marry and men have to learn to take care of themselves FYI:.

I love a man who can cook! You will find another great guy eventually. And thanks for the information on your generation. Much appreciated. You are correct. I am somewhat traditional although I never pick up after men or do their ironing, etc. My old BF was a great cook like my dad and kept his place neater than mine, in fact he spoiled me.

He was a few years older than me and worked construction so he was really muscular and masculine, it was funny watching him iron clothes. I was only 17 when I asked him out, a friend of my brothers. We dated for just one year and I broke up with him because I was chasing some other guy I met online which was stupid. Most of them are better at housework then the girls I know. The other issue I think is that while I was told that girls were great, powerful, and could do anything.

The boys were taught that men are all villains and defective. On the one hand, sex is the glue that holds a marriage together On the other hand, sex is emotional for women in that she needs to feel loved in the marriage.

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She feels loved when he does thoughtful, little things It is impossible to have healthy sex with an abusive, angry or emotionally absent man. Also, women should nudge rather than nag when she needs his help with this or that. She often works outside the house too, yet most of the household chores, cooking, and child raising rests upon her shoulders Sometimes a gal gets tired working two jobs.

I was in for my yearly check-up at the Dentists last week. But the hygienist said she had been married for 20 years. She said paraphrasingthat after a couple years she learned what her husband needed, and things were much easier thereafter. I give him that 15 minutes, or whatever it is, of attention, and he goes back to being his normal happy self.

I would be curious to see of all those marriages that end in divorce, how many of those women understood this one simple truth. How dramatic, not to mention, unimpressive.

And then MGTOW men, who have been married before, wonder why she asked for a divorce in the first place.

The truth is that women are relieved when angry men stop dating. Some young men are beginning to realize just how damaging your philosophies are.

For others, it might be too late. This thing of men not dating out of fear has become ridiculous. Studies of men living alone and forsaking the chance to love are not filled with happy endings. These men end up depressed and sometimes suicidal. Nevertheless, I appreciate your story. In time you will meet someone who does not live in fear of women. It might take a little longer, but it will happen eventually. People are still dating. That much I know for sure!

I really hate it, women outnumber men two to one on campus and most of the guys seem to be so afraid of women they practically run away. My BFF and I joined the group and started hanging out with him. So last week I saw him out with his friends, awesome three single guys and I have an excuse to talk to them. What about his friends, he explained that they had all be burned in the past by their exes and none want a relationship or even sex.

Save up for the boat. The poor dears need a man cave and we women need a break. However, men do become a lot easier to handle when their wife lets them have a boat.

Men with boats are generally pretty happy fellows and easy to manage. Do some research. That is not something I had "felt. They hate women, but any vulnerable person can be a victim of their rage. Why do you think they celebrate mass shootings? Are all of those victims women? Incels attack homeless men and old ladies? Where did you get that statistic Except that the women I am speaking of in this article always pursue men and always get the raw end of the deal Apparently, you have experienced rejection, just like the women I have addressed.

That is a whole different matter. And yes, rejection is an unpleasant experience. The more one is intimately involved, the greater the pain. For those who experience pain when they hardly know the person, there are larger issues that need to be addressed. You are correct in stating that the majority of men I have referred to are Incels. It is also correct that Incels glorify violence against women and that they celebrate mass shootings of any kind. I agree that, due to their insecurity, they have a difficult time getting a girlfriend.

Consequently, they turn to a community which offers the "black pill. Not all are violent, but some are indeed very much so.

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Some will become mass shooters. Others find pleasure in beating a homeless man or attacking a helpless old lady. They are angry and cowardly.

And yes, they despise the court system, nor are they happy with women, in general. I could list all of the statistics that women have suffered over the years at the hands of men as well. We have to find a way to become more mature as adults. Blaming everyone else, the system, and changing times will do us no good. It is possible to be happy.

Some people may be better off single. If that is the case, more power to them. But there should be no violence against one another, needless to say. Far from contrary. Women are perfect. The issue MGTOW is that we now live in a gynocentric world that promotes feminism at the expense of men.

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This is most expressed in the family courts, but in many other areas as well. But it is also expressed in social shaming of men who take issue of women using the government and law enforcement to attack men with false allegations used to negate regret sex with a rape charge, have an ex-boyfriend thrown in jail with either a rape charge or assault. And now the silver bullet divorce strategy of calling CPS weeks before the trail date to charge sexual abuse of the children to get the upper-hand negotiations of divorce.

All of these charges if proven as purjury has little to no consequence to the woman. Many have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and living out of their cars, and told they get what they deserve. Most guys are descent hardworking men who became boring to their wives. MGTOW are about educating others about true female nature.

Much of what is not taught by non-existent fathers or weak fathers at best, who are now at the mercy of their wives. These are the red pills. The type of guy you all are describing is the Incel.

10/10/ So I am writing this to try and figure it out. Yes, I would absolutely love to meet someone to marry and ultimately that is what I am seeking, but the problem I am running into is that it seems no one else on these dating sites is looking for anything beyond dating! Im not trying to advice you, or admonish you or convert you.: 1. On the flip side, if you're wondering why dating apps and sites aren't working for you, another reason may be that your profile is way too long. And rather than coming off as well-cultured and interesting, you simply look overbearing and long-winded. Marriage, Not Dating (Korean: ?? ?? ??; RR: Yeonae Malgo Gyeolhon) is a South Korean television series starring Yeon Woo-jin, Han Groo, Jeong Original network: tvN.

He is now apart of a group that has about four decades of experience and observation. He knows the law and courts can destroy him instantly and avoids most if not all romantic of sexual relationships out of fear. He is mad with the system.

He is mad with the laws that effects his life. Makes him a slave of sorts. Incels on the other hand are mad at women.

They want to see bad things happen to them. Therefore, MGTOW are willing to be open to Incels, with our red pills, as more and more guys get the bum deal on women, relationships and sex, their anger and rage to eventual cause social breakdown and maybe even collapse to bring about a new era where men are on a more level playing field. The Incels are essentially being weaponized. Incels are furious that they cannot get a single date or even a girlfriend with all their efforts. And some have spent thousands to up their game.

The easy sex all you women talk about is simply not there for them. There is all of this frustration and realization that there is no future for them. They spiral into a depression and some go on to be mass shooters. If you saw some of their rants, emotional outburst, their nihilism and profound shame, you would probably be scared to leave your home.

Why does either group exists? Could it be all from a hoax or conspiracy theory? Maybe what these guys are experiencing is not real. Maybe women can shame them more being lacking somehow. Supply and demand. Action and reaction. Real change cannot come without sacrifice. Maybe all of this is just prose and campfire tale Fascinating paragraph There is no harvesting. You can eat, entertain youself and even have sex without ever having to be inconvenienced with leaving your abode.

You have pinpointed, quite elegantly, why so many young men such as our friend J0j, are so very lost and disillusioned. He will not learn anything like that from forums. We all need one another and inconveniencing ourselves for a higher good is always worth the effort.

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I think those who have vision to write have a civic duty to do so. So, I look forward to reading your work. As far as dialogue - whether it be a discussion such as this, politics, race, etc. But, we live in an over-crowded, over-stressed world and I think, at times, piercing the banality of that existence by force is all people have. The high pitch of wickedness has really robbed us of our civility.

Partnership is about protecting and providing for and with your partner. I think the "blood in the water" approach is part and parcel with the death of shame. And, if you think about it, shame is really a survival instinct. We needed the herd - or the tribe, ir commune, or gang or whatever - for the purposes of survival.

We depended on each other. Contemporary ethics and technology has made us so insular - and successful at being insular - that the herd is a thing of the past. There is no hunting. There is no mating. The herd is a thing of the past - as is shame. There is no longer the need for that little tug of reminder to not be excluded. Our emotional evolution, shaped by the modern world, has killed it off.

So, not only does it alter the communication between people, it alters the context in which relationships exist.

There is no mooring in our morals. So, we objectify.

We forge our expectations from the shit we see in media. The context of the problem is far greater than women and men or women versus men. More deeply, it appears to arise from a loss of identity of self. Jojo is one of many men who have come to this site to express, however inelegantly, their distress, anger and confusion toward and about women.

I am not a psychologist; therefore, I believe it best not to over-engage. However, I am not at all fearful. Perhaps in sitting down and writing a new article, I can do my very small part in addressing the issue of contemporary male vs. Feel free to share your reflections. And thank you for your restraint. Good lawyers are good at that.

We're Not Dating

I think men and women hate the contemporary situation. On the other hand, J0j, your comments are fairly terse. Makes someone feel like they could get knocked around. Dialogue takes restraint. Well stated, zinnanti. I think one of the things people suffer from is what I would call "regional toxicity. What do I mean by that? Well, for example, I live in the greater Los Angeles area. I have never known a place to be so crowded and with people so alone.

Not only do we deal with great impact as to dating and gender focused trends, but clearly entrenched stereotypes with respect to our standards.

We are "emotionally transient" by refusing to "put down roots," so to speak. Men are objectified as much as women. As a guy, on the other hand, I better be a good earner, have the right looks and so on.

Neither sex has a monopoly on this aspect of things. We humans, ultimately being herd animals - thanks largely to technology - have fostered such insularity that perhaps much of self-identification is the product of little more than just pure confusion. There is a loss of self in such pervasive insularity. It is wholly counter to our fundamental nature and needs and we have lost sight that our "self" goes well beyond the four corners of our being.

In relationships we all have roles to fulfill - like it or not. It comes down to respect, acknowledgment, growth and the freedom to grow. It is the lack - or fear of the lack - of those things that gives way to the rugged individualism of controlling masculinity or hyper feminism. In the end, the only foe we have is that insecurity within ourselves. This is how we have globally reacted to the loss of community. Hello zinannti. My thought is always, "Girlfriend, how clueless can you be?

The guy is trying to be nice. Get over yourself. I say the same thing to women about men who act badly, obviously. Imagine THAT??? But once a man gets a bit older, I do understand how he may be less interested in dating.

This is a good and insightful article. A true relationship is about commitment to partnership. Creating divisions over the trivialities of the flesh - and constantly putting each other on trial - are a recipe for a failed relationship. Culturally, I grew up in a time where the proper thing to do was to hold the door, push in the chair, get the car door, bring flowers to make things special.

Now, I am informed that all such things are an assault on the individuality of the woman. It is a direct affront to her ability to care for her needs; a testament to presumed weakness. In my martial arts classes which I do for fitness.

That did not garner a well received reaction as I was "mansplaining" and belittling those around me. If they only knew the things I have seen. All you have to do is dial it back a few notches. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want someone who seems overly anxious around you all the time? Your average person, male or female, needs some space. And yes, such people do come off as strange. Somehow you need to find a way to be more relaxed around women.

The good news is that there is hope, unless you start blaming women for everything. It depends on the nature of why women reject men that seem to keen. Is it because the women feels that the man is trying so hard because really he is looking for something else like sex instead of a serious commitment?

Or is a women not interested in men that appear too keen because it makes them look valueless because they are not popular with other women? So therefor if they struggle to find a girlfriend, there is this assumption that there must be something wrong with them. Hello ChrisG My understanding is that women in Australia are particularly sensitive to the issue of sexism and that Australia is likely dealing with a misogyny problem, both in film, television, the workplace and in dating.

If women are not willing to go out with you after two dates, then something is wrong. Maybe you go over-board with the compliments. Perhaps you come off as insincere or desperate.

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I do know that the documentary, The Red Pill, was banned in some parts of Australia, so that tells me that Australia may have bad behavior issues it needs to resolve. I do hear that television there has quite a lot of full frontal nudity I imagine women are finally waking up to this fact and rebelling against it.

As things stand, you might be better off finding a woman somewhere else, but wherever you find her, you still have to treat a woman like a lady, if indeed she is a lady herself. Good luck to you! I am cm tall, not obese. So far, I have been single my whole life. I have been on many dates probably about in my lifebut every women has stopped responding back to my messages after date 2.

Thank you EmperRose I honestly wish you the same on all counts. For the record, I do not think we disagree on everything.

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Be well. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Before I dip out of this convo I feel the need to clarify something I brought up in my first comment, because when I look back at it I can see how it could very easily be misinterpreted. Given I said that in the middle of an entirely different subject, it definitely looks like I was implying something else. Anyway, it was fun talking with you! While I may not agree with your conclusions, I really do respect you for being so willing to engage with people and hear them out.

I hope nothing but health, happiness, and fortune comes to you and the people you care about. Good luck, and have a fantastic day! I will have to review your comments. If you were not talking about sex robots, then I should not have "attacked" you. As for the article you mentioned, I stand by my words.

I did not see any "sources" for her claims. Furthermore, I have no idea how many peer reviewed articles she has written within academia, nor whether she had highs rating for said periodicals. These things matter to those who take the merits of higher learning seriously.

Your English is very good. I am pleased you found happiness with a woman from Venezuela I am sorry, too, that your mother was needlessly heartless. I do not believe that all women from North America are like your mother, but, of course, some people choose to be negative, and in the end, it comes back to haunt them.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Perhaps you could write an article on the matter and we could discuss it further there. This is not the forum for it, as it is not really related to the topic of discussion. Apologies Yves, for addressing the issue with our newly joined member of Hubpages here.

As EmperRose is very articulate, I felt this an excellent opportunity to suggest a topic for a first article. But, sure. I think this article fails to address some very significant factors.

What Nobody Tells You About Being Single And Not Dating

Soy, corn byproducts and steroids in meat products have significantly feminized men over the last three or four decades. There are also other biological factors that would make men far less interested in women than they were even a mere generation ago. Many men are actually quite happy giving that a skip.

All those studies that were conducted ten or twenty years ago are hardly relevant anymore. The boys growing up today will be very different than their grandfathers biologically. A fair number will be quite content to play video games, go to massage parlors when the need strikes, and have low-stress jobs. The majority of them who find themselves like that will not be the stereotypical "angry MGTOW", they will be happy enough with their lives.

Also, many men, like me, will have been raised by a single feminist mother.

25/04/ Hey guys you can see the video i am not dating joe jonas.: therealdemibackup. 07/03/ Im single and not dating. Dont get me wrong,Id love to be in a relationship, but Im honestly not fully invested into dating that I cant go to sleep at night. Sure, having a boyfriend just for the sake of taking cute pics on Instagram would be nice, but it's not a necessity. Now, I. To be sure, not all men act that badly, and I am not at all making that assertion. What I am saying is that our permissive society has created the "male gatherer" who does not understand why love and commitment actually matter. He thinks what matters is his freedom. After all, .

Not the kind, as you described, who was working hard while dad was MIA. She actively pushed my father out of our lives, barred me from seeing him, and used the court system to ruin him because she was interested in someone else. My father never missed a payment, but ended up living in a car in cold Quebec nights, in homeless shelters, and wherever he could. I saw how the court system blindly supported my mother and tortured my father, all at her behest.

I grew up in a house where all I ever heard was "men this - blah, men that - blech. The system is set so that women get sympathy without responsibility and men get responsibilities without any sympathy. At 18 I went to France and signed up for the Foreign legion thanks to my mom and the police, the Canadian military was out of the question.

I managed to pass the physical on my second attempt and served 2 five year terms in Africa, where I was surrounded by real men and learned respect for God, respect for the poor, and respect for cultures that are not awash in consumerism. I volunteered for every assignment where I could earn extra "danger pay".

I built my physique, my belief in the Lord, very healthy lifestyle habits, and learned a trade. When I returned to Canada at 28, I had ten years worth of pay sitting in a bank, which I invested in 2 apartment buildings. I simply had a hard time respecting North American women who seem so petty and fragile compared to some of the women I had met in Africa who risked their lives to save children.

How can I respect that? However, and I wish most men would realize this, time is on our side. I always wanted a wife and kids, just not with a woman who was brought up in a feminist society.

There is no way I wanted to go through what my dad did, living penniless in middle age, but more importantly, I did not want to have children who had to go through what I did when I was a child. I wanted to be a proper father and husband in a stable family, and I knew I could not get that with a western woman. Western women are too easily influenced by this degenerate culture. Therefore I did not date. I think there are many men like me who just opted out of the dating scene.

Besides, who wants to date a woman who is unhappy and confused like most Canadian women are these days? The "40 year old virgin" jokes never bothered me. It has a happy ending though. I sold everything when I was 45, travelled to Venezuela where I met my wife, we moved to the Caribbean and bought a huge farm, and now we are expecting our fourth child. I look upon my wife and three children with such pride, especially when they are lined up like ducks in row to take our seats in church every Sunday.

I could never have had anything like this with a Canadian wife. All men have to do is to abstain from smoking, abstain from alcohol, abstain from drugs of any kind, stay grounded by volunteering time to the real needy, work out 4 days a week, foster a relationship with the Lord, and they will be in great shape in their mid forties. I think there are a lot of men like me these days, we no longer have an obligation to the feminist women who have been letting us know how little of an obligation they have towards us the last 40 or so years.

My poor mom is all alone in a nursing home in Montreal. I send her a birthday card every year. She will, however, never meet my children. I built a little house on the farm for my dad though. He helps his grandchildren with their homework every day. The author of the study you site is Bella Paulo, PhD. She also appears on CNN, a heavily biased network which has almost zero credibility. But Paulo is honest about one thing. Older women are capable of doing well on their own.

To be more specific it says:. The authors thought that the unpartnered single men would do worse than the single men who were dating on every measure, but that never happened. The men who were dating did not differ significantly from the unpartnered single men in their experiences of depression or stress or loneliness.

The married men were more likely to report frequent depressive symptoms. They were also slightly more likely to experience stress than the cohabiting men. Marriage was also no protection against loneliness, as married men were no less lonely than cohabiting men.

Cohabiting men also did well in comparison to the dating or unpartnered men on two measures of well-being: They were less likely to report frequent depressive symptoms or loneliness.

This is exactly why the debate around general AI is truly fascinating to me! What does it actually mean to be human? Is it the series of chemical neurotransmitters in our brains that enable the emotions most of us feel? Our ability to think and reason abstractly? Our ability to create and build? Our shared experience? All of the above?

The s Cultural Movement

Turns out we may have to actually answer that question one of these days. We are making much more progress on the physical side of thing thoughs, moving towards creating robotic bodies that are physically indistinguishable from humans is a much more attainable goal. Personally, what do you think?

Just as small note, speaking of "programming" you may want to look into neruoscientific research into voluntary action and consciousness.

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Men and women are quite different in this regard. And sorry, no reasonable person honestly believes that AI robots can replace a living, breathing, emotional, loving, compassionate human being, no matter how well they have been programmed. I repeat To love a robot in a romantic sense is perverse. It is a highly unfortunate and pitiful way of getting around the need for an actual human connection. Jeffrey Dahmer had a deep sexual love for his mannequin. The conclusions are irrefutable.

I have to push back there, and I think you may at least agree that the data is incomplete. Nor does it account for the fact that people who are happier may be more likely to be married in the first place.

Think Again By Elyakim Kislev. In other words, it could be that happy and healthy individuals with more earning power are more likely to marry, painting a different picture of the effects of marriage. Rather, the authors suggest that married men are selected into marriage by coming from a stronger economic background.

Using data from the German Socio-Economic Panel, the researchers investigated the marriage patterns of individuals in relation to their levels of happiness. The results suggest that happier singles are indeed more likely to get married, and that the benefits of marriage are more pronounced among happier individuals. Moreover, other psychological and medical studies suggest genetic selection into divorce and marriage.

Such variables relate to the social exclusion and stigma experienced by singles, divorced, and widowed people that probably associate with numerous negative outcomes. The problem is that we do not have enough data on these discriminatory practices. It is a mere object. I also have to push back firmly on this point.

Nobody on Earth knows the answer to yet. When I talked about places of ethical concern I was talking about the idea of buying intelligent entities and al that, which is a fascinating convo on its own. In some parts of the world, marriage rates remain steady, whereas in others, marriage is on the decline. One reason for low statistic rates has to do with the fact the couples all over the world are waiting longer to get married.

Back in the day, numbers were higher because people married as early as age 18 consequently, higher numbers to count. Now the median age has increased to age 28 for women and 35 or so for men. To state otherwise is inaccurate. Social scientists have studied marriage for years. Their conclusions are constant. The reason why married men do well is because he is involved in a reciprocal relationship that brings him satisfaction over the long run.

Yes, he must make some sacrifices, but those sacrifices pay off with long term benefits. With AI robots, a human man forfeits a reciprocal relationship. His relationship with a robot is transactional. He has paid for a device to do his bidding, but that device is devoid of feelings.

We need human relationships in our lives. We do not do well without them. Having shared goals and mutual give-and-take is what gives humans happiness. If that were not so, a human baby would be able to flourish without human interaction.

Yet, it cannot. It must be loved by a human being or it will either die or be mentally impaired. The same goes for adults. We cannot pretend that we can ignore our vast and complicated human emotions, or that a robot is even capable of understanding human emotions.

This should go without saying However, some individuals do form strong attachments to AI, but their affection is a one-way street. A romantic attachment to AI would ultimately lead to disillusion and loneliness. It is in no way a healthy substitute for real love and affection between human beings.

What do I bring to the table? Until women start asking the Key Question, and doing a lot of personal work, they will remain frustrated and confused with men. And more men will be going MGTOW, as there is no longer any legitimate reason to put women on a pedestal, as this article does. Other interested parties are welcome to reply, within reason.

It does seem to me that the overall trend is towards relationships in general becoming more rare for our entire species. Beyond romantic relationships specifically, people are spending less and less time doing social activities. Honestly, I have no idea if any of that is even a bad thing. Bear with me, I just want to get your thoughts on a different viewpoint here. Given our technology is hopefully only going to keep improving, I would imagine that means our evolved compulsion to seek out others will fade as well.

But I mean AI and artificial births. Again, a complex issue with multiple things to take into consideration there. We just have options our ancestors could not have even imagined. But to ask a question of something you posed in the article That may mean we find new ways to be happy that have nothing to do with other people at all. In a word, you have to make the apps and sites a priority if you want them to work in your favor and help you to meet that special person.

In many cases, the more active you are, the more likely you are to find someone. And rather than coming off as well-cultured and interesting, you simply look overbearing and long-winded. And while you may think that you should be approached first, sending the initial message actually shows someone just how confident and assertive you are-both of which are appealing qualities.

Specifically, you should try to directly reference something that was mentioned in his or her profile rather than writing a generic message to someone.

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