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What Men Want Most in Women They Date

Michael Hurst is a dating consultant, author and speaker based in the Washington, DC area. Over the past 11 years since he first discovered what has come to be known as the "Pickup Artist" PUA Community, Michael has developed his ability to have more power and choice in his dating life through his own personal experience, through coaching others and through sales, public speaking, Neurolinguistic Programming NLP and Handwriting Analysis. Michael has conducted numerous seminars for men meeting women and a few for dating that involved both men and women. He coaches clients both "infield" as they meet people in places like bars, malls and coffee shops and coaches through one on one private one-on-one sessions over the phone as a personal dating consultant for both men and women. In addition to his own business he is also a director of the largest dating discussion forum for men on the east coast. His new book "Become That Guy" is a comprehensive resource toward dating and self-development based on over 11 years of personal experience, training and coaching.

Just a few years ago, meeting and dating women was a mystery to me.

What Men Want Most in Women They Date

I thought in order to meet women, I had to belong to an exclusive social circle or risk my career trying to date a coworker. I spent Friday nights at home, lonely and frustrated. At one point I did get a girlfriend, but because I believed women were so scarce, I lived in constant fear that she would break up with me and she did.

I also invested money in Internet dating educational products, many of which are only a few clicks away. I was very excited. After tweaking my profile and the way I messaged women, some women started agreeing to meet me. Usually these dates ended with the woman walking out twenty minutes later.

I was persistent, constantly tweaking my profile and my approach. After a lot of trial and error and investing in a lot of dating tips for men products, I figured out how to write the best profile and came up with the most effective method of contacting women online.

I learned how to interact with women on first dates in a way that made them feel irresistibly attracted to me and instead of feeling awkward. Guys at work wondered how I did it.

Michael Hurst is a dating consultant, author and speaker based in the in his dating life through his own personal experience, through coaching others and. Call in to have your pickup artist/ dating advice questions answered with Michael Hurst dating coach and author of the book Become That Guy. View Michael Hurst's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Michael has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile on.

When I told my friends that I was meeting women off the Internet, they laughed. The thing is, technology has changed that way we meet and interact with women for the better. Nowadays women especially younger women prefer texting over calling. And I learned what was possible in program theory and to be adventurous in program design. So I felt that after I had arrived at a philosophy of what was imperative in coaching the sprints that if I was true to that philosophy the results should follow and, up to a point, they did.

Maree ran a season best of only 55sec in and when Darren came to me in early after finishing last in his semi at the Rome world championships he put in five weeks training and was still so unfit he ran But in the wrap up in Seoul, both Darren and Maree reached their respective Olympic m finals clocking Aussie national records of Those times remain respectable, even more so in the current climate. What does that say about the state of m in Australia?

Are they coaching them wrong joking here? Are kids focusing on the money-and-glory events? Peter Fortune coached Cathy most of her career.

We had depth, lots of different coaches contributed to putting silver on the table. Yet immediately after Athens the regime in place at that time at our NF, Athletics Australia, took the expedient option to a funding crisis by sacking excuse me, not renewing the employment contracts of all 18 fulltime coaches in our system including the excellent head coach and high performance manager Keith Connor. Last year a Sydney sprinter, Steve Solomon, took bronze in the world junior championship m and then dipped under 45sec in reaching the London Olympic final less than 12 months after a very serious hamstring tear during a school carnival.

His coach, a Ukrainian woman Fira Dvoskina, nearly 80, did a magnificent job coaching Steve but so too the various medical staff.

Some of the physiotherapists and sports doctors who treated Darren all those years ago are still working today and their knowledge is world-best. Can you tell us how you discovered him along with the NSW Institute of Sport m Fast Track projectand the type of training that led to his 4xm Gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi? What was his PB under your guidance?

In NSWIS CEO Charles Turner, a famous Olympic waterpolo player in his day, phoned me and said they were thinking of setting up a m development program and wanted to establish a coach mentoring system. I had not personally coached an athlete since the Atlanta Olympics when I guided Kylie Hanigan to run the fastest split Cathy Freeman was being rested in the relay heats with the m final the night before.

She organised a big meet-and-greet in the stylish Ian Thorpe Theatrette and we had a large turnout of interested coaches. Those who eventually signed up though were people who had never had significant success coaching athletes for the m, or those who had never tried and though perhaps this might be the safest way in that direction.

He had a squad of good sprinters and hurdlers who he had developed very much in isolation from the elite scene through no fault of his own. Two of his squad were Kevin Moore and Matt Lynch, both m sprinters in the Lynch then almost immediately got seriously injured over training on his own while holidaying up north with mates. But Kevin stayed injury-free, dipped into the high 45sec zone and was picked as a travelling reserve for the Australian 4xm at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

For reasons best known only to himself and his coach, the national m titleholder Ben Offereins ran out of puff by the time he had finished the individual m in Delhi and he was dropped from the final line-up for the long relay, his place taken by Kevin Moore who ran very well because his periodization had been successful and I guess his conditioning as a m specialist was appropriate to his progression to the m and an immediately pleasing result.

Back in those days, a simple post-race and the day before rub down was all that was required. Now we have performance therapists on the track, during the warm up, constantly doing soft-tissue work and maintenance.

Michael hurst dating coach

Michael Hurst. This book is a comprehensive reference for men who are looking for more power and choice in their dating life with women. Become That Guy: Become Irresistibly Attractive () : Michael Hurst: Books. Elliott Gordon is a writer and coach who provides dating tips for men. Vince Kelvin, Erika Awakening, Hans Comijn, Michael Hurst, Dan McDonley, and many . Dating experts: Don't blame D.C. | Dated So I might not be the perfect client for Michael Hurst, a dating coach who works mostly with straight.

When you Become That Guy who is both sexy and exciting while also being the kind of man who a woman would want for a longer term relationship or marriage, you will have options and choice in your relationships with women. The book addresses fundamental skills and understandings designed to help a man have power and choice in his relationships with women.

Positive and realistic beliefs about yourself, women, relationships and sexuality are covered that provide an essential foundation for developing the identity as a man who is powerfully attractive to women. The book is filled with drills and exercises so that you can take action to develop yourself.

Instead of being a guy who says things in order to get something, you become that guy who gets what he wants in his relationships with women as an authentic expression of who you are. What Do Women Really Want?

Forget Tinder. Heres how to meet potential dates in the wild

It Depends. Behavior With Men.

Michael Hurst, a Washington, D.C., dating coach, said one of his clients has had great luck at a rock-climbing gym. You have to physically work. michael hurst dating coach alex and sierra still dating I had researched pretty much every guru, pickup and dating coach out there, and Vince BY FAR gives WAY MORE Michael Hurst, Author of Be The Man.

What is a Guy to Do?

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