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Which Do Guys Prefer Tall Girls or Short Girls - NYC Public Interview

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Not the tallest, but I'm taller than the vast majority of women I meet, and I'm eye level with most men I'm the average male height in my area.

I do not let it affect my daily life, but life affects me when it doesn't have tall pants available. To compensate, I wore 3" heels on every single date.

r/dating: A subreddit to discuss and vent about the dating process and learn from the experiences of others. I need tips on the physicality of dating a taller girl. I am 5'11 and she is 6'4. Yes I like her a lot and she likes me. Most of my girlfriends have been my height or. My wife is 4 inches taller than me, and taller even when we go out. She loves really high heels. I don't think daily life is different at all. But, I do ask her to reach .

He is 5'6" and not once have I ever wished he was taller than me, and neither has he. I wore my 6" heels to his sister's wedding reception and I was the perfect height for motorboating.

He does not have short-man issues and it's very wonderful.

Our 4-year anniversary is coming up! I have 6" ones that break minds when I wear them. Last time I wore them for an event at workI had people tell me tall girls shouldn't walk nice in heels. Also, "aren't you tall enough? I have a pair of these bad girls that I wear just to fuck with people. I get told often that I "shouldn't be wearing those" etc and I'm like "sorry honey I can't hear you from all the way up here".

I wear heels to work everyday and everyday there's some comment about it. I will not date a guy who has issues with them. I like my heels. If it's heels or you. Heels will win! I'm just shy of your height. The photo thing can be so awkward with short friends!

The average woman wants a man taller than herself so I'll never understand why tall women (who are already more likely to be open to dating. So I am a tall lady, 5'11", who is dating a shorter dude, 5'7" roughly. I love him to death and would never let our height difference come between us. But I'd be. I'm not really that tall, but my last boyfriend was shorter than me. I had no problem with .. I'm 6'0 and don't mind short girls at all. Which is good.

I was in a couple weddings recently, and even when the other bridesmaids were in heels and I wasn't, I was taller than them. The photos where I had to wear heels with them, oy I often kick off one heel in photos and put my weight on that foot. Then I'm still 5'10, but hopefully everyone else has heels too. I'm average height 5'7" but I grew really quickly full height by 5th grade.

I still haven't gotten out of the habit of squatting and trying to be in frame despite having taller friends now. Ughhhh I am so jealous. I have really wide feet and also look like a baby giraffe taking its first steps when I wear heels over 3", but I so badly want to look like a gigantic amazon with super high heels.

Heel-toe, just like you always walk. Tuck your hips in so your butt doesn't stick out and you create a nice straight line down the front of you engage your core. Do not practice walking in heels on slippery surfaces or carpet. Really, just put them on and walk. Your legs and feet have to get used to it if this is a thing you wanna do. I can walk in them but after a few hours the balls of my feet hate me. I just always wear ballet flats now I couldn't stand not being able to dance!

Guy here, 5'10". I don't care how tall you are, heels are sexy. Actually I lied, tall is sexy, too. Anyone who won't date a gal because of her height is a fool. I am 5'9. Finding tops that do not show a skin gap is hard! Finding sheath dresses is the worst.

The waist is always above my natural waist, the fabric bunches up in the back where the average person's butt is supposed to be and is tight where my actual butt is. I'm 5'9 too. Weirdly, the men most comfortable about my height were usually around my height. As a 5'11" guy with a 5'9" girlfriend, good on you! I love when my SO wears heels, regardless of her ending up being taller than me.

It makes her feel good to wear something like that and I don't give a flying fuck if she's taller than me in them. People have made comments but I just remind them that it's her feet so she can put whatever she wants on them.

I love it. They definitely did want me around, but on the condition I wasn't taller. I went on one date in flats and was told I was intimidating.

Oh well. He was about 2" shorter and was so insecure about it. It was my first long term relationship fromso I was a little shy about my height for a while after. I finally owned it a couple years later and it was never a problem again. My current boyfriend is shorter too, by about the same difference as you and your man 5'11 vs 5'8.

He absolutely loves it. I'm way bigger than anyone else he's been with and he just loves how tall I am in heels and how long and strong my legs are and even loves marveling over silly things like how I lay out on the bed while he's getting ready and my limbs just take over our Queen sized bed.

It's cute and it makes me proud to walk next to him, even especially when towering over him in heels. Once upon a time I would have been self-conscious or I'd worry about how it looked, but it makes me feel even closer to him knowing that we just don't give a shit.

Oh, and he's 25 years older, too. I know people have looked at us and assumed I was with him for his money, but it turns out it doesn't matter what other people think. Not only is it none of their business, they are wrong. I started earning close to six figures nearly 3 years ago before we even got together and have every intention of continuing to advance my career.

I'm 5'9" too and have unfortunately dealt with multiple guys telling me they didn't want me wearing heels. For my high school graduation I wore a pair " max and was about to walk out the door and he begged me to put flats on. The insecurity has been insane in my experience. I'm 5'9" and my boyfriend is 5'7" and his friends give him so much shit! I can only handle so many times of being told I'm taller than him like we don't have eyes!

So the question is have you dated a taller girl and has it ever been a deal breaker ? I will say this, be ready to fend off a lot of BIG guys if you are trying to date a. I don't know about you, but dating is so awkward for me because I'm tall. I'm a 6ft3 , 22 year old woman. Dating apps are useless. I put in my bio that I'm tall and. As a relatively short guy (5'5") I have almost always dated taller girls. it's stopped me from dating some really great guys in the past.

Same here. Especially for asian woman to be tall, everyone looks at me like I'm giant and always get comments when I go out. I dont like to wear flats and always wearing some types of heels. So makes it harder sometimes to just walk around and without getting noticed and or get commented how tall I am.

When it comes to relationship, I only date tall guys where I can wear my heels and still be shorter than me. If I meet someone at a bar or restaurant where we've been sitting since we were introduced, I'm prepared for the "woah" and ensuing convo about height once we stand up. Men constantly go shoulder to shoulder with me, or put their backs up against me, to try and challenge my height. I get a lot of comments about my legs from men when I go out or partying or whatnot.

Short guy dating tall girl reddit - Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a woman and meet a man online who is single and seek you. Rich man looking for . It's so tough to find a guy tall enough for me and I know that sounds pretty Tall guys dating short girls is not a big deal, but is the reverse a big deal for you?. I've been asking a bunch of my friends and people in my circle on how they feel about tall women, most say they'll pass, I'm coming to realize that the market for.

Mostly just generally positive and often sexual, comments about how they've never got with a girl my height before. My observation is that every guy over 5'10" thinks he's 6" and every guy who's 6" thinks he's 6'2". It's caused a lot of disagreements, but as a human metre-stick I'm pretty sure I'm right. Overall happy with my height, dealt with a lot of shitty bullying in high school but don't carry it with me.

The attention can be annoying but whatchagonnado. I'm 5'8" so it's more like high end of average. The only thing it really affects is clothing. I'm at that height where a regular cut pant is just a little too short, but longs are too long.

Ladies, What It's Like to Date Short Guy? - r/askreddit

Also, because I have a butt, dresses and skirts can appear too short on me if I'm not careful. Things that would look totally appropriate on someone 3 inches shorter than me can look like clubbing attire when I put it on.

I think a lot of clothes are just designed for super short women, which bothers me. I am about 5'6 - which is supposedly average heigh for women where I live - and I have a really hard time finding shorts and skirts that cover my butt.

Daily life, I don't really know because I've been this height for a long time, so I can't recall anything different - I'm also not tall enough for "logistical issues" like head-hitting. Relationships, always have dated- and been sought out by- tall, bigger dudes which is A-OK with me. Clothing can be a hassle, but online shopping helped with that.

Sometimes, a drunken baby giraffe, but other times, I just love my literal view in the world. LPT for tall ladies: stand up straight! Re: undue authority, I often wonder if I'm getting that too, or if it's all in my head. I tend to be quiet and a bit distant in face to face settings, but it still seems like my ideas are noticed and acknowledged more than those of my shorter colleagues.

We're all women, for the record. And at 5'11", I'm at least a head taller than everyone else. He said it's all about logistics. While he did concede that short girls are at an optimal height for other activities, in general taller women "line up better".

I feel like I get the undue authority as well. I'm 5'8 and often wear heels that put me close to 6'. People tend to take me seriously when I present ideas.

I've heard from people that I have a commanding speaking style but I always do wonder if me being tall has anything to do with it. I'm 5'9. I'm 6' and we are the same height".

I have been exactly 5'9. And these guys who are my height continually claim they are inches taller than they really are, when in reality, they are 5'' I used to laugh at it, but in reality, they're trying to mask a deep rooted insecurity from society that I know us females can equate to the shitty societal standards we try to compensate for if we lack them. I cannot speak for the rest of the worlds' standards; this is just what I've experienced!

I get that all the time. I can't tell you how many times I've stood against a wall and had someone mark my height to prove I'm 5'9". And the guys always seem shocked! Like they've actually convinced themselves they were taller! My dad swore up and down for years he was 5'10" and and I was almost 6'. Nope I'm 5'8" on a good day and I had to measure him to show him how short he was.

It's crazy that some guys can't accept their heights lol. My own boyfriend, who is 5'7" and doesn't get weird about it in any other way and actually seems to prefer it didn't even believe that I was 5'9".

I asked a friend if she thinks that guy is good and why she wouldn't do anything with him, she said ' too short ' i looked at her and i was like 'wow' in a funny tone but it kinda sucked because he is my height and i'm 5'' My roomate said my 6''2 best friend is too short because she would almost be his height if she wore high heels, and now she is dating a guy i know who is pretty cool but is literally the tallest guy in town. I'd rather if they care more about bizeps, abs, ass or something like that.

That is something achieveable, I can't make myself taller but I can be in better shape.

That's why I am totally an ass guy for the ladies and don't care about boobs because you can't make your boobs look fine or bigger from the gym, but you can always work on your ass and overwall body.

I am you and you are me! Exactly 5'9. Edit Also, I love being our height. I personally don't consider it officially tall if that makes sense, but we are tall. This is absolutely true. I'm somewhere between 5'6 and 5'7, so I'll often be the same height as guys who are on the shorter end of the spectrum, and it's so common for them to swear up and down that I can't possibly be right about my height because they're definitely taller than that.

I usually just go with it because I'm not here to burst anyone's bubble, but it always entertains me a little bit. I'm 6' even and guys a couple inches shorter than me always tell me I'm lying and that I must be like 6'3'' because they're 6' and shorter than me. I think I know. Yeah, it's appalling how many guys self report to be 6 feet. People that have been anywhere from 4 inches shorter to two inches taller have tried to tell me they're 6 feet, even if I tell them my height first. I get it at work a lot.

I'm 6'1" and you're taller than me! Almost 6'1 last I checked I was a quarter inch away. It mainly affects my life in how I shop for clothes and shoes, finding cute clothes that fit right has been a pain since I was As for relationships, growing up I was really hung up on dating someone taller than me, but after high school I gained some self confidence and am now with someone who doesn't care that I can tower over him in 1" heels! I think my SO likes it. They are 6'3 so not having to squat down to kiss me I'm sure is a plus.

I rarely need them to get something off a high place for me. They've never really commented on my height though so I'm just guessing. Occasionally I run into guys who are really offended by my height.

Reddit dating tall girl

They make "clever" boring, unoriginal, often hateful comments on it, complain if I wear heels. I don't mind that, I love making insecure jackwangs uncomfortable by my existence.

I typically weed out the insecure ones. I don't mind dating men that are shorter than me, but if they show an ounce on insecurity about our height difference, I show them the door. Even doing dishes is difficult because counters. Showerheads are usually at chin height if I'm lucky, however most times they're around the shoulders. There's one place in my city where I can buy pants, long sleeves consistently. I feel like Quasimodo after I clean the kitchen after a meal.

And you've got 4 inches on me! I'm 5'10" and when we redid our kitchen we raised the counters 4" and it is magical. I am very much looking forward to owning a house so I can do this. The counters where I live now don't even come up to my hip.

They're uncomfortable to work on if I don't slouch. We're moving soon, and I'm hoping the next place has a better kitchen setup. Otherwise I might just build myself an island worktop. Yes, I never understood people who get mad when they're asked to get something off the top shelf. It takes two seconds, why wouldn't you? I've never found a shelf too high for me to reach in a supermarket but I see plenty of short people around who I know must struggle, and it must suck for them to have to rely on others to buy groceries.

As a fellow girl with size 14 hooves - zappos is our best friend. They have options other than stripper boots. Not an infinite supply like the little girls get, but there are sensible options for reasonable prices.

The fitswell brand is pretty good, so is David Tate. ALSO - if you live in an area with an "Avenue" store - you can try shoes on in the store no lie.

My grandma used to worry about my dating future, thinking that nobody could possibly want a tall girl, but as it turns out, it isn't a problem at all.

I'm 5'8. My height has minimal effect on my life. If I'm not careful, it ruins my posture, as I'm constantly bending forward to talk to people. It also makes dating a little bit more difficult, as I'm taller than a lot of the gentlemen in the area I live in. On the bright side, I can always reach the pole on public transportation.

I'm also very slim. It hasn't had any affect on reltionships, it's my sexuality and personality that has, lol. Daily life, I have to order pants online.

Well fitting boots are a struggle to find because shoe companies seem to think if you have bigger feet, your calves must be massive.

I swim in most boots Being lanky means I have to buy tops in size large or xlarge to fit the length of my arms and torso. But, they're really baggy because I have a tiny torso. Oh the bigger calves thing is so annoying! The other year I found some wonderful lace up boots that I could tighten enough to not look like I was wearing wellingtons, but I wore them till they fell apart and I've not found any the same since Also small torso here too.

When I tried to buy long sleeve work shirts from a "tall" shop I found they literally did not make shirts small enough for me.

The sales assistant tried to be all "oh baggy is fashionable" but no, in a fitted shirt it isn't. That being said for trendy clothes Topshop has a tall range and they tend to be sized pretty small. I'm 6'0". I've dated guys that have been at least 3 inches taller than me in the past, mainly because I love wearing heels.

The guys I've been with are usually pretty big fans of me wearing heels so it hasn't been an issue. I will say that people online think I'm lying about my height on Tinder which can get pretty annoying. Clothing wise, I've been able to find a lot of jeans in the long sizes online, rather than in store.

I'm only 5'9 but I get the "lying about your height" comment too. I actually had the nurse at a new doctor accuse me of lying about being 6'. As a shorter guy, I'm totally OK with girls being taller than me and with them wearing heels that make them even taller.

Don't let the thought that you "can't wear heels that make you taller than your SO" stop you from dating shorter guys! I will climb you. Unfortunately I don't meet a lot of guys like you! I've been on a lot of first dates with guys shorter than me but they would fizzle out rather early because either he wasn't into a taller girl a guy told me that before or one of us ghosted.

I love heels and a man who tries to deprive me from wearing heels will be rightfully deprived of the booty. No but for real I don't talk to men who have insecurities about my height. Re dating: it matters until it doesn't. Both of them have had issues with online dating because guys lie about height, and then get upset when their date is taller than them. One of my friends started putting her height in her profile and still ran into this issue. Like, dude, wtf? You knew she was 6'0.

Some men feel emasculated by a tall woman, some men fetishize it, many men don't care. FWIW, both of my friends are now in serious relationships with guys who are an inch or two shorter. It's never been an issue in those relationships, which is probably why they've lasted. I can, most of the time, reach things with relative ease. Being this tall and plus-sized with a unique haircut, I am not easily missed.

I am taller than all but one of my female friends and pretty even with my male friends. As far as dating, I really haven't had it negatively impact my relationships. My SO is 6'4, my previous boyfriend was around 6'0, and others in the past were a little shorter than me but they didn't seem to care much. The biggest pain about being tall is just finding pants that are long enough, and sometimes the sleeves or torsos of shirts hit me in a weird spot. Being plus-sized makes that even more difficult, but it's nothing I can't deal with.

I love being tall though. I wouldn't even mind being a little taller. I think the biggest annoyance is finding clothes that fit.

Other wise when I am in women-only space, I just feel like Snow White - surrounded by dwarves. Sometimes people ask me to reach things for them, from top shelves Far more irritating is finding that the large sizes always seem to be on the bottom shelves I'm 1,78m which I think would be 5'10?

It doesn't really affect my life at all. The only bother with it is that clothes are always to short. Especially dresses since I got the boobs as well and they already take away some of the length. Edit: Another thing that is annoying is when I'm out with female friends in loud places like bars or clubs I can't follow the conversation since they're like a head or two smaller than I am.

Just want to add as a 6' 1" guy I'm thankful you exist. Short girls are great but dayum they hurt your neck. And your back. I don't really care about height, but when your neck or back starts hurting it's a hassle. I'm 6' even. It intimidates most men, and a lot of people tell me I shouldn't wear heels but I do anyway :. I get this a lot, too.

Like, ok, come over and dress me every morning so I fit with your standards. I told one guy I went on a date with who was passive aggressively making remarks at me wearing heels when I'm "already tall" this and I thought it was a pretty good comeback:.

I'm a hair under 5'10". I used to hate it when I was younger, especially since all of my best friends are around 5'3". My boyfriend is probably a bit under 5'8", and I first I didn't want to wear heels around him. We've both pretty much completely stopped caring though and now I usually wear 3" heels on the regular. I hate when I wear heels to work and get told by everyone else that I'm "already tall enough" so I shouldn't wear them. Buying pants is the worst as I have 34" inseam. I'm also an exaggerated hourglass shape so basically buying anything off the rack is impossible.

I do love being able to reach things that are high up, it's where I hide my candy stash. I'm 5' My husband is 5'6 and it doesn't affect my relationship at all. The only problem I have in my everyday life is finding clothes that fit well. An oddity I haven't seen anyone mention here, though:. I'm tall and slender, and people can never accurately guess my weight. They always put me at severely underweight for my height like,pounds; I'm - I guess I carry my weight well?

I'm also fairly athletic and people don't seem to realize how compact muscle can be, they are generally shocked when I tell them my actual weight. I find it funny. Oh, also! I've never been self-conscious about my height, but with the height came bigger feet I'm about a US size I really really don't like feet anyways, and people always comment on their size when I'm wearing flippie-floppies or I'm standing next to a girl with smaller feet.

But no one believes me!! I actually weigh 10kgs more than I did last year but you can barely tell. I'm a bit taller than you and weigh WAY more than people guess, even though I'm slim and a healthy weight Oh, yeah, that happens to me, too! I'm only 5'7" but I wear heels everyday to work.

I learned that some coworkers call me "the amazon" behind my back. I am secretly honored. Growing up I had a terrible posture. Apparently it is common in taller people because you slouch down to try to fit in with those around you.

In the last few years I've really focused on my health though and working out has given me more confidence. My posture has noticeably improved. I'm also the only blonde in a sea of brunettes so the whole thing sucked when all I wanted to do was fit in with my cousins.

Now I love being tall and wear heels whenever I can. My posture is better from running so that's not a big issue. I will say that my height combined with my I'm 6' and it doesn't bother me too much in my day to day. I get asked a lot to get things off top shelves. I get asked how the weather is up there, if I played basketball in school, and if I'm done growing. The jokes get a little old. I've never had any trouble dating or with my sex life because of it. The only downside I've ever found is that I have a super long torso, rather than long legs, and so shirts are fucking impossible to find in the right fit.

I'm 6'1". I love being tall. It affects my life in a positive way. It's good to be able to reach stuff in high places. It also makes it easier to buy men's clothes.

I can't think of any negative things. It sometimes makes me appear more clumsy as I run into low hanging things. Relationship wise it's pretty cool, one of my girlfriends is used to being the tall one and it makes her all hot and bothered being around someone taller. I do think the height makes me more intimidating, maybe that's the resting bitch face though.

I'm 6'1" and loving life. My husband is 2 inched taller than me. It doesn't effect my life at all. It never affected my dating life and I get called statuesque and other positive things.

I think being tall also fits my personality. Plus it helps with sports and for reaching things on shelves. I'm 5'11 or 6'0 depending on who ya ask. I personally hate it.

People always asking me if I play basketball or volleyball. People always saying how tall I am I find it difficult sometimes because I want to be "cute" like the shorter girls but end up just feeling oversized. My boyfriend is much shorter than me, he's like 5'8, 5'9 and his favorite thing about me is how tall I am. I guess I just like to feel small sometimes. I'm not a big girl but I'm not a stick either I'm like a size 8 in pants and a medium in shirts.


So over all I don't like it, I want to be a tiny girl that guys can snuggle with. I tend to stand out literally in bars or clubs, so I find I get a lot of looks. I used to hate my height, I felt huge and awkward and wished I were small and cute and petite like some of the girls I was in school with.

Now I absolutely love it. Talking to my shorter and smaller friends and coworkers, it seems like they struggle sometimes to be taken seriously because people men mostly just see them as cute. As far as romantic relationships, it can make it more difficult. From what my other active girlfriends have told me, if I were shorter and still strong, or tall and less strong it would probably be less of a dating concern.

But I like being tall and strong, so here I am. Slightly off topic, but do people ever point out your broad shoulders?

I have broad shoulders and they make me extremely self conscious. I have people point them out to me, like I don't already know about them.

Yes they do! I don't have like Olympic swimmer level broad shoulders, but they're definitely wide. I get comments on my upper body at least a few times a week. The broad shoulder life is a struggle! I swam for a long time and they just don't go away once you get them not that I wasn't broad to begin with. People comment on it all the time when I wear sleeveless shirts and coats are never wide enough.

I'm 5'10". It doesn't really affect my life other than I feel like I have more breathing space on my crowded commute. My SO is 6'4" and I don't feel super tall next to him. I also like how I can put on and lose a couple pounds without it affecting how my clothes fit on me. As a 5'7" guy, I never thought about my height until I saw a lot of girls starting to post their own on their dating profiles. They would post things like "I'm 5'5" and I like wearing heels so please be 6'".

I'm sitting here like, that's pretty shallow. Then I saw guys mocking them and saying things about weight, "I'm so if you're overdon't bother".

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Researchers from the idea of guys - just that much as far as dating short guys tend to the shoes.

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