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It's Just Lunch Toronto . Complaints . Better Business Bureau® Profile

My Review of "It's Just Lunch" dating agency.

It's Just Lunch does not deliver what it promises to their clients. They only match people according to age and location. New inside sales reps are given leads ten year old leads to call and more often than not the phone numbers no longer belong to those leads or the people are married. They continue to call people on a monthly basis that asked to be put on the "do not call list". This is basically a Run for your life!

City: Atlanta. San Diego. Its Just Lunch Matchmaking Service. Its Just Lunch Membership. Its Just Lunch Online Dating. Jun 21 SleepyStingray Its Just Lunch - Fraud. Rating Details Additional Fees. Billing Practices. Customer service. Diversity of Products or Services.

Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy. Price Affordability. Privacy and Data Security. Product or Service Quality.

Its just lunch dating service complaints

I paid thousands of dollars to be matched with women that were not on Match. Comment 0 0. The women she introduced to me are all fakes. They are just profiteering and will not entertain giving their victims refund. Spread the word. Reply 0 0. Preferred solution Let the company propose a solution.

Its Just Lunch Reviews and Complaints

Share Share Tweet. After waiting my time for one year and taking my six-figure payment, she vanishes. I e-mailed her demanding for my partial refund but she has done ghosting.

It's Just Lunch International [IJL] / dating agency in singapore. Ro. Nov 28, It's Just Lunch Singapore is just a scam. I am a French man, 38, paid SGD1, . At It's Just Lunch, we promise our clients a minimum number of matches that lead to dates. Our dating specialists are regularly provided with new leads and. If you're tired of online dating, will It's Just Lunch help you find love? number one personalized matchmaking service, It's Just Lunch (IJL) offers an alternative to . Read 19 It's Just Lunch Customer Reviews and Complaints.

View full review. Comment 1 0. Preferred solution Full refund. Aug 04 GodlyCaracal Its Just Lunch - Never used service - can't get 3k back.

I signed up for IJL over the phone several months ago. Reason of review Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy. Tags Unprofessional.

May 06 PopularElk Its Just Lunch - Matchmqking. There was no answer.

View customer complaints of It's Just Lunch Toronto, BBB helps resolve However the service is trying to turn it around as "this is all part of the dating process". 80 reviews of Its Just Lunch "I want to thank the two dozen some odd who posted under IJL. Y'all saved me If I could give this dating service zero stars I would. Its Just Lunch Reviews and Complaints . Service. Its Just Lunch Matchmaking Service. Cons. Misrepresented services; Ignore requests and interests; Unethical .

Please Call me. Apr 29 CuteBear Rating Details Customer service. This organization is terrible and should be shut down for misrepresentation. They lie, lie, lie.

Their contract terms are completely one-sided and they are non-responsive if you have any issues. How is this terrible unethical company still in business? If anyone would like to collaborate on legal options to keep this company from ripping off other consumers, please email me at IJLSucks yahoo.

Comment 2 0. Cons Unethical practices Misrepresented services Quality of service or matches. Mar 12 PissedConsumer Its Just Lunch - Waste of Money. I have been nothing but disappointed by the poor service and availability of men their database in my area. Evening their offerings, only a couple, Reason of review Bad quality.

Mar 06 CondescendingTang. They are a complete rip off. DO NOT under any circumstance sign up for this business.

They should be banned! Reason of review Poor customer service.

Feb 19 MajorFrigatebird Its Just Lunch - Waste of money. It's huge waste of your money and it's very expensive for nothing. A few months ago I was switched to a national-level matchmaker in a completely different part of the country Debbie, see below. Wasn't really a problem, but it did catch me a bit off guard. Kinda missed the personal face-to-face feeling of knowing I was talking with someone locally ie someone who knows the local area, can say it's raining here and it's raining there too haha.

Longer version spoilers - Some of those field offices tried roping me into 'high pressure sales tactics' with higher-paid offers over the phone, saying "I need this right now. Debbie has since told me she does not use high pressure sales tactics, and I believe her.

More on her at the end. Maybe I should be grateful- I'm a stronger person for it now! Bottom line - I think this organization is worth it. I take responsibility for my actions, past and present. I'm a quiet guy, so this organization did help me quite a bit. They said no tho haha. I do think a relationship with your director is important. Finally, I would also be aware of any time-sensitive offers over the phone.

Matchmaking in Modern Dating - It's Just Lunch Chicago

Would recommend telling them you'll need a few days to think about it and I would stick to that, no matter how upset or demanding they are haha. Those are my thoughts and my opinions! Almost like an agent in sports.

I do think she has produced results. I was perhaps skeptical at first, mainly because I had no idea I was being transferred to her, but my experiences with her in the past few months have been nothing but positive! I have had a very positive experience with It's Just Lunch working with Aleisha and her team. Becoming single again after many years can be intimidating and I wasn't sure where to start. While traveling, I read an ad for It's Just Lunch and decided to give it a try.

From the first phone call, the team there made me feel comfortable and confident in its process. Still doubtful, I decided what do I have to lose and I might as well try it.

The team at It's Just Lunch spent a lot of time talking with me to get to know me and build my profile. Matches were sent to me for my review, then I could decide if I wanted to proceed. I've been a memeber now for close to three months and I have met three gentlemen. All were very kind and better in person than their profile picture. All the dates were enjoyable experiences. It was very comfortable entering the restaurant, where the hostess would take me to my match.

The restaurants chosen by It's Just Lunch had friendly attentive wait staff, great food, and an inviting atmosphere. I have been very pleased with my experience so far and can't wait to see what It's Just Lunch has in store for me in the future. Your instructions were perfect!

It's Just Lunch!

The restaurant had a large parking lot as it is part of a hotel I was greeted by the hostess and told her who I was and they immediately brought me to the table where they had just seated my date.

The table was a corner table with couch like seating and pillows. The restaurant was busy but the table was perfect for conversation and being away from the crowd. The service was excellent! As promised, at the end of the meal, two separate checks were brought to us and the server made sure to give us each the correct check. I also highly recommend Krystyl and Aleisha as matchmakers! They both are very valuable assets to your service and did a great job at guiding me through the process.

Everything worked out exactly as they said it would! I feel very lucky to be working with them! Please indulge me as I give a few reasons why Kimberli and Tameka are so good at what they do.

In no particular order: First, they make themselves available: they work hard to accommodate your schedule, making time to talk when it is convenient for you. Second, they listen very well. They are interested in learning as much about you as they can for the purpose of matching you with the right date. Third, they do their work with cheerfulness and joy. I probably don't have to tell you what a difference a positive, joyful attitude can make when discussing personal matters over the telephone.

I have never known them to be cross, and they love to laugh with me. Fourth, they are consciously competent. I never worry that I will be paired with the wrong person, because I know Kimberli and Tameka can handle their assignments.

And though I could wax eloquent for much longer, fifth and finally, they are passionate about their work. I get the sense that this is not simply a job for Kimberli and Tameka, but that in the core of their being, they care about finding the right match for me.

I recommend these two ladies without a moment's hesitation. I joined IJL like most people — I thin k— because of the frustration with regular dating apps.

I was in contact with one woman who spent extensive time getting to know me over the phone before they decided to take me on as a client.

Then I was put in contact with my personal matchmaker. There was more conversation and then a Skype interview. I really liked this part because it made the process real. Dealing with live people is better than just phone conversations which can stay abstract. After the Skype interview, the actual matchmaking process started. I was sent a first profile. The profiles are succinct which I actually like. Online profiles in regular dating apps can sometimes be long and give too much unnecessary information.

The IJL profile, in comparison, only gives the basic and essential info plus a photo. For the rest, I just have to trust the expertise of my matchmaker. And then of course there is the unpredictable part: actual chemistry, or not. I turned down my first match and the process resumed.

My second match was sent within 8 days of the first one. I accepted the 2nd match and my date was set up within a week. I am currently waiting to meet my match. Fingers crossed! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I didn't know what to expect but I was hopeful that I would have a good match. I didn't expect things to work out so well. We had been speaking on the phone everyday and we are getting to know each other really well, and I am really looking forward to our next date! Thank you Debbie for matching us well!

If you're thinking of joining It's Just Lunch, please read. But, I thought, "Hey, I'm successful and relatively good looking, so will likely have a much better experience than that. This has been the most humiliating dating experience I've ever had. In 9 months I had just 11 dates. I was not attracted to these dates, and I had little in common with them.

One date was 16 years older than me! I was told there were lots of men in my area, and if I had to travel the date would meet me half way. But, at times I would drive After a couple months I was called by a service called Elite Singles a subsidiary of IJL who said there was a lot of positive feedback from my dates and recommended I move to their service. The Elite Singles service offered to go out to social events and find men for me to date. They sent me pictures of multiple very good looking and successful men that I could meet through Elite Singles.

View customer complaints of It's Just Lunch, BBB helps resolve disputes with the I paid $ for this dating service and was told every match would be a. I joined "It's Just Lunch" 6 months ago and I am blown away. Their team is on it. I have had This is absolutely the worst dating service around. You're better off. So I thought it couldn't hurt to sign up with It's Just Lunch, a widely advertised You expect some rejection when you sign up with a dating service, but of online complaints about It's Just Lunch, but how surprising is that?.

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